Your Requirements Sample Clauses

Your Requirements. You acknowledge and agree that at all times, you shall: (a) hold and maintain (i) a valid driver's license with the appropriate level of certification to operate your Vehicle, and (ii) all licenses, permits, approvals and authority applicable to you that are necessary to provide passenger transportation services to third parties in the Territory; (b) possess the appropriate and current level of training, expertise and experience to provide Transportation Services in a professional manner with due skill, care and diligence; and (c) maintain high standards of professionalism, service and courtesy. You acknowledge and agree that you may be subject to certain background and driving record checks from time to time in order to qualify to provide, and remain eligible to provide, Transportation Services. You acknowledge and agree that Company reserves the right, at any time in Company’s sole discretion, to deactivate or otherwise restrict you from accessing or using the Driver App or the Uber Services if you fail to meet the requirements set forth in this Agreement.
Your Requirements. Whenever under this Agreement you are required or allowed to give Written Notice to us, such Written Notice must be in writing and sent by recorded or registered post or hand delivered (for which a written confirmation of receipt must be obtained) to our registered office as set out in overleaf.
Your Requirements. You acknowledge and agree that at all times, you shall: (a) hold and maintain (i) a valid driver's license with the appropriate level of certification to operate your Vehicle, and
Your Requirements. You are responsible for establishing or selecting all Your Requirements that we will use in performing the Services. We may provide you with assistance in developing Your Requirements that meet your needs, however, in all cases you must review and approve Your Requirements to be used in performing the Services.
Your Requirements. The same terms apply to electronically delivered bank statements as for those delivered in paper form. The agreements and disclosures that you have previously received from Forte Bank remain in effect. To access, print, or save your e-Statement, you must:
Your Requirements. You acknowledge and agree that at all times, you shall: (A) hold and maintain
Your Requirements. If under the Agreement you give notice to us, such notice must be in writing and sent by recorded or registered post or hand delivered (for which a written confirmation of receipt must be obtained) to the “Servicing Depot” set out in Section 1.
Your Requirements. In order to register for the Service, you must be legally capable of entering into a contract. You must agree to the terms of this Agreement. You must have a high-speed Internet connection and related equipment that meets the specifications provided to you by AOL ES. You must register in your own name and provide true, accurate and current registration information, including your billing information and information on the geographic location where you will locate your TotalTalk Service. You represent and warrant that your registration information is true and accurate and that you will keep this information current. While it is not necessary to be a member of the AOL® Online Service to use the Service, some features will function differently for AOL Online Service members and non-members. Non- AOL Online Service members may be required to download software provided by AOL ES in order for some features of the service to function. In addition, if your plan provides both AOL Online Service and TotalTalk service bundled together (i.e. you registered for both services at the same time), you MUST maintain your AOL Online Account in order for your TotalTalk account to remain active. If you cancel your AOL Online Service, your TotalTalk account will be immediately cancelled and you may lose your telephone number.

Related to Your Requirements

  • Customer Requirements Customer will be required to maintain complex passwords for their User accounts where applicable. For any such passwords LightEdge will provide a secure URL that any User can access to change passwords. All User passwords are set to a ninety (90) day password expiration schedule by default. LightEdge is not responsible for unexpected use of Services whether by ex- employees, compromised User passwords or any other misuse of Customer accounts. Customer shall be responsible for all costs incurred by such unexpected use of Service. Customer shall be fully responsible for providing to LightEdge at Customer’s own expense and in a timely manner the following: - All security for its Services and systems used or accessible in connection with Service; - Cooperative testing of all Customer-provided hardware, software, and Services for compatibility with Service; - Designating an Authorized Contact(s) to be the point of contact to interface with LightEdge Technical Support; - All cabling necessary to support Service; and - An Equipment room environmentally compliant with local laws and other environmental conditions as specified by LightEdge; reasonable access to the Equipment at times specified by LightEdge; adequate work space, heating/cooling, light, ventilation, and electrical outlets and for any Service which requires a telephone line, as detailed in the Service Guide, Customer shall also make available to LightEdge for diagnostic purposes a local exchange carrier dedicated inbound telephone (POTS) line, which shall not be used by Customer for any other purpose while Service is being provided. Customer shall also arrange provide timely access to any rights of way, which LightEdge deems necessary to provide, maintain or remove the facilities required for any of the Services on all applicable premises without charge or cost to LightEdge. Equipment shall not be removed, relocated, modified, interfered with, or attached to non-LightEdge Equipment by Customer without prior written authorization from LightEdge.

  • Requirements This Agreement and the Notes may be amended, and the observance of any term hereof or of the Notes may be waived (either retroactively or prospectively), with (and only with) the written consent of the Company and the Required Holders, except that (a) no amendment or waiver of any of the provisions of Section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 21 hereof, or any defined term (as it is used therein), will be effective as to you unless consented to by you in writing, and (b) no such amendment or waiver may, without the written consent of the holder of each Note at the time outstanding affected thereby, (i) subject to the provisions of Section 12 relating to acceleration or rescission, change the amount or time of any prepayment or payment of principal of, or reduce the rate or change the time of payment or method of computation of interest or of the Make-Whole Amount on, the Notes, (ii) change the percentage of the principal amount of the Notes the holders of which are required to consent to any such amendment or waiver, or (iii) amend any of Sections 8, 11(a), 11(b), 12, 17 or 20.

  • System Requirements Apple Software is supported only on Apple-branded hardware that meets specified system requirements as indicated by Apple.

  • Time Requirements The Independent Contractor will not be required to follow or establish a regular or daily work schedule, but shall devote during the term of this Agreement the time, energy and skill as necessary to perform the services of this engagement and shall, periodically or at any time upon the request of the Company, submit information as to the amount of time worked and scope of work performed.

  • City Requirements Design, construction, materials, sizing, other specifications, permitting, inspections, testing, documentation and furnishing of as-built drawings, and acceptance of completed infrastructure shall be in accordance with City Requirements. Design and construction shall be by professionals licensed in the state of North Carolina to do the relevant work. City approval of the design of the Improvements shall be required prior to construction, as set forth in City Requirements. If Developer is connecting to the County sewer system, the City may require Developer to furnish the contract providing for such connection.

  • Health Requirements This is an active trip that requires you to make a realistic assessment of your health. To enjoy the trips as intended, a minimum level of fitness is required. All Participants are expected to be in active good health, to be comfortable traveling as part of a group, and to be ready to experience cultural differences with grace. Air Journey will require prior notice if any participant has any physical or other condition or disability that would prevent them from participating in active elements of any trip and/or could create a hazard to him or herself or to other members of the group. Air Journey may require guests to produce a doctor’s certificate certifying that they are fit to participate. Any physical condition requiring special attention, diet, or treatment should be reported in writing when the reservation is made. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate Participants with special needs; however, we cannot accommodate wheelchairs. . Walking and climbing stairs are required in many hotels and airports, and are part of many excursions. If you require a slower pace, extra assistance, or the use of a cane or walking stick, arrangements will be made for private touring at each destination, if necessary, at the discretion of our Journey staff. Any extra cost for such arrangements will be the responsibility of the Participant. If you would like to forego some of the scheduled sightseeing to rejuvenate and relax, please feel free to do so at any time. Acting reasonably, if Air Journey is unable to properly accommodate the need of the person(s) concerned or believes that health and safety may be compromised, Air Journey reserves the right to refuse participation. Air Journey also reserves the right to remove from the trip, at the participant’s own expense, anyone whose physical condition or conduct negatively impacts the enjoyment of the other guests or disrupts the tour. Malaria and other diseases may be present in some of the countries featured in this itinerary; proof of yellow fever inoculation may be required. For the latest recommendations on specific health precautions for the areas you will visit, consult your physician and the Centers for Disease Control. The participant represents that neither he nor she nor anyone traveling with him or her has any physical or other condition or disability that could create a hazard to himself or herself or other members of the tour. Itinerary Changes The itinerary and Journey leaders are subject to modification and change by Air Journey. Every reasonable effort will be made to operate the Journey as planned; however, should unforeseen world events and conditions require our itinerary to be altered, Air Journey reserves the right to do so for the safety and best interest of the group without prior notification or consultation. The operation of these flights is subject to the foreign governments involved granting landing rights for the flight. If the air carrier cannot obtain these rights for any particular flight leg of the Journey, that flight leg will be canceled and alternative arrangements may be made, at the discretion of Air Journey. Every effort will be made to operate tours as planned but alterations may occur after the final itinerary has been issued.