Licensee may Sample Clauses

Licensee may. (i) install and use Software in accordance with the Software documentation and pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement; and
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Licensee may. (i) use up to ten (10) Accounts free of charge on a single instance of Server run by Licensee;
Licensee may. Allow Authorized Users use installed Software from an unlimited number of computers.
Licensee may. (a) install the Program on only computers owned, leased or otherwise controlled by Licensee;
Licensee may. Subject to the limits set forth in Section, allow Authorized Users access the Software installed on Licensee’s server from an unlimited number of computers.
Licensee may. 3.2.1. Allow Authorized and Walk-in-Users to have access to the Licensed Material from the Server via a Secure Network.
Licensee may. 3.1.1 Install the Licensed Program at the Primary License Location.
Licensee may. (i) install and use the version of the Software that has been specified in License Certificate on any number of Clients;
Licensee may a) Install and Use a copy of the Software through a server or a network within protected computer environment of the Legal Entity or Legal Entities for which it was downloaded;