Technical Specifications definition

Technical Specifications means the detailed requirements for the Work furnished by the Architect and set forth in Book 3 of the Contract Documents.
Technical Specifications means the technical specifications set forth in Schedule 1 to the Agreement and to which, the STBs, CAS and SMS must comply with.
Technical Specifications. A specification in a document defining the characteristics of a product or a service, such as the quality levels, the environmental and climate performance levels, the design for all needs, including accessibility for people with disabilities, and the evaluation of conformity, of product performance, of the use of the product, safety or dimensions, as well as requirements applicable to the product as regards the name by which it is sold, terminology, symbols, testing and test methods, packaging, marking or labelling, instructions for use, the production processes and methods at every stage in the life cycle of the supply or service, as well as the evaluation and conformity procedures;

Examples of Technical Specifications in a sentence

  • The price of other (incidental) services, if any, as listed in Section VII (Technical Specifications).

  • In addition to tests in the SCC, Section IV (Technical Specifications) shall specify what inspections and/or tests the Procuring Entity requires, and where they are to be conducted.

  • Deletions or addenda should then adapt the General Technical Specifications to the particular procurement.

  • The following clause may be inserted in the Special Conditions of Contract or the Technical Specifications.

  • Depending on the complexity of the goods and the repetitiveness of the type of procurement, it may be advantageous to standardize the General Technical Specifications and incorporate them in a separate subsection.

More Definitions of Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications. Means, as used herein, a specification that documents the requirements of a system or system component. It typically includes functional requirements, performance requirements, interface requirements, design requirements, development standards, maintenance standards, or similar terms. Substantial conformity with technical specifications is required.
Technical Specifications means the terms of reference and technical specifications that form Part III of the Bidding Documents.
Technical Specifications means the Specifications as specified in the Bidding Document (Volume – II) forming a part of the Contract and such other schedules and drawings as may be mutually agreed upon.
Technical Specifications means the technical specifications defined and adopted by 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project), including the ETSI technical specifications defined and adopted by 3GPP.
Technical Specifications means the portion of the Contract Documents consisting of the written requirements for materials, equipment, systems, standards and workmanship for the work and performance of related services.
Technical Specifications means any technical parameters, specifications and procedures applicable to a Site.
Technical Specifications means the technical specifications (e.g. product quality dossier, master product specification etc) provided by Supplier and/or any other technical specification related to the Products agreed in writing and/or signed between the Parties.