Related Entities Sample Clauses

Related Entities. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Section 14, so long as Tenant delivers to Landlord (1) at least fifteen (15) business days prior written notice of its intention to Transfer the Premises to any Related Entity, which notice shall set forth the name of the Related Entity, (2) a copy of the proposed agreement pursuant to which such Transfer shall be effectuated, and (3) such other information concerning the Related Entity as Landlord may reasonably require, including without limitation, information regarding any change in the proposed use of any portion of the Premises and any financial information with respect to such Related Entity, and so long as (i) any change in the proposed use of the subject portion of the Premises is in conformance with the uses permitted to be made under this Lease and do not involve the use or storage of any Hazardous Materials except as otherwise expressly permitted under Section 29 of this Lease, and (ii) at the time of the proposed assignment or sublease, the net profits and financial condition of the Related Entity is reasonably adequate and sufficient in relation to the then remaining obligations of Tenant under this Lease, then Tenant may effect a Transfer (X) to any Related Entity, or (Y) in connection with any merger, consolidation or sale of substantially all of the assets of Tenant, a sale of all or substantially all of the stock of Tenant, or a public offering of all of Tenant's stock without having to obtain the prior written consent of Landlord thereto. For purposes of this Lease the term "Related Entity" shall mean and refer to any corporation or entity which controls, is controlled by or is under common control with Tenant, as all of such terms are customarily used in the industry.
Related Entities. “Related Entities” means 1) any entity that Controls the Bound Entity (“Upstream Entity”), and 2) any other entity that is Controlled by an Upstream Entity that is not itself a Bound Entity.
Related Entities. Cause each Related Entity to comply with the covenants stated in this Section 5, to the extent relevant to such Entity, as if stated with reference to such Entity.
Related Entities. 4.5.1. Schedule 4.5(a) sets forth a complete and accurate list of all of the Related Entities, all of which are, directly, wholly-owned by any or all of the Sellers. Schedule 4.5(a) also sets forth the jurisdiction of incorporation of each of the Related Entities, each jurisdiction in which each such Related Entity is qualified to do business, the number of shares of such Related Entities outstanding, and the ownership thereof.
Related Entities. To the best of the Company's knowledge, neither the Company nor any Subsidiary is or could become subject to any obligation or liability with respect to a Related Entity Benefit Plan (as defined below), whether under Title IV of ERISA, section 4980B of the Code, the provisions of any applicable law of any relevant jurisdiction, or the terms of any Related Entity Benefit Plan. "Related Entity Benefit Plan" means any employee pension benefit plan, employee welfare benefit 10 16 plan, fringe benefit plan, or executive compensation, retirement, supplemental retirement, deferred compensation, incentive, bonus, severance, compensation associated with change in control, perquisite, health care, death benefit, medical, disability, life insurance, vacation pay, sick pay or other plan, program, or arrangement, whether or not government-mandated, to which a Related Entity (as defined in the next sentence) is or has been a party, with respect to which a Related Entity has an obligation, or that has been or is maintained, contributed to, or sponsored by a Related Entity for the benefit of any current or former employee, officer, or director, that relates to a Related Entity and is in effect or in connection with which any obligation remains on the date of this Agreement or that by its present terms will become effective after the date of this Agreement. For the purposes of Section 2.2(r) and (s), "Related Entity" means (i) a current or former member of a controlled group including the Company or any Subsidiary (within the meaning of section 414(b) or (c) of the Code), (ii) a current or former member of an affiliated service group including the Company or any Subsidiary (within the meaning of section 414(m) or (o) of the Code), or (iii) any other entity that is or was related, directly or indirectly, by common ownership or control, with the Company or any Subsidiary, provided, however, that the term "Related Entity" does not include the Company or the Subsidiaries. (s)