The Annual Sample Clauses

The Annual. Lease Rentals payable by the Authorisee in each year is different and subject to annual increase as mentioned above. The Authorisee has to ensure at all times from the date of Authorization Agreement.
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The Annual. Interest Rate which shall be paid by the Borrower shall be % per annum and:
The Annual. Facilities Benefit contribution would be used for the design and construction of public facilities for the City, including, but not limited, to those public facilities described on the City’s Capital Improvement Plan, as currently adopted or hereafter amended.

Related to The Annual

  • Sick Leave Annual Cash Out ‌ Each January, employees are eligible to receive cash on a one (1) hour for four (4) hours basis for ninety-six (96) hours or less of their accrued sick leave, if:

  • Payment for annual leave (a) Before going on annual leave, an employee will be paid the amount of wages they would have received for ordinary time worked had they not been on leave during that period.

  • Evaluation Cycle: Annual Orientation A) At the start of each school year, the superintendent, principal or designee shall conduct a meeting for Educators and Evaluators focused substantially on educator evaluation. The superintendent, principal or designee shall:

  • To be Provided Annually but no later than December 1

  • Payment of Annual Leave (a) If an employee takes annual leave during a period, the annual leave shall be paid at the employee’s ordinary pay immediately before the period begins.

  • Cashing out annual leave Annual leave may be cashed out by agreement between the Company and an Employee, subject to the following conditions: ▪ An Employee must elect in writing to cash out annual leave; ▪ An Employee must not cash out more than two (2) weeks annual leave in each twelve (12) month period; ▪ The Company must agree to the Employee cashing out their annual leave.

  • Cashing out of Annual Leave (a) Annual leave credited to an employee may be cashed out by agreement, subject to the following conditions: (refer to section 93 of the Act)

  • Payment for Working on a Holiday (The following clause is applicable to part-time employees only) The holidays listed in the part-time local Appendix for the purposes of Article 16.03(b) shall be the same holidays as are listed in the full-time Local Provisions Appendix. If an employee is required to work on any of the holidays set out in the local Appendix the employee shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half (1-1/2) her regular straight time hourly rate of pay for all hours worked on such holiday.

  • Proposed Annual Caps The proposed annual caps for the transactions contemplated under the Packaging Material Supply Master Agreement for the three years ending 31 December 2020 and the five months ending 31 May 2021 are set out below: Year ending 31 December 2018 Year ending 31 December 2019 Year ending 31 December 2020 Five months ending 31 May 2021 Transactions RMB (million) RMB (million) RMB (million) RMB (million)

  • OPTIONAL TWELVE-MONTH PAY PLAN 1. Where the Previous Collective Agreement does not contain a provision that allows an employee the option of receiving partial payment of annual salary in July and August, the following shall become and remain part of the Collective Agreement.

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