Software Programs Sample Clauses

Software Programs. Patents, Trademarks, Servicemarks, and Copyrights. Except as indicated on Schedule 3.11 delivered to Security National Life, all software programs, patents, trade names, trademarks or servicemarks, or service names (whether registered or unregistered) and copyrights or applications for any thereof owned by, licensed to, or used by SSLIC are valid and subsisting and are listed in Schedule 3.11. SSLIC has not licensed any third party to use any software program, patent, trademark, servicemark, know-how, or copyright. Except as set forth in Schedule 3.11, to SSLIC's knowledge, there are no claims or demands of any person pertaining to any software programs, patents, know-how, patent applications, trademarks, trademark applications, servicemark or service name applications, or copyrights owned by or licensed to SSLIC; no proceedings have been instituted or are pending or to SSLIC's knowledge, threatened which challenge the rights of SSLIC in respect thereto; and to SSLIC's knowledge, the practice or use by SSLIC of any software program, patent, trademark, servicemark, or copyright, or any process utilized by or any product produced by SSLIC, does not infringe (nor is it infringed by) any software program, patent, trademark, servicemark, or copyright owned by a third party (nor is it subject to any outstanding order, decree, judgment or stipulation). There are no pending, nor to SSLIC's knowledge any threatened, claims, demands, or proceedings charging SSLIC with infringement of or making any other claim with respect to any software program, patent, trademark, trade name, servicemark or service name, copyright, or license. There is no (a) unexpired, valid patent on products or processes of SSLIC in creating such products and which SSLIC not entitled to use or (b) patent or application therefore or invention which would adversely affect any product, apparatus, method, process, or design of SSLIC. No officer, director, or employee of SSLIC has an interest in any software program, patent, patent application, trademark, trademark application, servicemark, servicemark application, trade name, or copyright of SSLIC.
Software Programs a. JCL/Proc Analyzer
Software Programs. Each software program, and any license or other agreement relating to such program, used in the origination or servicing of Receivables and Related Assets is described in Schedule 5.
Software Programs. All software programs that are currently used by Company as part of its management information systems are listed in Schedule 3.11.3. Seller knows of no claim of conflicting ownership rights, breaches of license agreements or past or future license expirations that would materially interfere with Company's continued use of the software programs listed in Schedule 3.11.3 for the purposes for which such programs are currently being used, whether such programs are owned by or licensed to Company.
Software Programs. Contractor will use the software programs designated or otherwise approved by the City to collect, use, process, store, or generate all data and information, without or without Personal Information, in connection with the Services, or any other affiliated services provided by Contractor. Contractor will fully comply with any and all requirements and conditions associated with the use of such software programs as designated from time to time by the City, the State Government, or the Federal Government. SAMPLE
Software Programs. 4 ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT ------------------------ This Asset Purchase Agreement (this "Agreement") is made and entered into as of the 15th day of March, 2001, by and between Netzee, Inc., a Georgia corporation (the "Purchaser") and HomeCom Communications, Inc., a Delaware corporation (the "Seller").
Software Programs. The software programs for the operation of the Hotel and accounting functions for the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll for the Hotel that are proprietary to Manager and/or Licensor. The Software Programs will not be conveyed to Purchaser at the Closing. Purchaser’s right to the use of the Software Programs for the operation of the Hotel will be subject to the terms of the Franchise Agreement.
Software Programs. Servicer owns, or has valid and existing licenses of or subcontracts with respect to, all software programs sufficient to service the Portfolio and produce the Monthly Reports, of which software, licenses and subcontracts is either assignable to a successor Servicer or is readily available without undue cost. All such software programs have been certified or contractually guaranteed to be year 2000 compliant (i.e. able to differentiate between 2000 and 1900) by the software vendors.
Software Programs. Table 1. Discount Table for Software Programs and First Year of Technical Support PRODUCT CATEGORY CUSOMTER DISCOUNT LIST PRICE PRICE LIST Technology 44.59% See Note #4 Oracle Technology Global Price List Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Applications 44.59% See Note #4 Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Global Price List PeopleSoft (PSFT) Applications 44.59% See Note #4 PeopleSoft Component Global Price List Siebel Applications 44.59% See Note #4 Siebel CRM Component Global Price List Business Intelligence Applications 44.59% See Note #4 Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Global Price List Oracle Fusion Applications 44.59% See Note #4 Oracle Fusion Applications Global Price List Public Sector Revenue Management Applications 44.59% See Note #4 Oracle Public Sector Revenue Management Global Price List Oracle Primavera 44.59% See Note #4 Oracle Primavera Global Price List Table 1. Discount Table for Software Programs and First Year of Technical Support PRODUCT CATEGORY CUSOMTER DISCOUNT LIST PRICE PRICE LIST MySQL 44.59% See Note #4 MySQL Global Price List XX Xxxxxxx 44.59% See Note #4 XX Xxxxxxx Applications Commercial Price List Table 2. Discount Table for Software Programs and First Year of Technical Support for Higher Education Institutions PRODUCT CATEGORY CUSOMTER DISCOUNT LIST PRICE PRICE LIST Campus Wide Program Licenses 89.93% See Note #5 See Note #5
Software Programs. Company grants E&S a nontransferable, worldwide, irrevocable license to use, reproduce and sublicense Software Programs and to integrate or bundle Software Programs with E&S products, for the following purposes: