Definition of Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications means all requirements and specifications set out in the Part VII including all Annexes thereto regardless of whether they are labelled [E] or not and including desirable specifications which the Contractor has committed to comply with in Schedule 5. The expression "requirements of the Technical Specifications" or other similar expression shall have the same meaning.
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Technical Specifications means-- (a)
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Examples of Technical Specifications in a sentence

The City may delete, supersede, or modify any of these standard instructions for a particular contract by indicating such change in the Invitation to Bid (ITB) Special Conditions, Technical Specifications, Instructions, Proposal Pages, Addenda, and Legal Advertisement.
Technical Specifications (hereinafter referred to as the "Goods").
All Bids received for the base case, as well as alternative Bids meeting the Technical Specifications and Performance Requirements pursuant to Section VII, shall be evaluated on their own merits.
All Technical Specifications included in the Project manual shall be included within the Contract Documents unless identified otherwise.
Ship will comply with the provisions of the Laws, Rules, Regulations and Recommendations mentioned in the Technical Specifications, published and in force at the signature of this Contract .