The Scope of Work Sample Clauses

The Scope of Work. 2.01 The scope of work shall consist of, but not be limited to, the following: The application and/or removal of protective and/or decorative coatings which might be referred to as paints, which in the general sense are: paints, stains, varnishes, emul- sions, bituminous coatings and other organic or inorganic coatings which are applied in the same manner as paints or plastics or mastics, hypalon coatings, fiberglassing and caulkings, caulkings in conjunction with coating system, clear sealer applications, the application of sprayed insulation, application of all seamless floor coatings, the appli- cation of surface film, the application of intumescent / fireproof coating, the application of nanotechnology paint and coating, the application of security and telecommunica- tion dampener coating (radio frequency blocking coating), sandblasting for decorative purposes and all other types of sandblasting, high pressure water blasting, all markings, stencilling on equipment, machinery, etc., line painting on roads, parking lots, gar- ages, etc., pavement marking, with paint, adhesive stickers or spray bombs, the use of reflective tapes in this field of work and the application of all other material used in the various branches of the Trade, all waterproofing seals, cementitious water proofing, air water barrier seals, fluid vapour barrier, all polyurethane spray on foam systems and designated substances removal or abatement. The hanging of all wallcovering applied with paste or other adhesives such as papers, cottons, muslins, burlap, grass cloth, vinyl wallcoverings, epoxy combination cover- ings, resin cambric backed, etc., and all other wallcovering including the application of rubber sheeting for tank lining and the application of gold or silver and all other metal leaf, and the wall and ceiling application of carpeting. All preparatory work necessary to carry out work outlined above, such as patching in surfaces with any and all types of patching compounds applied by any method, puttying, sanding, rubbing, cleaning surfaces with steam or other processes to include hydrojet cleaning (high-pressure water), sandblasting, including powder, soda, dry ice and any other medium used for cleaning, “blast-tracking”, pickling, bleaching, buff- ing, sealing, machinery and manual scraping, flame cleaning, the application of clean- ing fluids, rust inhibitors, taping, covering surfaces for their protection from paint, etc., including the use of miscellaneous hand and pow...
The Scope of Work. The Consultant agrees to complete all work as detailed in this contract. The Consultant shall be responsible for furnishing all supervision, labor, equipment, tools supplies, permanent materials and temporary materials required to perform all work pursuant to this contract and; The Municipality shall have the right to alter the nature and extent of the work as provided in this Contract; payment shall be made as provided in this Contract.
The Scope of Work. The Scope of Work shall be as more particularly described in the Letter of Intent or the Work Order or the Subcontract or the Special Conditions of Work Order and shall include all ancillary, connected and incidental works whether explicitly stated or otherwise and shall mean during the Contract Period and Defect Liability Period:
The Scope of Work. The Parties shall mutually develop and agree upon Milestones, including decision points as part of the Project Plan, attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement as Appendix B, which sets forth the scope of work for the vaccine formulation development activities to be conducted under this Agreement, it being understood that Appendix B shall initially include the scope of work for Phase I of the Project Plan, Phase II to be agreed upon by the Parties upon successful completion of Phase I and included as part of Appendix B at such time. The Project Plan may be modified from time to time by the mutual agreement of the Parties as select formulations for Rotavirus Vaccine are identified. The Project Plan will be comprised of two Phases, Phase I will include the identification and development of both a liquid formulation and one or more powder formulations. Phase II will be the optimization of the formulation as selected by PVS upon the completion of Phase I. It is anticipated by the Parties that the formulation to be initially selected by PVS for optimization may be a liquid formulation, and once selected this formulation will be referred to as the “Primary Formulation” in this Agreement. It being under stood that prior to the start of Phase II, PVS will determine the formulation to be taken forward for optimization by Aridis and such formulation shall be designated as the Primary Formulation, and PVS may select a second formulation to be used as an optional formulation for Rotavirus Vaccine in Developing Countries (“Optional Formulation”).
The Scope of Work. The Contractor shall perform the work as outlined in Exhibit A, attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.
The Scope of Work. 4.1 The Supplier hereby assumes and undertakes to perform and complete the work as set out in Appendix A hereto (the "Scope of Work") regarding the Project as set out in Appendix A, all in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
The Scope of Work. During the Term (as defined below ) of this Agreement, Company hereby engages Sphaera Pharma and Sphaera Pharma hereby agrees to perform on behalf of Company various analysis, research and testing services (the “Services”) as are described on that certain attachment entitled “Scope of Work” (the “SOW” or “Project”), which is attached hereto, made a part hereof and marked as Attachment “A “ Sphaera Pharma shall during the Term promote the interests of Company and perform the Services timely, faithfully, honestly, diligently, efficiently and professionally. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing. Sphaera Pharma hereby agrees (hat the Services shall be performed solely and exclusively by it.
The Scope of Work. The Medical College agrees to use all reasonable efforts to perform the clinical study in accordance with the Protocol (the “Study”). In addition, the Medical College agrees to use all reasonable efforts to perform the studies to be conducted in the Laboratory of Molecular Neurosurgery as described in Attachment C, titled “Scope of Work for Addendum to Xxxxx-Xxxxxxx Neurologix Sponsored Research Agreement” Furthermore, the Medical College agrees to use all reasonable efforts to perform the studies to be conducted in the Laboratory of Molecular Neurosurgery as described in Attachment E, titled “Scope of Work for Addendum No. 2 to Xxxxx-Xxxxxxx Neurologix Sponsored Research Agreement” (hereafter, “Sponsored Research Program”).
The Scope of Work. The Medical Colleges agree to use all reasonable efforts to perform their respective duties in the research program as set forth in Attachment A (the “Research”).
The Scope of Work. Kittelson shall provide services as follows: