Service Provided Sample Clauses

Service Provided a. CareWorks Comp shall provide the necessary representation service to properly qualify applicants for the Plan in accordance with BWC rules. CareWorks Comp will provide Employer with full service account and claims administration services and other services deemed necessary and important to servicing the Plan and Employers of the Plan as a whole. CareWorks Comp will represent Employer in all risk, payroll and claims related matters before the BWC.
Service Provided. A. Subject to SWBT's practices, as well as the rules and regulations applicable to the provision of White Pages directories, SWBT will include in appropriate White Pages directories the primary alphabetical listings of all LSP end users located within the local directory scope. The rules, regulations and SWBT practices are subject to change from time to time.
Service Provided. 5.2.1 SBC-12STATE will offer the ability to port telephone numbers with mass calling NXX codes via the use of pseudo codes or route index numbers. In this non-LRN scenario, calls to the SBC-12STATE mass calling NXX code will leave the originating end office over dedicated MF (multi-frequency) trunk groups to the SBC-12STATE mass calling tandem and/or SBC-AMERITECH mass calling hub. The mass calling tandem will then route the calls over dedicated MF trunks to the SBC- 12STATE choke serving central office (CSO). The CSO will translate the dialed mass calling number to a non-dialable pseudo code or a route index number that routes the call to the mass calling customer.
Service Provided. We shall produce a crystal structure of the small molecule and provide coordinates, a cif check report, and a picture of the compound. For many small molecules lacking molecular and solvent disorder we shall provide a fully refined structure suitable for publication in a refereed journal. However, this will not always be possible. At this stage the user will be told if the structure is of suitable quality for publication in a journal requiring crystallographic data to be refereed. User responsibilities It is the user’s responsibility to provide crystals suitable for crystallographic structure determination. The user should also provide details of the anticipated chemical formula of the molecule and the nature of the solvent. Please note that when it is suggested effort is put into obtaining better crystals, the quality of the resulting structure will also be substantially better. The user is responsible for furnishing details of hazards associated with the submitted compound in line with COSHH regulations. Confidentiality Communications concerning the identity of the small molecule and its structure will be kept confidential and not revealed to any third party. We shall sign appropriate confidentiality agreements with commercial users Publication and Acknowledgements Where the service provider has made a contribution to the work, one that is worthy of authorship, the service provider will be a co-author on resultant publications. In all other cases the service should be acknowledged as follows: “We acknowledge use of Queen Mary University of London, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences Small Molecule Crystallography Service.” Problem management The user can approach Dr I Abrahams or Prof RW Pickersgill in the case of any concern, for conflict resolution, or for disaster recovery.
Service Provided. Boarding is for the daily maintenance and keep of the horse/pony kept at the farm. There are options for service which can be selected in the paragraphcosts’ #5. Service will include access to a paddock with shelter, water, hay, and salt. This service includes access to one locker provided in the barn for storage of tack for the horse/pony. The service includes use of the PHH facilities which may be sometimes unavailable when a clinic, camp, etc is using the area/prop/space.
Service Provided. A. The CONTRACTOR shall provide curbside collection service for residential refuse at each residential unit one time per week. Contractor will provide curbside collection once per week for collection of recyclable materials contained in the 18 gallon bin provided by WCA.