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Table of engineering schedule to be followed by Seller and the EPC Contractor (including its subcontractors). The following table lists the engineering schedule to be followed by Seller and its subcontractors: ACTIVITY EPC CONTRACTOR/ SUBCONTRACTOR SCHEDULED COMPLETION DATE ACTUAL COMPLETION DATE
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Table of. Purchased Services Employment Security Joint Employment Security Committee Wage and Salary Treatment Displacements General Conditions During the term of this Collective Agreement, no regular employee will be declared surplus In his/her position as a result of the use of purchased services to perform the work normally performed by that employee. Employment Security Numerous factors may affect the nature and methods of work. Changes in work patterns cannot be prevented but the effect of such changes on regular employees should be as much as possible. The effect of such changes on members be by accommodating required staff wherever possible by attrition. transfer to other jobs or rather than The of this will apply to a regular employee or more years’ seniority who becomes surplus from his/her position as a result of contracting out the work normally performed by that employee. The of this Article will not apply to regular-seasonal employees. Employees who become surplus for reasons other than contracting out be entitled to Article as applicable. The contained Articles and will also apply to this Article. For the purpose of the employee has seniority to for Article seniority will be counted up to the surplus date.
Table of. No Discrimination Management No Cessation of Work Adjustment of Discharge Hours of Work Premiums, Xxxx ay, Xxxx-In Pay Holidays Vacations Leave of Absence Seniority Wages Job Evaluation El Pension Plan and Welfare Benefits I Change Safety and Health Union Security General Further nation Classification of Excluded from the Unit Rules Governing of Grievance Rules of Arbitration Wage Rate Scales Letters
Table of. SCHEDULE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WAGERATES ....................... SCHEDULE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ARTICLE BENEFITS .................. ARTICLE RETIREMENT ................ ARTICLE BASIC LIFE INSURANCE FULL-TIME EMPLOYEES ARTICLE SUPPLEMENTARY LIFE INSURANCE .......
Table of. Article General Purpose Article Bargaining Unit or Scope of Agreement Article No Other Agreements Article Management Rights Article Contracting Security Article Strikes or Article Relationship Article Article Criminal Background Checks Mileage and Allowance LAKEHEAD DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD THIS AGREEMENT ENTERED INTO AND TO BE IN EFFECT UNTIL AUGUST BETWEEN: LAKEHEAD DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD Hereinaftercalled the "Board" and THE CANADIAN UNION OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEES and its local Hereinafter called the "Union" ARTICLE
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