Income Taxes definition

Income Taxes means any Tax which is based upon, measured by, or calculated with respect to (i) net income or profits (including, but not limited to, any capital gains, gross receipts, value added or minimum Tax) or (ii) multiple bases (including, but not limited to, corporate franchise, doing business or occupation Taxes) if one or more of the bases upon which such Tax may be based, by which it may be measured, or with respect to which it may be calculated is described in clause (i) of this sentence.
Income Taxes means all federal, state, local or foreign Taxes measured by or imposed on net income, or any Taxes imposed in lieu of such Taxes.
Income Taxes means any income, capital gains, franchise and similar Taxes.

Examples of Income Taxes in a sentence

  • It is possible to treat up to £30,000 of an ex-gratia/redundancy payment made under a settlement agreement as exempt from income tax if the payment comes within section 401 Income Taxes (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003.

  • The Contractor shall be wholly responsible for paying all of its own taxes, including Federal and State Income Taxes, FICA, FUTA, Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment and Single Business taxes to the extent that any or all of the foregoing are applicable.

More Definitions of Income Taxes

Income Taxes means any income, franchise, net profits, excess profits or similar Taxes measured on the basis of net income.
Income Taxes means any federal, state, county, provincial, local or foreign income, business profits or other similar Tax, any withholding or estimated Tax related thereto, any interest and penalties (civil or criminal) thereon or additions thereto, and any expenses incurred in connection with the determination, settlement or litigation of any Liabilities related to any such Tax.
Income Taxes means any taxes measured, in whole or in part, by net or gross income or profits together with any interest, penalties or additions to tax.
Income Taxes means Taxes imposed on or measured with respect to net income.
Income Taxes shall have the meaning set forth in the Tax Matters Agreement.
Income Taxes means any Taxes imposed upon or measured by net income.
Income Taxes means any federal, state or local Taxes determined by reference to income or imposed in lieu of income Taxes, such as Taxes based on net worth or gross receipts.