The Annual Sample Clauses

The Annual. Lease Rentals payable by the Authorisee in each year is different and subject to annual increase as mentioned above. The Authorisee has to ensure at all times from the date of Authorization Agreement.
The Annual. Interest Rate which shall be paid by the Borrower shall be % per annum and:

Related to The Annual

  • Base Annual Salary “Base Annual Salary” means the greater of (1) the highest annual rate of base salary in effect for the Executive during the 12 month period immediately prior to a Change in Control or, (2) the annual rate of base salary in effect at the time Notice of Termination is given (or on the date employment is terminated if no Notice of Termination is required).

  • Death of the Annuitant If the Annuitant is not an Owner and dies prior to the Annuity Date, Owner 1 will become the new Annuitant unless you designate otherwise. If any Owner is not an individual, we will treat the death of the Annuitant as the death of an Owner.

  • Sick Leave Annual Cash Out ‌ Each January, employees are eligible to receive cash on a one (1) hour for four (4) hours basis for ninety-six (96) hours or less of their accrued sick leave, if:

  • Average Annual Compensation The Executive's "Average Annual Compensation" for purposes of this Agreement shall be deemed to mean the average level of compensation paid to the Executive by the Employers or any subsidiary thereof during the most recent five taxable years preceding the Date of Termination and which was either (i) included in the Executive's gross income for tax purposes, including but not limited to Base Salary, bonuses and amounts taxable to the Executive under any qualified or non-qualified employee benefit plans of the Employers, or (ii) deferred at the election of the Executive.

  • Payment for Annual Leave (a) Before going on annual leave, an employee will be paid the amount of wages they would have received for ordinary time worked had they not been on leave during that period.

  • Minimum Annual Royalty Beginning in the calendar year after the first occurrence of SALEs, and in each succeeding calendar year thereafter, LICENSEE will pay to REGENTS a minimum annual royalty of [Written amount] U.S. Dollars ($ Number) for the life of this AGREEMENT. This minimum annual royalty will be paid to REGENTS by February 28 of each year and will be credited against the earned royalty due and owing for the calendar year in which the minimum payment is made.

  • To be Provided Annually but no later than December 1

  • Payments Within Twelve Months The Company has not made any direct or indirect payments (in cash, securities or otherwise) (i) to any person, as a finder's fee, consulting fee or otherwise, in consideration of such person raising capital for the Company or introducing to the Company persons who raised or provided capital to the Company, (ii) to any NASD member or (iii) to any person or entity that has any direct or indirect affiliation or association with any NASD member, within the twelve months prior to the Effective Date, other than payments to EBC.

  • Payment of Annual Leave Upon resignation, retirement, or dismissal of any employee in the bargaining unit, he/she shall receive a sum equal to the number of days of annual leave remaining to his/her credit, provided that any or all amounts may be applied to offset any amounts owed the state by the employee. In the event of death of an employee while in the bargaining unit, a sum equal to the number of days annual leave remaining shall be paid to his/her estate.

  • Minimum Annual Royalties Company shall pay to JHU minimum annual royalties as set forth in Exhibit A. These minimum annual royalties shall be due, without invoice from JHU, within thirty (30) days of each anniversary of the EFFECTIVE DATE beginning with the first anniversary. Running royalties and sublicense consideration accrued under Paragraphs 3.3 and 3.4, respectively, and paid to JHU during the one year period preceding an anniversary of the EFFECTIVE DATE shall be credited against the minimum annual royalties due on that anniversary date.