Loss or Damage Sample Clauses

Loss or Damage. The City shall not be liable for any death or injury arising from, or out of any occurrence in, upon, at, or relating to the Project or damage to property of the Proponent or of others located on the Project, nor shall it be responsible for any loss of or damage to any property of the Proponent or others from any cause, unless and to the extent that any such death, injury, loss or damage, results from the negligence or wrongful acts of the City, its agents, employees, contractors, or others for whom it may, in law, be responsible. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the City shall not be liable for any injury or damage to persons or property resulting from fire, explosion, falling plaster, falling ceiling tile, failing fixtures, steam, gas, electricity, water, rain, flood, snow or leaks from any part of the Project or from the pipes, sprinklers, appliances, plumbing works, roof, windows or subsurface of any floor or ceiling of the building or from the street or any other place or by dampness or by any other cause whatsoever. The City shall not be liable for any such damage caused by other Persons on the Project or by occupants of adjacent property thereto, or the public, or caused by construction or by any private, public or quasi-public work. All property of the Proponent kept or stored on the Project shall be so kept or stored at the risk of the Proponent only and the Proponent releases and agrees to indemnify the City and save it harmless from any claims arising out of any damage to the same including, without limitation, any subrogation claims by the Proponent’s insurers.
Loss or Damage. The District and its authorized representatives shall not in any way or manner be answerable or suffer loss, damage, expense, or liability for any loss or damage that may happen to the Work, or any part thereof, or in or about the same during its construction and before acceptance, and the Contractor shall assume all liabilities of every kind or nature arising from the Work, either by accident, negligence, theft, vandalism, or any cause whatever; and shall hold the District and its authorized representatives harmless from all liability of every kind and nature arising from accident, negligence, or any cause whatever.
Loss or Damage. Renter shall alert Owner to any damage to the Equipment. Renter shall be responsible for any loss or damage to Equipment and loss of use, diminution of the Equipment’s value caused by damage to it or repair to it and missing equipment.
Loss or Damage. Lessee hereby assumes and shall bear the entire risk of any loss, theft, damage to, or destruction of, any unit of Equipment from any cause whatsoever from the time the Equipment is shipped to Lessee.
Loss or Damage. Unless, caused by the negligence of Landlord, Landlord will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any property of Tenant or others kept or stored in or about the Premises. Tenant acknowledges that it is Tenant’s responsibility to insure its own possessions.
Loss or Damage. Section 1. Employees shall not be held responsible, or required to assume liability, for loss or damage or stolen merchandise, unless the Company demonstrates that the employee, without justification or mitigation, violated established rules, procedures or policies, the observance of which would have prevented the loss, damage or theft. In no event will an employee be held responsible for, or required to assume any liability for any loss, damage or stolen merchandise when performing assigned work in a manner as specifically instructed by a supervisor. This Article shall not be utilized in any manner to hold an employee liable for any loss or damage of equipment under any conditions or for any damage to cargo as a result of any vehicular accident.
Loss or Damage. Owner shall bear the entire risk of any loss, theft, destruction or damage (cumulatively "Loss or Damage") to all or any part of the Collateral. In the event of any Loss or Damage, Owner will either restore the Collateral to its previous condition, replace the Collateral with similar property acceptable to Lender in its sole discretion, or pay or cause to be paid to Lender the decrease in the fair market value of the affected Collateral.
Loss or Damage. You are responsible for any theft of, destruction of, or damage to the Product (collectively, “Loss”) from any cause at all, whether or not insured, from the time of Product acceptance by you until it is delivered to us at the end of the term of the Schedule. You are required to make all Payments even if there is a Loss. You must notify us in writing immediately of any Loss. Then, you shall be responsible to either (a) repair the Product so that it is in good condition and working order, eligible for any Manufacturer’s certification, (b) pay us the amounts specified in Section 12 below, or (c) replace the Product with equipment of like age and capacity.
Loss or Damage. Lessee agrees to assume and bear the entire risk of any partial or complete loss with respect to the Equipment from any and every cause whatsoever including theft, loss, damage, destruction or governmental taking, whether or not such loss is covered by insurance or caused by any default or neglect of Lessee. Lessee agrees to give Lessor prompt notice of any damage to or loss of any Equipment, and unless such loss constitutes an Event of Loss, Lessee shall promptly cause the affected part or parts of the Equipment to be replaced or restored as required by Section 6 hereof. If any item of Equipment is lost, totally destroyed, damaged beyond repair (as determined by Lessee in its reasonable judgment, subject to Lessor's approval) or taken by governmental action (an "Event of Loss"), Lessee shall promptly give Lessor written notice thereof, and Lessee shall pay to Lessor within thirty days (the "Loss Payment Date") of said Event of Loss an amount equal to the sum of (i) the Stipulated Loss Value of such item of Equipment computed as of the rent payment date with respect to such item of Equipment on or immediately preceding the date of such Event of Loss; and (ii) all rent and other amounts due and owing hereunder for such item of Equipment on or prior to the Loss Payment Date. Upon payment of such amount to Lessor, the lease of such item of Equipment hereunder shall terminate, and Lessor will transfer to Lessee, Lessor's right, title and interest in and to such item of Equipment, on an "as-is, where-is" basis, without recourse and without representation or warranty, express or implied, other than a warranty that the Equipment is free and clear of any liens created by Lessor. "Stipulated Loss Value" shall mean, with respect to any item of Equipment, the amount determined by multiplying the total amount paid by Lessor for such item of Equipment, which amount shall be set forth in the applicable Supplement (the "Lessor's Cost") by the percentage set forth in Schedule A to such Supplement opposite the applicable rent payment date. Except as expressly provided in the immediately preceding paragraph, the total or partial destruction of any Equipment or the total or partial loss of use or possession thereof to Lessee shall not release or relieve Lessee from the duty to pay the rent herein provided, however Lessor shall, upon receiving satisfactory evidence of restoration of the Equipment, promptly pay Lessee the proceeds of any insurance or compensation received by r...
Loss or Damage. Borrower bears the entire risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of Equipment in whole or in part from any reason whatsoever (“Casualty Loss”). No Casualty Loss to Equipment shall relieve Borrower from the obligation to pay the installment payments or from any other obligation under this Agreement. In the event of Casualty Loss to any item of Equipment, Borrower shall immediately notify Lender of the same and Borrower shall, if so directed by Lender, immediately repair the same. If Lender determines that any item of Equipment has suffered a Casualty Loss beyond repair (“Lost Equipment”), then Borrower, at the option of Lender, shall: (1) upon receipt of any insurance proceeds for the Lost Equipment replace the Lost Equipment with similar equipment in good repair, condition and working order free and clear of any Liens and deliver to Lender a xxxx of sale covering the replacement equipment, in which event such replacement equipment shall automatically be Equipment under this Agreement; or (2) upon receipt of any insurance proceeds for the Lost Equipment but no more than 180 days after the date of the Casualty Loss, pay to Lender all amounts then due and payable by Borrower under this Agreement for the Lost Equipment plus the remaining principal balance for such Lost Equipment as of the date of the Casualty Loss as determined by Lender’s records. Upon payment by Borrower of all amounts due under the above clause (2), the security interest of the Lender in the Lost Equipment will terminate.