Permitted to use Sample Clauses

Permitted to use a Government vehicle to travel to and from the workplace (with any parking fees to be reimbursed).

Related to Permitted to use

  • License to Use You are authorized to use the Software on one (1) single computer only. You may not use the Software on any other machines other than the said single computer.

  • Right to Use City shall not be limited in any way in its use or reuse of the Documents and Data or any part of them at any time for purposes of this Project or another project, provided that any such use not within the purposes intended by this Agreement or on a project other than this Project without employing the services of Consultant shall be at City’s sole risk. If City uses or reuses the Documents & Data on any project other than this Project, it shall remove the Consultant’s seal from the Documents & Data and indemnify and hold harmless Consultant and its officers, directors, agents and employees from claims arising out of the negligent use or re-use of the Documents & Data on such other project. Consultant shall be responsible and liable for its Documents & Data, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, only with respect to the condition of the Documents & Data at the time they are provided to the City upon completion, suspension, abandonment or termination. Consultant shall not be responsible or liable for any revisions to the Documents & Data made by any party other than Consultant, a party for whom the Consultant is legally responsible or liable, or anyone approved by the Consultant.

  • License for Txdot Logo Use DocuSign Envelope ID: A2C96816-AFCF-4B6A-9B51-D8FCE6C6223E DocuSign Envelope ID: 81600B2C-53E9-4E39-BA73-002AB2A7A001

  • Grant of License to Use Intellectual Property For the purpose of enabling the Collateral Agent to exercise rights and remedies under this Article at such time as the Collateral Agent shall be lawfully entitled to exercise such rights and remedies, each Grantor hereby grants to the Collateral Agent an irrevocable, non-exclusive license (exercisable without payment of royalty or other compensation to the Grantors) to use, license or sub-license any of the Collateral consisting of Intellectual Property now owned or hereafter acquired by such Grantor, and wherever the same may be located, and including in such license reasonable access to all media in which any of the licensed items may be recorded or stored and to all computer software and programs used for the compilation or printout thereof. The use of such license by the Collateral Agent shall be exercised, at the option of the Collateral Agent, upon the occurrence and during the continuation of an Event of Default; provided that any license, sub-license or other transaction entered into by the Collateral Agent in accordance herewith shall be binding upon the Grantors notwithstanding any subsequent cure of an Event of Default.

  • RIGHT TO USE NAME The Adviser warrants that the Fund’s name is not deceptive or misleading and that the Adviser has rights to any distinctive names used by the Fund. The Fund acknowledges that its use of any distinctive name is derivative of its relationship with the Adviser. The Fund may use the name connected with the Adviser or any name derived from or using the name of the Adviser only for so long as this Agreement or any extension, renewal or amendment hereof remains in effect. Within 60 days from such time as this Agreement shall no longer be in effect, the Fund shall cease to use such name or any other name connected with the Adviser.

  • Permitted Uses Tenant may use the Property only for the Permitted Uses set forth in Section 1.06 above.