Subsidiaries or Affiliates Sample Clauses

Subsidiaries or Affiliates. The Borrower does not have any Subsidiary or Affiliate (other than as set forth in Schedule 3.20).
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. Merger Corp. does not own of record or beneficially, and is not obligated to acquire any capital stock, other equity securities, debt securities, or other interest of or in any corporation, government, or other entity. Between the date hereof and the Effective Time, Merger Corp. will not create or acquire any subsidiaries without the prior written consent of the Company.
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. Form or acquire any Subsidiary or Affiliate without the prior written consent of the Bank, which consent at the discretion of the Bank may require that said Subsidiary or Affiliate join this Agreement as a Guarantor or a Borrower.
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. Borrower has no Subsidiaries or Affiliates, except MedSolutions, Inc.
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. MAI has no subsidiaries. Except as set -------------------------- forth under Schedule 2(b) hereto, MAI owns no shares of stock or other securities in any other corporation, nor is MAI a partner, venturer, participant or associate in any partnership, venture or other business with any other person or firm.
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. Except for Collaborative being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genome and as otherwise set forth on Schedule 3.20, it does not have any Subsidiary or Affiliate.
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. In the case of a Tax for which an Acquired Party files a combined, consolidated, unitary or similar Tax Return with a Seller Party, the portion of a refund that is attributable to such Acquired Party shall be determined under the Tax allocation agreement applicable to such Acquired Party, if any. All other refunds of Taxes (including interest thereon) attributable to a Pre-Closing Period and relating to an Acquired Party shall be paid over to the Parent within ten calendar days after receipt thereof by any Acquired Party (or retained by the Parent if paid to it).
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. 10 ------------------------------ SECTION 3.21 PENDING LITIGATION 10 --------------------- SECTION 3.22 COMPLIANCE OF INVESTMENT POLICY 10 ---------------------------------- ARTICLE IV. CONDITIONS PRECEDENT 11 ----------------------- SECTION 4.1 CONDITIONS PRECEDENT TO THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THIS AGREEMENT. 11 ------------- ARTICLE V.
Subsidiaries or Affiliates. Each of the Parties shall cause to be performed all actions, agreements and obligations set forth herein to be performed by any Subsidiary or Affiliate of such Party or by any entity that becomes a Subsidiary or Affiliate of such Party on and after the Closing Date.