Service Provided Sample Clauses

Service Provided a. CareWorks Comp shall provide the necessary representation service to properly qualify applicants for the Plan in accordance with BWC rules. CareWorks Comp will provide Employer with full service account and claims administration services and other services deemed necessary and important to servicing the Plan and Employers of the Plan as a whole. CareWorks Comp will represent Employer in all risk, payroll and claims related matters before the BWC.
Service Provided. A. The CONTRACTOR shall provide once per month curbside collection of brush and tree trimmings at residential units. The CONTRACTOR shall take all brush and tree limbs not longer than four (4) feet, and stacked in a pile not to exceed four (4) feet in height, and does not exceed four (4) feet in width. Tree limbs larger than four (4) inches in diameter will not be collected.
Service Provided. 3.2.1 PACIFIC will offer the ability to port telephone numbers with mass calling NXX codes via the use of pseudo codes or route index numbers. In this non-LRN scenario, calls to the PACIFIC mass calling NXX code will leave the originating end office over dedicated MF (multi-frequency) trunk groups to the PACIFIC mass calling tandem. The mass calling tandem will then route the calls over dedicated MF trunks to the PACIFIC choke serving central office (CSO). The CSO will translate the dialed mass calling number to a non-dialable pseudo code or a route index number that routes the call to the mass calling customer.