Other Interest definition

Other Interest means holding a position in a business such as an officer, director, trustee, partner, proprietor, executor, employee, or a position of management, or acting as a consultant, agent or representative therefore in any capacity.
Other Interest. Any present or future mortgage, charge, security assignment, pledge, lien, hypothecation, option, right of set-off, preferential interest, trust, title retention, tracing right or other security interest or similar arrangement of any type or any agreement, conditional or otherwise, to create or give any of the same;
Other Interest have the meanings set forth in Section 4.1(a)(iv).

Examples of Other Interest in a sentence

  • A Member must notify the Monitoring Officer of any interest held by the Member in any of the categories set out below:- Subject Other Interest Management or Control Any body of which the Member is in a position of general control or management and to which he/she is appointed or nominated by the Council.

  • It is structured in five parts, in accordance with the regulatory requirements: Part 1: Categories 1 & 2: Owners, Lessees, Tenants, Occupiers, Other Interest, Power to Convey or Release Land; Part 2: Category 3: Section 10 Land Compensation Act 1965 and Part 1 Land Compensation Act 1973; Part 3: Easements or other private rights proposed to be interfered with, suspended or extinguished; Part 4: Crown Interests; and Part 5: Special Category and Replacement Land.

  • The Company Interests represent 100% of the outstanding equity interests of the Company, and the Permittee Interests represent 100% of the outstanding equity interests owned by the Other Interest Holders in the Newly Granted Permittees, such that upon acquisition of the Permittee Interests at Closing the Company will own one hundred percent (100%) of the outstanding equity interests in each of the Newly Granted Permittees.

  • Such recusal would only be permissible if recusal is a permissible action pursuant to Florida law with respect to the particular Financial or Other Interest of the Interested Person.

  • Where an Interested Person has provided advance written disclosure of a Financial or Other Interest but has not voluntarily recused himself or herself from discussion of or action upon the proposed transaction or arrangement, the board shall, prior to commencing its discussion or taking action, determine whether the Financial or Other Interest creates a Conflict of Interest, as defined above and as prohibited by law.

More Definitions of Other Interest

Other Interest means any right or interest whether legal or equitable in the Participating International Financial Product and includes an option to acquire a right or interest in the Participating International Financial Product.
Other Interest means a security (within the meaning of the Corporations Act) or other right, interest or entitlement (which may be a conditional right, interest or entitlement) to acquire or receive Shares or to receive or participate in a benefit referrable to Shares or the activities of the Company, and without limitation may include a preference share, a performance right, a beneficial interest in shares held by a
Other Interest means an Interest in an Other Debtor.
Other Interest means, including without limitation all options, warrants, calls, rights, puts, awards, commitments or any other agreements of any character to acquire, directly or indirectly, any Old Common Stock outstanding at any time prior to the Effective Date.
Other Interest means all Out-of-the-Money Stock Options and all issued, unissued, authorized, or outstanding shares of common stock, preferred stock or other instrument evidencing an ownership interest in the Debtor, whether or not transferable, together with any warrants, equity-based awards or contractual rights to purchase or acquire such equity interests in the Debtor at any time and all rights arising with respect thereto that existed immediately before the Effective Date including any claims arising from the ownership of any instrument evidencing an ownership interest in a Debtor; provided that the defined term “Other Interest” does not include any Equity Interest.
Other Interest means, with respect to any Development Party, any overriding royalty interest, production payment, net profits interest or similar interest that is carved out of such Development Party’s interests in the Subject Oil and Gas Assets, the Transfer of which interest would not convey a material portion of the value of the Development Party’s interest in the Subject Oil and Gas Assets.
Other Interest means any other (without duplication of any interests described in any other definition set forth herein) interest of a Contributor or the Beaver Creek Purchased Company in and to the Projects or pertaining thereto as of the Closing Date, including, without limitation, the following: