Without modification definition

Without modification means the plan sponsor used CMS model language verbatim except where indicated and allowed by CMS, (e.g., variable fields). To facilitate review, plan sponsors must indicate the model/exhibit title and applicable CMS chapter/manual or HPMS memorandum date within the comments section of HPMS.
Without modification means the Plan/Part D Sponsor used CMS model language verbatim.‌
Without modification means thePlan/Part D Sponsor used CMS model language verbatim except where indicated and allowed by CMS, (e.g.,

Examples of Without modification in a sentence

  • Without modification, the defendant will be in violation of the criminal judgment.

  • Without modification, SPP will incorporate Sections 12.3, 12.4, 12.5, 12.8 - 12.11, and 12.13 into the WEIS Tariff that is submitted to the FERC for approval.

  • Without modification, the RNC would have to defend such third-party suits with limited “hard money” because it cannot solicit “soft money” under the BCRA while the DNC, not a party to such suits, would not have to expend resources on these third-party suits.

  • Without modification to or abolishment of the ERIP, participants do not have the option of returning to full- time employment unless granted by the School Board due to extenuating circumstances.

  • Without modification, the authority of an agent under this section is limited to gifts in an amount per donee not to exceed the annual dollar limits of the federal gift tax exclusion, or twice that amount if the principal and the principal’s spouse consent to make a split gift.

  • Without modification, both methods have limitations when estimating long-dated warrants with stochastic volatility.

  • Without modification by the Legislature, Public Utilities Code § 401(b) guidelines apply to the program budget for this fiscal year and all subsequent fiscal years.

  • Without modification on reconsideration of Order No. 55, the Company's efforts to reduce debt will be greatly impeded.

  • The Proposal would lead to a 550-plus percentage point increase in the capital costs associated with providing risk management products to many commercial end users.7 Without modification of this aspect of the Proposal, commercial end users, such as state and local governments, hospitals and other not-for-profit corporations, electricity cooperatives, and airlines, are likely to face significantly increased costs of managing their risks and even could face reduced access to risk management products.

  • Without modification or reservation, the Glews accepted Seaborn’s offer and moved separately for attorney fees, which the trial court granted.

Related to Without modification

  • Permit modification means a revision to a Title V operating permit that cannot be accomplished under the provisions for administrative permit amendments found at rule 567—22.111(455B). A permit modification for purposes of the acid rain portion of the permit shall be governed by the regulations pertaining to acid rain found at rules 567—22.120(455B) to 567—22.147(455B). This definition of “permit modification” shall be used solely for purposes of this chapter governing Title V operating permits.

  • Contract modification means any changes in the terms or provisions of the Contract which are reduced to writing and fully executed by both parties.

  • Minor modification means a modification that does not significantly alter the nongovernmental function or purpose of the software or is of the type customarily provided in the commercial marketplace.

  • Permitted Modification shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 4.02.

  • Major modification means any physical change in or change in the method of operation of a major stationary source that would result in a significant emissions increase of a regulated NSR pollutant and a significant net emissions increase of that pollutant from the major stationary source.

  • Modification means (i) a change to the delivered source code or metadata; or (ii) any development, other than a change to the delivered source code or metadata, that customizes, enhances, or changes existing functionality of the Software or Cloud Service including, but not limited to, the creation of any new application program interfaces, alternative user interfaces or the extension of SAP data structures; or (iii) any other change to the Software or Cloud Service (other than an Add-on) utilizing or incorporating any SAP Materials.

  • Material Modification means any modification to an Interconnection Request that has a material adverse effect on the cost or timing of Interconnection Studies related to, or any Network Upgrades or Local Upgrades needed to accommodate, any Interconnection Request with a later Queue Position.

  • Substantial modification means modification of a relevant source that results in a significant increase in emissions, excluding any change in emissions resulting from by-product recovery. It shall be a matter for the Party to decide whether a modification is substantial or not;

  • Cross-Series Modification means a modification involving (i) the Bonds or any agreement governing the issuance or administration of the Bonds, and (ii) the debt securities of one or more other series or any agreement governing the issuance or administration of such other debt securities.

  • Loan Modification Agreement means a Loan Modification Agreement, in form reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, among the Borrower, the Administrative Agent and one or more Accepting Lenders, effecting one or more Permitted Amendments and such other amendments hereto and to the other Loan Documents as are contemplated by Section 2.24.

  • PAL major modification means, notwithstanding paragraphs (b)(2), (b)(3), and (b)(49) of this section (the definitions for major modification, net emissions increase, and subject to reg- ulation), any physical change in or change in the method of operation of the PAL source that causes it to emit the PAL pollutant at a level equal to or greater than the PAL.

  • Modification Fee means a fee, if any, collected from a Mortgagor by the Master Servicer in connection with a modification of any Mortgage Loan (other than a Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan), Serviced Companion Mortgage Loan or B Note other than a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan or collected in connection with a modification by the Special Servicer of a Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan.

  • Modifications means any amendments, supplements, modifications, renewals, replacements, consolidations, severances, substitutions and extensions of any document or instrument from time to time; “Modify”, “Modified,” or related words shall have meanings correlative thereto.

  • Index Modification means in respect of an Index, the Index Sponsor announces that it shall make a material change in the formula for or the method of calculating that Index or in any other way materially modifies that Index (other than a modification prescribed in that formula or method to maintain that Index in the event of changes in constituent stock and capitalisation and other routine events).

  • Amendment means a written agreement, signed by the Parties, which documents changes to the Contract other than those permitted by Work Orders or Technical Guidance Letters.

  • Modification Excess With respect to each Payment Date and any Reference Obligation that has experienced a Modification Event, the excess, if any, of: (a) one-twelfth of the Current Accrual Rate multiplied by the interest bearing unpaid principal balance (the “UPB”) of such Reference Obligation; over (b) one-twelfth of the Original Accrual Rate multiplied by the UPB of such Reference Obligation.