Not to Exceed Sample Clauses

Not to Exceed. The maximum amount payable to Contractor to complete each task is equal to the not-to-exceed amounts identified in Attachment B. Contractor may submit a written request to the City’s Project Manager to reallocate not-to-exceed amounts between Tasks. The request to reallocate must be accompanied by a revised fee schedule with associated revised not-to-exceed amounts and must be approved in writing by the City’s Project Manager prior to performance of the work. Contractor shall not be compensated in excess of the Total not-to-exceed Contract amount: Total Professional Services: (Task 1 through 5) $58,630 Total OPTIONAL Services: (N/A) Total NTE Amount (Including OPTIONAL Services) $58,630
Not to Exceed. The total projected deliverable costs for the full five-year term of this Contract is $ .00. ITS Reserves its rights to purchase Enhancements from the Contractor up to an additional ten percent. The total projected Not-to Exceed price of this Contract, inclusive of such Enhancements, is $ .00, subject to any amendments made pursuant to the terms of this Contract.
Not to Exceed. The customer requests a specific repair cost for parts and labor. If the total for the repair is estimated to exceed this amount, AMS Controls will contact the customer for permission or further instructions. Controller repairs are charged at a minimum of 2 hours plus parts and shipping. Any repair item may be deemed non-repairable. The minimum charge of 2 hours will apply even if an item is deemed non- repairable. Repair Policy Terms and Conditions The full list Repair Policies and Service Levels may be found at xxxxx://
Not to Exceed. The Parties agree that CONSULTANT shall bill for the Services provided by CONSULTANT to City on an hourly basis, except where otherwise set forth herein, provided compensation under this Proposal shall not exceed $126,240. CONSULTANT warrants that all services will be performed in a competent, professional and satisfactory manner in accordance with the standards prevalent in the industry for such services. CONSULTANT shall not be compensated for any services rendered in connection with its performance of this Agreement that are in addition to those set forth herein, unless such additional services are authorized in advance and in writing by the City Manager. The Proposal and this Agreement do not guarantee any specific amount of work.
Not to Exceed. (“NTE”) Amounts Where a NTE amount is specified in a SOW, the Fees payable under such SOW shall not exceed such agreed NTE amount unless CPR has provided prior written approval using the Change Request process set out in Article 17 – CHANGE REQUEST PROCESS.
Not to Exceed. Not to Exceed prices are subject to Engines being operated under normal conditions and removed for reason of time expiry for scheduled event(e.g. Overhaul), or for repair if for inherent engine-attributable cause. Removals for repair caused by, or any costs during repair or overhaul which are a result of, non-engine attributable events are not included in Not-To-Exceed Pricing. Such events include but are not limited to abnormal erosion or corrosion, foreign object damage (FOD), missing parts, abuse, poor maintenance or operating practices, long-term storage without OEM-approved procedures, or logbook inaccuracies. Costs arising from such excluded events, if any, will be provided to the County in writing and may be over and above the Not-To-Exceed Pricing given. Contractor shall not perform work deemed necessary from an “excluded event” without first obtaining the County’s written permission. Shipping/freight charges are authorized against this Contract. Orange County Sales Tax of 8.0% (or most current rate) are authorized against this Contract. Contract total value shall not exceed $950,000.00 per Contract year term.
Not to Exceed. CONTRACTOR’s invoices shall be on a form approved or provided by 37 ADMINISTRATOR and shall provide such information as is required by ADMINISTRATOR. Invoices 1 are due by the twentieth (20th) calendar day of each month, and payments to CONTRACTOR should be 2 released by COUNTY no later than thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of the correctly completed 3 invoice form.
Not to Exceed. The total amount invoiced by Provider under any SOW shall not exceed the total amount set forth in any SOW, without prior written authorization by VECTORY .
Not to Exceed. District’s total payment to Contractor under this Contract shall not exceed $181,500. District estimates that it will pay Contractor $35,000 each year in the first and second years of the Contract, $36,000 in the third year, $37,000 in the fourth year and $38,500 in the fifth year.