Permitted to use Sample Clauses

Permitted to use a Government vehicle to travel to and from the workplace (with any parking fees to be reimbursed).

Related to Permitted to use

  • License to Use You are authorized to use the Software on one (1) single computer only. You may not use the Software on any other machines other than the said single computer.

  • Right to Use City shall not be limited in any way in its use or reuse of the Documents and Data or any part of them at any time for purposes of this Project or another project, provided that any such use not within the purposes intended by this Agreement or on a project other than this Project without employing the services of Consultant shall be at City’s sole risk. If City uses or reuses the Documents & Data on any project other than this Project, it shall remove the Consultant’s seal from the Documents & Data and indemnify and hold harmless Consultant and its officers, directors, agents and employees from claims arising out of the negligent use or re-use of the Documents & Data on such other project. Consultant shall be responsible and liable for its Documents & Data, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, only with respect to the condition of the Documents & Data at the time they are provided to the City upon completion, suspension, abandonment or termination. Consultant shall not be responsible or liable for any revisions to the Documents & Data made by any party other than Consultant, a party for whom the Consultant is legally responsible or liable, or anyone approved by the Consultant.

  • License for Txdot Logo Use DocuSign Envelope ID: 08011FCF-93C2-4F54-8A05-20A33047A1D8

  • Vendor License to Use Customer hereby grants to Vendor a non-transferable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid-up license to use any Work Product solely as necessary to provide the Services to Customer. Except as provided in this Section, neither Vendor nor any Subcontractor shall have the right to use the Work Product in connection with the provision of services to its other customers without the prior written consent of Customer, which consent may be withheld in Customer’s sole discretion.

  • Termination of the Right to Use Upon termination of this Addendum for any reason, any right to use the System and access to the Data Access Services shall terminate and the Fund shall immediately cease use of the System and the Data Access Services. Immediately upon termination of this Addendum for any reason, the Fund shall return to State Street all copies of documentation and other Proprietary Information in its possession; provided, however, that in the event that either party terminates this Addendum or the Custodian Agreement for any reason other than the Fund’s breach, State Street shall provide the Data Access Services for a period of time and at a price to be agreed upon in writing by the parties.

  • Exclusion of other or implied variations Except for a document which satisfies the requirements of Clauses 27.1 and 27.2, no document, and no act, course of conduct, failure or neglect to act, delay or acquiescence on the part of the Creditor Parties or any of them (or any person acting on behalf of any of them) shall result in the Creditor Parties or any of them (or any person acting on behalf of any of them) being taken to have varied, waived, suspended or limited, or being precluded (permanently or temporarily) from enforcing, relying on or exercising:

  • RIGHT TO USE NAME The Adviser warrants that the Fund’s name is not deceptive or misleading and that the Adviser has rights to any distinctive names used by the Fund. The Fund acknowledges that its use of any distinctive name is derivative of its relationship with the Adviser. The Fund may use the name connected with the Adviser or any name derived from or using the name of the Adviser only for so long as this Agreement or any extension, renewal or amendment hereof remains in effect. Within 60 days from such time as this Agreement shall no longer be in effect, the Fund shall cease to use such name or any other name connected with the Adviser.

  • HHS Right to Use Contractor agrees that HHS has the right to use, produce, and distribute copies of and to disclose to HHS employees, agents, and contractors and other governmental entities all or part of this Contract or any related Solicitation Response as HHS deems necessary to complete the procurement process or comply with state or federal laws.