The Delivery Sample Clauses

The Delivery. (Delete the unnecessary)
The Delivery. (Delete the unnecessary) The leased premises will be placed at the disposal of the Lessee on the date stipulated in Appendix A as the beginning of the period of lease (hereinafter: “The Date of Delivery”), with all its systems being in working order. In order to remove any doubt it has been declared and agreed that if the Lessee is not present on the date of delivery in order to have the leased premises placed at his disposal, this will not affect any of the Lessees liabilities towards the leased premises according to the contract.
The Delivery. The Agreement comprises the services, projects, solutions etc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Delivery”) described in the Supply Agreement for digital projects or another similar agreement. The Customer’s written acceptance is required before work on the Delivery is commenced by the Agency.
The Delivery. 2.1 SHP shall deliver the Delivery Plan in a format as shall be agreed between the Council and SHP on an annual basis (see clause 7). Each Delivery Plan for the year following shall set out:-
The Delivery. Commencement Day shall not occur unless and until each of the following conditions precedent is fulfilled:
The Delivery. The Leased Property shall be delivered to the Tenant on the date stipulated in the addendum (hereinafter the “Delivery Date”) AS IS, and the lease period shall begin on the same day whether the Tenant appeared for receiving the Leased Property at the delivery date or not. It is clarified that connecting electricity to the Leased Property which shall be supplied by the Landlord shall be up to 0.25 ampere for each gross square meter of the areas of the Leased Property, and only this amount. It is clarified that any cost that shall be involved in connecting the electricity in an amount that exceeds the aforesaid shall apply to the Tenant in full and the Tenant shall pay it to the Landlord and/or to the authorized authority immediately upon the Landlord’s and/or the authorized authority’s first demand – respectively. For the sake of avoiding doubt it is hereby clarified and agreed that the Tenant’s failure to appear at the delivery date for accepting the Leased Property shall not derogate from any of the Tenant’s obligations according to this agreement.
The Delivery. The full and detailed description of the delivery is contained in the framework agreement, including Appendix B “Requirement Specification and Supplier's offer” and the notice on Xxxxx.xx.
The Delivery. 6. At the time of delivering the site, the parties shall perform the following actions:
The Delivery a. Delivery and assembly will be completed by a minimum of a two person team.
The Delivery. (a) Delivery of the Goods: