Affiliated Companies Sample Clauses

Affiliated Companies. If the Contractholder asks Us in writing to include an Affiliated Company under this Contract, and We give written approval for the inclusion, We will treat Employees of that company like the Contractholder's Employees. Our written approval will include the starting date of the company's coverage under this Contract. But each eligible Employee of that company must still meet all the terms and conditions of this Contract before becoming covered. An Employee of the Contractholder and one or more Affiliated Companies will be considered an Employee of only one of those Employers for the purpose of this Contract. That Employee's service with multiple Employers will be treated as service with that one. The Contractholder must notify Us in writing when a company stops being an Affiliated Company. As of this date, this Contract will be considered to end for Employees of that Employer. This applies to all of those Employees except those who, on the next day, are employed by the Contractholder or another Affiliated Company as eligible Employees. AMENDMENT The Contract may be amended, at any time, without a [Member]'s consent or that of anyone else with a beneficial interest in it. The Contractholder may change the type of coverage under this Contract at any time by notifying Us in writing. We may make amendments to the Contract upon 30 days' notice to the Contractholder, and as provided in (b) and (c) below. An amendment will not affect benefits for a service or supply furnished before the date of change; and no change to the benefits under this Contract will be made without the approval of the Board. Only Our officers have authority: to waive any conditions or restrictions of the Contract, to extend the time in which a Premium may be paid, to make or change a Contract, or to bind Us by a promise or representation or by information given or received. No change in the Contract is valid unless the change is shown in one of the following ways: it is shown in an endorsement on it signed by one of Our officers. if a change has been automatically made to satisfy the requirements of any state or federal law that applies to the Contract, as provided in the section of this Contract called Conformity With Law, it is shown in an amendment to it that is signed by one of Our officers. if a change is required by Us, it is accepted by the Contractholder, as evidenced by payment of a Premium on or after the effective date of such change. if a written request for a change is made by...
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Affiliated Companies. Each party shall take such actions as may be necessary to cause its affiliates to comply with the obligations contemplated herein. "Affiliate" of a party means any person, partnership, joint venture, corporation, or other form of enterprise that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with, the party.
Affiliated Companies. Affiliated Companies shall refer to a) companies in whose case a Party indirectly or directly owns more than half of the capital or the assets of the company or can appoint more than half of the members of the managing or administrative body or the bodies appointed for legal representation or is entitled to conduct the business of the company and b) companies which indirectly or directly have the rights and means of influence mentioned under a) related to a contracting company and c) companies in whose case the contracting companies jointly have the rights and means of influence mentioned under a). Such jointly controlled companies are considered as affiliates of every contracting company. 1.14.
Affiliated Companies. For the purpose of Sections 7 and 8 above, the term “Company” shall include also the Company’s parent company, Company’s subsidiary or any company controlled or owned by the Company’s parent company.
Affiliated Companies. SPSW and its Affiliates may purchase Product under the terms of this Agreement. Submission of a Purchase Order referencing this Agreement and the issuance of an order acknowledgment is deemed to constitute acceptance of the terms of this Agreement by the applicable Affiliate. For purposes of this Agreement “Buyer” shall refer to either SPSW or its Affiliate issuing a Purchase Order.
Affiliated Companies. Any indemnification of Owner and any limitation of Owner’s liability shall to the same extent apply to Owner’s directors, officers, employees, agents and affiliated companies, and the directors, officers, employees and agents thereof.
Affiliated Companies. (a) Any other company which adopts the Plan in accordance with its terms may, with the written consent of the Trustee and Bank, become a party to this Agreement as an "Affiliated Company" by delivering a certified copy of a resolution of its board of directors to the effect that it agrees to adopt the Plan, to become a party to this Agreement and to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the Plan and this Agreement, as then in effect and as it may thereafter be amended. The Bank shall have the sole authority to enforce this Agreement on behalf of any such Affiliated Bank and the Trustee need not deal with any Affiliated Company except by dealing with the Bank or the Committee as its agent. The Trustee shall invest and administer the Trust Fund as a single fund for investment and accounting purposes without identification or allocation among the Bank and any Affiliated Companies or to any employee or group of employees or their beneficiaries, unless the Trustee, the Bank, and the Affiliated Companies concerned agree in writing to segregate funds.
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Affiliated Companies. Client recognizes that Agency has available to it the integrated resources of other affiliated companies within The MacManus Group organization, and that it may use such affiliated companies in the completion of certain production projects and for other services. A partial list of such affiliated companies is set forth in Schedule 3 to this Agreement. Client agrees to the involvement of such companies so long as their prices and quality, which are the basis of any charge to Client, are approved in advance by Client. In the event such affiliated companies are used by Client, it is understood that such services are incremental to the basic services (defined in Appendix I) under this Agreement, and that compensation for such services will be based on the scope of the assignment and in accordance with the prevailing compensation practices as established by that organization and mutually agreed by all the parties. Except as set forth herein or otherwise disclosed to Client, Agency will have no financial interest in any supplier of media services or advertising materials which will be the basis of any charge to Client. In addition, Agency will immediately disclose its ownership interest, if any, in any literary or artistic properties, or radio or television programming which are the basis of any charge to Client.
Affiliated Companies. Each of REI and Resources shall cause to be performed, and hereby guarantee the performance of, any and all actions of any and all members of the REI Group or the Resources Group, respectively.
Affiliated Companies. CP shall cause to be performed, and hereby guarantees the performance of, all actions, agreements and obligations set forth herein to be performed by CP or any CP Affiliated Company. Texas Genco shall cause to be performed, and hereby guarantees the performance of, all actions, agreements and obligations set forth herein to be performed by any Texas Genco Affiliated Company.
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