Other Agreement definition

Other Agreement means any agreement, contract, or understanding heretofore or hereafter entered into by a Grantee with the Company or an Affiliate, except an agreement, contract, or understanding that expressly addresses Code Section 280G and/or Code Section 4999.
Other Agreement means an agreement, contract or understanding (including any option or equity plan or agreement) other than this Agreement, heretofore or hereafter entered into by the Executive with the Company or any Subsidiary.

Examples of Other Agreement in a sentence

  • In the event of any conflict between this Agreement (or any portion hereof) and any other agreement [(including any Existing Other Agreement)] between the Issuer and the Pledgor with respect to the Securities, whether now existing or hereafter entered into, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.

  • If the Agreement terminates or a party notifies the other party of its intent to terminate the Agreement, without waiving our other rights and remedies, we may withhold from you any payments and/or establish or increase a Reserve until we have fully recovered all amounts owing to us or our Affiliates and for as long as there is financial exposure or risk to us or our Affiliates under the Agreement or any Other Agreement.

  • The obligations of the Holder under this Agreement are several and not joint with the obligations of any Other Holder under any of the Other Agreements, and the Holder shall not be responsible in any way for the performance of the obligations of any Other Holder under any such Other Agreement.

  • No Other Agreement No employee shall be required or permitted to make any written or verbalagreement with the Employer or his/her representative which may conflict with the terms of the Collective Agreement.

  • The OSPAR Regional Action Plan for prevention and management of Marine Litter in the North-East Atlantic has been adopted by OSPAR Contracting Parties as an OSPAR Other Agreement.

More Definitions of Other Agreement

Other Agreement means as defined in Section 13.
Other Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 12(b).
Other Agreement means any written agreement, whether entered into prior to or subsequent to, the adoption of this plan or the making of an Award under this plan, between Participant and the Company.
Other Agreement. A plan, arrangement, or agreement pursuant to which an Other Payment is made.
Other Agreement has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 8.15.