Payment of the Sample Clauses

Payment of the. Glades Supplement shall be effective for an Officer at the beginning of the next pay period following the effective date the Officer was permanently assigned to the Glades Area and shall terminate when the Officer is no longer assigned to the Glades Area.
Payment of the. Advance Rent is a pre-condition for the completion of this Tenancy Agreement. Any failure to pay the Advance Rent will entitle us to terminate this Tenancy Agreement without any penalty on our part and with immediate effect. We shall inform you should we exercise our right to terminate the Tenancy Agreement under this clause The Advance Rent constitutes a prepayment of your first rental instalment. Accordingly your first installment will constitute the sum detailed in your Booking Details, less the Advanced Rent paid.
Payment of the. BONUS Except for a bonus payment associated with a change of control, the Corporation will pay any bonus due you under the Arrangement on or before January 15, 1996. In the event that a change of control occurs, you will be paid any bonus due under the Arrangement within 14 days after the effective date of the change of control. The Corporation will withhold from any bonus payment due under the Arrangement all amounts it deems necessary or appropriate to satisfy its liability to withhold federal, state, or local income or other taxes attributable to any such bonus payment. MISCELLANEOUS The Arrangement does not confer upon you any right to continue in the employ of the Corporation or any subsidiary, and it shall not be construed to interfere with or otherwise limit the right of the Corporation or any subsidiary to modify or terminate the terms or conditions of your employment. The Board of Directors of the Corporation retains the authority to address any and all questions which may arise with respect to the interpretation of the Arrangement, and the Board's determination shall be final and binding as to all parties. Please evidence your desire to participate in the Arrangement as described above by executing this letter and returning it to my attention. Very truly yours, AMVESTORS FINANCIAL CORPORATION
Payment of the. Recycling Fee All payments should be made by transfer to an account specified by Ecobatterien. Unless otherwise provided in specific provisions, all disputes on invoices issued by Ecobatterien should be declared within 5 calendar days from the date the invoice was received. The reasons for the dispute should be explained, however this does not cancel the obligation to pay the invoice. Invoices sent by Ecobatterien to the Co-contractor must be paid in full, no discount applies.
Payment of the. Option Price for the Acquired Shares shall, unless otherwise provided by the Committee, be made (i) in cash or by personal or certified check, or (ii) by delivery of shares of the Company's Common Stock owned by the Optionee for more than six months prior to the date of exercise having a value equal to the aggregate Option Price of the Acquired Shares, with such delivered shares to be valued at the closing sale price of the Company's Common Stock on the Nasdaq National Market on the date of exercise (provided that, if the Company's Common Stock does not trade on the Nasdaq National Market at such time, the value thereof shall be determined by the Committee in a manner it deems appropriate).
Payment of the. Warrant Price shall be made at the option of Holder by (i) cash, by check or by wire transfer or (ii) cancellation by Holder of indebtedness of Company to Holder; or (iii) any combination thereof.
Payment of the. Purchase Price shall be made by means of the execution of a foreign exchange agreement between the Purchaser and the Designated Bank which shall include, without limitation, the following information: (i) as purpose of the transaction, the acquisition of the Shares by the Purchaser; (ii) as currency of the exchange transaction, the US Dollar; (iii) as destination of the funds, the Seller's Designated Account; (iv) as exchange rate, the exchange rate to be agreed between the Seller and the Designated Bank, as informed in writing to the Purchaser by the Seller and the Designated Bank before the Closing Date; and (v) any other wire or other instructions specifically required in writing by the Seller, in order to permit the remittance of any portion of the Purchase Price to the Designated Account on the Closing Date, to the extent permissible by applicable foreign exchange laws and regulations in force from time to time.
Payment of the. Consideration ----------------------------