Service Provided Sample Clauses

Service Provided. 2.1 TDS TELECOM publishes White Pages (WP) directories for geographic areas in which TCAL also provides local exchange telephone service, and TCAL wishes to include alphabetical listings information for its End Users in the appropriate TDS TELECOM WP directories and/or Directory Assistance databases.
Service Provided. 1.1 Pursuant to terms and condition of this Agreement, Party B hereby appoints Party A as its exclusive service provider providing comprehensive management consulting, technical supporting, intellectual property license and other relevant services, including all services within major business of Party B and decided necessary from time to time by Party A, including, without limitation:
Service Provided a. CareWorks Comp shall provide the necessary representation service to properly qualify applicants for the Plan in accordance with BWC rules. CareWorks Comp will provide Employer with full service account and claims administration services and other services deemed necessary and important to servicing the Plan and Employers of the Plan as a whole. CareWorks Comp will represent Employer in all risk, payroll and claims related matters before the BWC.
Service Provided. As a service to our primary customer, we will troubleshoot Network systems located in an IHS approved sites. Urgency will be based upon the IHS standard unless otherwise approved by the Network department Manager. Note that we will provide Best Effort support for any Vendor Hardware or any equipment located outside of an approved IHS datacenter. *please note that during times of heavy workload, these times will be revaluated, reassigned or prioritized by Management. CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS Once ticket has been deemed a Network issue by the customer or Service Center:  An SDE Ticket must be created or Transferred to either the IT_Network_Support Group Queue, in order for the request to be time stamped and tracked. This ticket must include as many notes as possible, including : o Description of Problem o Are there other users having same problem o How is User Accessing our Network? (Local, Citrix, Wireless, VPN, etc...) o Best contact number for user callback when necessary  If ticket was transferred, there needs to be either a page or warm transfer done, to ensure that the Tech is aware of the issue and can act immediately. SERVICE PROVIDER REQUIREMENTSAcknowledgment of SDE ticket by assigning an engineer  Troubleshoot the issue, pulling in any Hardware Vendor as needed  Updating user and ticket daily with progress if issue is taking longer than expected  Involving Senior Techs and/or Manager if they do not see resolution within Pre-defined resolution times  A warm transfer of ticket, if deemed to belong to another Team  Meet response times associated with the priority of the assigned Service Request. If there is a disagreement of the priority listed, the Service provider will contact Management for direction.  Train staff on Appropriate Service Support Tools; including updating Knowledge base with appropriate details and procedures.
Service Provided. M. Other Specific Requirements Please list any agreed other agreed requirements N/A
Service Provided. A. The CONTRACTOR shall provide curbside collection service for residential refuse at each residential unit one time per week. Contractor will provide curbside collection once per week for collection of recyclable materials contained in the 18 gallon bin provided by WCA.
Service Provided. A. The CONTRACTOR shall provide once per month curbside collection of brush and tree trimmings at residential units. The CONTRACTOR shall take all brush and tree limbs not longer than four (4) feet, and stacked in a pile not to exceed four (4) feet in height, and does not exceed four (4) feet in width. Tree limbs larger than four (4) inches in diameter will not be collected.