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Not modify. You must not modify the Vehicle, remove any accessories or change its registration plates without our prior written consent, which we are not obliged to give.
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Not modify. You must not modify the Property, remove any accessories or, if applicable, change its registration plates (where applicable) without our prior written consent, which we are not obliged to give.
Not modify. Not modify or amend the Ground Lease, nor agree or consent to any modification thereof, in any manner which would materially adversely affect Tenant's rights and privileges under this Lease.

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  • Agreement Modification 15.1 Any agreement to change the terms of this Agreement in any way shall be valid only if the change is made in writing and approved by mutual agreement of authorized representatives of the parties hereto.

  • Contract Modification The conditions of this timber sale are completely set forth in this contract. Except as provided in B8.32 and B8.33, this contract can be modified only by written agreement between the parties. Only Contracting Officer may make contract modifications, with compensating adjustments to Current Contract Rates where appropriate, on behalf of Forest Service.

  • Right to Modify BNYM may alter, modify or change the Licensed System or any component, code, language, function, format, design, architecture, security measure or other element of whatsoever nature of the Licensed System and implement such alterations, modifications and changes into the Documentation and/or the Licensed System as Updates or Upgrades applicable to Company's continued use of the Licensed System after such implementation; provided, however, at no time shall this section be interpreted in such a manner as to allow BNYM by such alterations, modifications or changes to alter the License granted by Section 2.1 or modify any other service obligation of BNYM under this Agreement.

  • Agreement Modifications Neither this Agreement nor the Protocol may be altered, amended or modified except by written document signed by the parties. 20.

  • Contract Modifications It is understood that changes are inherent in operations of the type covered by this contract. The number of changes, the scope of those changes, and the impact they have on the progress of the original operations cannot be defined at this time. The PURCHASER is notified that changes are anticipated and that there will be no compensation made to the PURCHASER directly related to the number of changes made. Each change will be evaluated for extension of contract time and increase or decrease in compensation based on its own merit. STATE reserves the right to make, at any time during the contract, such modifications as are necessary or desirable; provided such modifications shall not change the character of the operations to be done nor increase the cost, unless such operations or cost increase is approved in writing by PURCHASER. Any modifications so made shall not invalidate this contract nor release PURCHASER of obligations under the performance bond. PURCHASER agrees to do the modified operations as if it had been a part of the original contract. If any change under this section causes an increase or decrease in the PURCHASER's cost of, or the time required for the performance of any part of the operations, the PURCHASER must submit a written statement setting forth the nature and specific extent of the claim. Such claim shall include all time and cost impacts against the contract and be submitted as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receipt of any written notice of modification of the contract. If the PURCHASER discovers site conditions which differ materially from what was represented in the contract or from conditions that would normally be expected to exist and be inherent to the activities defined in the contract, the PURCHASER shall notify the STATE's Authorized Representative immediately and before the area has been disturbed. The STATE's Authorized Representative will investigate the area and make a determination as to whether or not the conditions differ materially from either the conditions stated in the contract or those which could reasonably be expected in execution of this particular contract. If it is determined that a differing site condition exists, any compensation or credit will be determined based on an analysis by STATE's Authorized Representative. If the PURCHASER does not concur with the decision of the STATE's Authorized Representative and/or believes that it is entitled to additional compensation, the PURCHASER may proceed to file a claim. Claims Review Process. All PURCHASER claims shall be referred to the STATE's Authorized Representative for review. All claims shall be made in writing to the STATE's Authorized Representative not more than ten days from the date of the occurrence of the event which gives rise to the claim or not more than ten days from the date that the PURCHASER knew or should have known of the problem. Unless the claim is made in accordance with these time requirements, it shall be waived. All claims shall be submitted in writing and shall include a detailed, factual statement of the basis of the claim, pertinent dates, contract provisions which support or allow the claim, reference to or copies of any documents which support the claim, the exact dollar value of the claim, and specific time extension requested for the claim. If the claim involves operations to be completed by subcontractors, the PURCHASER will analyze and evaluate the merits of the subcontractor's claim. PURCHASER shall forward the subcontractor's claim and PURCHASER's evaluation of such claim to STATE's Authorized Representative. The STATE's Authorized Representative will not consider direct claims from subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, or others not a party to this contract. The decision of the STATE shall be final and binding unless the PURCHASER requests mediation.

  • Waiver and Modification Any waiver, alteration, or modification of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be valid only if made in writing and signed by the parties hereto. Each party hereto, may waive any of its rights hereunder without affecting a waiver with respect to any subsequent occurrences or transactions hereof.

  • Merger and Modification This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No understandings, agreements or representations, oral or written, not specified within this Contract will be valid provisions of this Contact. This Contract may not be modified, supplemented or amended, in any manner, except by written agreement signed by all necessary parties.

  • Power to Modify Foregoing Procedures Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions of this Article IX, the Trustees may prescribe, in their absolute discretion except as may be required by the 1940 Act, such other bases and times for determining the per share asset value of the Trust's Shares or net income, or the declaration and payment of dividends and distributions as they may deem necessary or desirable for any reason, including to enable the Trust to comply with any provision of the 1940 Act, or any securities exchange or association registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, or any order of exemption issued by the Commission, all as in effect now or hereafter amended or modified.

  • AGREEMENT TO MODIFY CONTRACT The parties hereto agree to modify the Contract identified in Block 1, above, as described in Block 10, below, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Contract. Except as modified herein, all other provisions of the Contract (including, but not limited to, price, delivery, and completion date) remain unchanged.

  • Change and Modifications This Agreement may not be orally changed, modified or terminated, nor shall any oral waiver of any of its terms be effective. This Agreement may be changed, modified or terminated only by an agreement in writing signed by the Company and the Optionee.

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