The Insurer shall Sample Clauses

The Insurer shall. 3.1.1. provide the Insurance Policy to the Insured to confirm the insurance carried out and also, provide the Insured with relevant application to carry out desired insurance;
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The Insurer shall. 7.1.1. advise the Insured on the insurance terms and conditions and the Insurance Rules;
The Insurer shall. 8.4.1. provide the Policy Holder with these Special Conditions and Rules of Insurance for familiarization;
The Insurer shall. 1. pay, as from …………………………, the social insurance contributions, at its own expense, pursuant to the terms and conditions and within the time limits according to this contract;

Related to The Insurer shall

  • Insurer The Insurer shall be bound only by the terms of the Policy. Any payments the Insurer makes or actions it takes in accordance with the Policy shall fully discharge it from all claims, suits and demands of all entities or persons. The Insurer shall not be bound by or be deemed to have notice of the provisions of this Agreement.

  • Private Insurance If Grantee is a private entity, or if any contractors, subcontractors, or subgrantees used to carry out the Project are private entities, Grantee and any private contractors, subcontractors or subgrantees must obtain and maintain insurance covering Agency in the types and amounts indicated in Exhibit C.

  • Florida Authorized Insurers All insurance shall be with insurers authorized and eligible to transact the applicable line of insurance business in the State of Florida. The Contractor shall provide Certification(s) of Insurance evidencing that all appropriate coverage is in place and showing the Department to be an additional insured.

  • Fidelity Bond The Master Servicer, at its expense, shall maintain in effect a blanket fidelity bond and an errors and omissions insurance policy, affording coverage with respect to all directors, officers, employees and other Persons acting on such Master Servicer’s behalf, and covering errors and omissions in the performance of the Master Servicer’s obligations hereunder. The errors and omissions insurance policy and the fidelity bond shall be in such form and amount generally acceptable for entities serving as master servicers or trustees.

  • Insurer security Whilst we make every endeavour to place your insurances with insurers that are financially sound, we do not guarantee or otherwise warrant the solvency of any insurer we place your insurances with. If you have any concerns regarding any insurer chosen to meet your insurance requirements you should inform us as soon as possible and we will discuss them with you. A liability for the premium, whether in full or pro rata, may arise under policies where a participating insurer becomes insolvent.

  • Title Insurance Policy In all cases, the Seller undertakes to remove any encumbrance that will materially interfere with the procurement of a title insurance policy or financing necessary for the purchase of the Property, whether the same is included in the above enumeration or not. Further, the Seller undertakes to, in good faith, cooperate with and assist the Buyer fully in obtaining a title insurance policy. The Seller shall be obligated to take all legal and reasonably necessary action in order to procure such title insurance policy but shall not incur any additional liability in relation thereto. If the title to the Property is not in a condition that is compliant with the above, if the Seller fails or refuses to comply with the Seller’s obligations under this section, or if the Parties are unable to obtain a title insurance policy, the Buyer may, in the Buyer’s sole discretion, accept the title as it is and proceed with the purchase under this Agreement, or terminate this Agreement and recover the Xxxxxxx Money, costs incurred in relation to this Agreement and .

  • Policyholder The (legal) person(s) who takes out the insurance or his legal successor(s). Suicide: The intentional or unintentional ending of one's own life.

  • Title Insurance The Mortgage Loan is covered by an ALTA lender's title insurance policy, or with respect to any Mortgage Loan for which the related Mortgaged Property is located in California a CLTA lender's title insurance policy, or other generally acceptable form of policy or insurance acceptable pursuant to Seller's Underwriting Guidelines and each such title insurance policy is issued by a title insurer acceptable to prudent lenders in the secondary mortgage market and qualified to do business in the jurisdiction where the Mortgaged Property is located, insuring the originator, its successors and assigns, as to the first (with respect to a First Lien Loan) or second (with respect to a Second Lien Loan) priority lien of the Mortgage in the original principal amount of the Mortgage Loan (or to the extent a Mortgage Note provides for negative amortization, the maximum amount of negative amortization in accordance with the Mortgage), subject only to the Permitted Exceptions, and in the case of Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, against any loss by reason of the invalidity or unenforceability of the lien resulting from the provisions of the Mortgage providing for adjustment to the Mortgage Interest Rate and Monthly Payment. Where required by state law or regulation, the Mortgagor has been given the opportunity to choose the carrier of the required mortgage title insurance. Additionally, such lender's title insurance policy affirmatively insures ingress and egress, and against encroachments by or upon the Mortgaged Property or any interest therein. The Seller (or its predecessor in interest), its successors and assigns, are the sole insureds of such lender's title insurance policy, and such lender's title insurance policy is valid and remains in full force and effect and will be in force and effect upon the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. No claims have been made under such lender's title insurance policy, and no prior holder of the related Mortgage, including the Seller, has done, by act or omission, anything which would impair the coverage of such lender's title insurance policy, including without limitation, no unlawful fee, commission, kickback or other unlawful compensation or value of any kind has been or will be received, retained or realized by any attorney, firm or other person or entity, and no such unlawful items have been received, retained or realized by the Seller;

  • Policy Review Patent Policy and related Procedures shall be reviewed every five (5) years.

  • Mortgage Insurance If Lender required Mortgage Insurance as a condition of making the Loan, Borrower shall pay the premiums required to maintain the Mortgage Insurance in effect. If, for any reason, the Mortgage Insurance coverage required by Lender ceases to be available from the mortgage insurer that previously provided such insurance and Borrower was required to make separately designated payments toward the premiums for Mortgage Insurance, Borrower shall pay the premiums required to obtain coverage substantially equivalent to the Mortgage Insurance previously in effect, at a cost substantially equivalent to the cost to Borrower of the Mortgage Insurance previously in effect, from an alternate mortgage insurer selected by Lender. If substantially equivalent Mortgage Insurance coverage is not available, Borrower shall continue to pay to Lender the amount of the separately designated payments that were due when the insurance coverage ceased to be in effect. Lender will accept, use and retain these payments as a non-refundable loss reserve in lieu of Mortgage Insurance. Such loss reserve shall be non-refundable, notwithstanding the fact that the Loan is ultimately paid in full, and Lender shall not be required to pay Borrower any interest or earnings on such loss reserve. Lender can no longer require loss reserve payments if Mortgage Insurance coverage (in the amount and for the period that Lender requires) provided by an insurer selected by Lender again becomes available, is obtained, and Lender requires separately designated payments toward the premiums for Mortgage Insurance. If Lender required Mortgage Insurance as a condition of making the Loan and Borrower was required to make separately designated payments toward the premiums for Mortgage Insurance, Borrower shall pay the premiums required to maintain Mortgage Insurance in effect, or to provide a non-refundable loss reserve, until Lender’s requirement for Mortgage Insurance ends in accordance with any written agreement between Borrower and Lender providing for such termination or until termination is required by Applicable Law. Nothing in this Section 10 affects Xxxxxxxx’s obligation to pay interest at the rate provided in the Note. Mortgage Insurance reimburses Lender (or any entity that purchases the Note) for certain losses it may incur if Borrower does not repay the Loan as agreed. Borrower is not a party to the Mortgage Insurance. Mortgage insurers evaluate their total risk on all such insurance in force from time to time, and may enter into agreements with other parties that share or modify their risk, or reduce losses. These agreements are on terms and conditions that are satisfactory to the mortgage insurer and the other party (or parties) to these agreements. These agreements may require the mortgage insurer to make payments using any source of funds that the mortgage insurer may have available (which may include funds obtained from Mortgage Insurance premiums). As a result of these agreements, Lender, any purchaser of the Note, another insurer, any reinsurer, any other entity, or any affiliate of any of the foregoing, may receive (directly or indirectly) amounts that derive from (or might be characterized as) a portion of Borrower’s payments for Mortgage Insurance, in exchange for sharing or modifying the mortgage insurer’s risk, or reducing losses. If such agreement provides that an affiliate of Lender takes a share of the insurer’s risk in exchange for a share of the premiums paid to the insurer, the arrangement is often termed “captive reinsurance.” Further:

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