Not to Exceed Sample Clauses

Not to Exceed. The amounts to be paid under this Contract shall not exceed $250,000.
Not to Exceed. District’s total payment to Contractor under this Contract shall not exceed $181,500. District estimates that it will pay Contractor $35,000 each year in the first and second years of the Contract, $36,000 in the third year, $37,000 in the fourth year and $ 38,500 in the fifth year.
Not to Exceed. The total projected deliverable costs for the full five-year term of this Contract is $ .00. ITS Reserves its rights to purchase Enhancements from the Contractor up to an additional ten percent. The total projected Not-to Exceed price of this Contract, inclusive of such Enhancements, is $ .00, subject to any amendments made pursuant to the terms of this Contract.
Not to Exceed. No. R-1 $13,000,000
Not to Exceed. January 1, 1996 to December 31,1996 $1,500,000 January 1, 1997 to December 31, 1997 and in each year thereafter 750,000 Lender shall not unreasonably withhold its consent in the event the Borrowers request Lender's consent to permit increases in the capital expenditures limits if necessary to accommodate acquisitions and corresponding asset upgrades.
Not to Exceed. Total payments by the Authority under this Agreement shall not exceed the sum of $XXXXX for the five-year Term stated in Article 1. All costs of the Shuttle Bus Services of whatever kind or nature, except as expressly set forth otherwise herein, shall be borne by the Operator without additional compensation or reimbursement from the Authority.
Not to Exceed. District’s total payment to Contractor under this Contract shall not exceed
Not to Exceed. Any “not to exceed” cost referenced in this Agreement shall be defined as the maximum expenditure authorized by MTA for the Services specified herein and shall not constitute a commitment by MTA to purchase any specific volume of Services thereof. A “not to exceed” cost is used when the exact cost of the Services cannot be determined beforehand. Consultant shall have the responsibility to render the Services in the most cost effective manner.
Not to Exceed. The Not to Exceed amount for this agreement, shall be TWO HUNDRED TWENTY ONE THOUSAND and No/100 Dollars ($221,000.00) for all specified tasks, which includes a ten percent (10%) contingency (approximately $20,115). The contingency will be used to pay for any additional work resulting from unforeseen conditions during construction, including delays affecting the construction duration, which is not anticipated in the construction contract documents. The Not to Exceed amount cannot be increased without authorization from the County Board of Supervisors. It is expressly understood that the amounts so indicated above in, “Payment Segregation,” are considered to be the maximum payment (Not To Exceed) to be paid to the Contractor for the various Construction Mitigation Services identified. Any cost for task services deemed necessary by the County for completion should be authorized in writing prior to proceeding with the specific Task work. Payments for services performed are due and payable upon completion and approval by the County.
Not to Exceed. Tigard’s total reimbursable program costs may not exceed $100,851.