Written agreement definition

Written agreement means a written agreement made pursuant to section 8. A written agreement may address new jobs, qualified new jobs, full-time jobs, retained jobs, or any combination of new jobs, qualified new jobs, full-time jobs, or retained jobs.
Written agreement means a written agreement made pursuant to section 8.
Written agreement means a written agreement made between the eligible business and the fund pursuant to this chapter.

Examples of Written agreement in a sentence

  • Business Associate performs the services described in Written Agreement (“Services”).

  • OR By Written Agreement By written agreement between you, any joint tenant, and us.

  • Every agreement entered into under "Written Agreement" shall state that monies paid to the estate of an employee under this section are a "right or thing" within the meaning of the Income Tax Act and shall be taxable as income in the year of the employee's death in accordance with the Income Tax Act.

  • Formal Written Agreement RequiredAll requests for dual employment must be made and approved in advance of any overtime being worked.

  • Covered Entity may terminate this Agreement and the Written Agreement, if any, upon written notice to Business Associate if Covered Entity determines that the Business Associate or its subcontractors breached a material term of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Written agreement

Written agreement means any written agreement between the Company and Participant or any written policy approved by the Administrator that applies to Participant.
Written agreement has the same meaning as the term “written agreement” in the applicable eligible crop insurance contract.
Written agreement means an agreement between the collaborating physician and the nurse−midwife which is perma- nently recorded, dated and signed by both parties, is available for inspection upon reasonable request, and consists of at least the fol- lowing: framework of mutually approved guidelines including conditions of collaboration and referral.
Written agreement means an agreement such as a promissory note, contract or lease that is evidence of or relates to the indebtedness. A letter that merely confirms an oral agreement does not constitute a written agreement for purposes of this subsection unless signed by the person against whom enforcement is sought.
Written agreement means an agreement in writing, entered into by a Party with an investor of the other Party or their investment and negotiated and executed by both parties, whether in a single instrument or multiple instruments.
Written agreement means the Written Agreement by the Company with the Federal Reserve and the BFI as of June 9, 2010.
Written agreement means a written agreement entered into between the office