Insurance Coverage Sample Clauses

Insurance Coverage. The Company and each Subsidiary maintains in full force and effect insurance coverage that is customary for comparably situated companies for the business being conducted and properties owned or leased by the Company and each Subsidiary, and the Company reasonably believes such insurance coverage to be adequate against all liabilities, claims and risks against which it is customary for comparably situated companies to insure.
Insurance Coverage. At all times during the term of this Agreement and any extensions or renewals, Contractor shall provide and maintain insurance coverage that meets the Agreement requirements. Prior to beginning performance under the Agreement, at any time upon the Director’s request, or each time coverage is renewed or updated, Contractor shall furnish to the Director current certificates of insurance, endorsements, all policies, or other policy documents evidencing adequate coverage, as necessary. Contractor shall be responsible for and pay: (i) all premiums; and (ii) any claims or losses to the extent of any deductible amounts. Contractor waives any claim it may have for premiums or deductibles against the City, its officers, agents, or employees. Contractor shall also require all subcontractors or consultants whose subcontracts exceed $100,000 to provide proof of insurance coverage meeting all requirements stated above except amount. The amount must be commensurate with the amount of the subcontract, but no less than $500,000 per claim.
Insurance Coverage. There is in full force and effect one or more policies of insurance issued by insurers of recognized responsibility, insuring the Company and its properties, products and business against such losses and risks, and in such amounts, as are customary for corporations of established reputation engaged in the same or similar business and similarly situated. The Company has not been refused any insurance coverage sought or applied for, and the Company has no reason to believe that it will be unable to renew its existing insurance coverage as and when the same shall expire upon terms at least as favorable to those currently in effect, other than possible increases in premiums that do not result from any act or omission of the Company. No suit, proceeding or action or, to the best current actual knowledge of the Company, threat of suit, proceeding or action has been asserted or made against the Company within the last five years due to alleged bodily injury, disease, medical condition, death or property damage arising out of the function or malfunction of a product, procedure or service designed, manufactured, sold or distributed by the Company.
Insurance Coverage. The Acquiror has made available to the Company, prior to the date of this Agreement, true, correct and complete copies of any insurance policies maintained by each Acquiror Company on its properties and assets. Except as would not have a Material Adverse Effect, all of such policies (a) taken together, provide adequate insurance coverage for the properties, assets and operations of each Acquiror Company for all risks normally insured against by a Person carrying on the same business as such Acquiror Company, and (b) are sufficient for compliance with all applicable Laws and Material Acquiror Contracts. Except as would not have a Material Adverse Effect, all of such policies are valid, outstanding and in full force and effect and, by their express terms, will continue in full force and effect following the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. Except as set forth on Schedule 6.18, no Acquiror Company has received (a) any refusal of coverage or any notice that a defense will be afforded with reservation of rights, or (b) any notice of cancellation or any other indication that any insurance policy is no longer in full force or effect or will not be renewed or that the issuer of any policy is not willing or able to perform its obligations thereunder. All premiums due on such insurance policies on or prior to the date hereof have been paid. There are no pending claims with respect to any Acquiror Company or its properties or assets under any such insurance policies, and there are no claims as to which the insurers have notified any Acquiror Company that they intend to deny liability. There is no existing default under any such insurance policies.
Insurance Coverage. Schedule 4.01(k) sets forth a list of all insurance policies and fidelity bonds (other than any policies and bonds held by the Joint Ventures) relating to the Acquired Assets, the business and operations of the Business and its employees. Parent and Sellers have previously provided to Purchaser copies of all such policies and bonds. There is no claim by Parent, any Seller or any of their respective Affiliates pending under any of such policies or bonds as to which coverage pertaining to the Business has been questioned, denied or disputed by the underwriters of such policies or bonds or in respect of which such underwriters have reserved their rights. All premiums payable under all such policies and bonds have been timely paid and Parent, Sellers and their respective Affiliates have otherwise complied fully with the terms and conditions of all such policies and bonds. Such policies of insurance and bonds (or other policies and bonds providing substantially similar insurance coverage) have been in effect since January 1, 1990 and remain in full force and effect. Except as set forth in Schedule 4.01(k), Parent, Sellers and their respective Affiliates do not self-insure and have not self-insured any material risks with respect to the Acquired Assets.
Insurance Coverage. The Architect/Engineer shall obtain and maintain, for the duration of this Agreement or longer as stated in subparagraph D below, the minimum insurance coverages set forth below. With the exception of Professional Liability (E&O), all coverage shall be written on an occurrence basis. All coverage shall be underwritten by companies authorized to do business in the State of Texas or eligible surplus lines insurers operating in accordance with the Texas Insurance Code and have a financial strength rating of A- or better and a financial strength rating of VII or better as measured by A.M. Best Company or otherwise acceptable to Owner. By requiring such minimum insurance, the Owner shall not be deemed or construed to have assessed the risk that may be applicable to the Architect/Engineer under this Agreement. The Architect/Engineer shall assess its own risks and if it deems appropriate and/or prudent, maintain higher limits and/or broader coverages. The Architect/Engineer is not relieved of any liability or other obligations assumed pursuant to this Agreement by reason of its failure to obtain or maintain insurance in sufficient amounts, duration, or types. No policy will be canceled without unconditional written notice to Owner at least ten days before the effective date of the cancellation. Coverages Limit