Other Entity definition

Other Entity is defined in Section 14.1.
Other Entity means any person or unincorporated body not previously named or defined including, inter alia, fiduciaries located within the City.

Examples of Other Entity in a sentence

  • Name of Trust, Corporation or Other Entity U.S. Tax I.D. NumberDate of Trust/IncorporationName of Trust Beneficiary (Optional) Trustee's Name (first, middle initial, last)Social Security NumberDate of Birth (month/date/year) Trustee's Name (first, middle initial, last)If additional trustees are to be listed, please submit a separate sheet with the names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of all trustees.

  • The Indemnified Party is or has been duly elected or appointed as a director and/or officer of the Corporation or, at the request of the Corporation, a duly elected or appointed director and/or officer of an Other Entity (as defined below).

  • This Agreement shall be deemed to have effect as and from the first date that the Indemnified Party became a director or officer, or held a position equivalent to that of a director or officer, of the Corporation or Other Entity and shall apply to all actions and proceedings, whether such action or proceeding is in respect of facts arising before or subsequent to the effective date of this Agreement.

More Definitions of Other Entity

Other Entity means any association or legal entity, other than a domestic or foreign corporation, organized to conduct business, including, without limitation, limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, joint ventures, joint stock companies, and business trusts.
Other Entity means a partnership, limited liability company,
Other Entity means a group that has been approved by AGLC to receive proceeds from the licensed charity to be disbursed on charitable or religious objects or programs.
Other Entity means an entity or entities other than the entity for whose promotion or the promotion of whose products or services the Advertising Spot or the Sponsorship Spot is intended;
Other Entity means any association or entity other than a domestic corporation, a domestic or foreign nonprofit corporation, a domestic or foreign mutual corporation or mis- cellaneous corporation, or a governmental or quasi-govern- mental organization. The term includes, but is not limited to, foreign corporations, limited partnerships, general partner- ships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability compa- nies, joint ventures, joint stock companies, business trusts, and profit unincorporated associations.
Other Entity means any Person (other than the Corporation and any Person that is controlled by the Corporation) for which an Overlap Person serves as a director, officer, partner, member, manager, representative, agent, adviser, fiduciary or employee, including, but not limited to, any Person, investment fund, managed account or special purpose entity which is directly or indirectly controlled or managed by, or is under common control with, or controls, Harbinger Holdings, LLC and/or each of its affiliates and/or subsidiaries, or any successor thereto, or is otherwise controlled or managed, directly or indirectly, by Philip A. Falcone.
Other Entity means a Subsidiary and any other entity in respect of which the Indemnified Party was specifically requested by the Corporation to serve as a duly appointed director and/or officer or similar position(s) of such Other Entity.