Off Duty Sample Clauses

Off Duty day - Except where the provisions of 10.3.1 apply, if a public holiday, other than Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day, falls on a rostered employee's off duty day (such off duty day not being a Saturday or a Sunday) the employee shall be granted an additional day's leave at a later date convenient to the Employer.
Off Duty a. An employee subpoenaed for a DMV Telephonic Hearing scheduled at a time when the employee is off duty may utilize a Department or a private telephone to call the DMV at the appointed time.
Off Duty a. The District shall place in the office a book in which employees can register in ink or indelible pencil for the day or days they wish to be off duty, and the right to be off duty shall be governed by the list as the names appear thereon, the name at the top of list to be the first employee off duty for such day or days, excepting holidays. Said names shall be placed in the book at least one day previous to the date the employees wish to be off duty, with the understanding that the privilege is not to be abused by anyone. No Operator will be permitted to register his/her name in said book more than one (1) month in advance except on holidays, in which case it will be permissible to register two (2) months in advance.
Off Duty. 50.1 Except as otherwise provided in this agreement, locomotive engineers assigned to Yard Service will be considered off duty from time released until again required for their regular shift.
Off Duty. Employees who are off duty and are required to make a court appearance shall be entitled to a minimum of four (4) hours of overtime pay for court appearances plus thirty (30) minutes of travel time for appearances outside of Roseville. Employees who begin a regular or other work shift within four (4) hours of their required court appearance time will be compensated hour-for-hour for time spent in court prior to the beginning of their work shift. If, during the four (4) hours an employee is required to report to a regular or other work shift, the court pay will terminate. In no way will court time pay overlap with a regular or other work shift. If the court schedules an employee for a second appearance on a subpoena, the employee will receive hour-for-hour pay on the second appearance as long as the court time does not fall within the employees regular work schedule. For multiple same day subpoenas, an employee shall receive four (4) hours of compensation for an a.m. appearance and an additional four (4) hours of compensation for a p.m. appearance so long as court is not cancelled and the court time does not overlap with the employee’s regular work schedule. Finally, where there is a separation between the conclusion of the court appearance and the beginning of an employee’s regular shift, the employee shall be eligible for four (4) hours of compensation.
Off Duty. Employees subpoenaed for a DMV Telephonic Hearing scheduled at a time when the employee is off duty may utilize a Department telephone to call the DMV at the appointed time. Alternatively, the employee may call from a private phone. Employees participating in DMV Telephonic Hearings shall be entitled to a minimum of two and one-half hours of overtime compensation and hour-for-hour overtime compensation thereafter for actual participation in the hearing. The same noontime recess, as described in paragraph A.2. shall apply. There shall be no on-call compensation for DMV Telephonic Hearings. Employees may not receive overtime compensation for DMV Telephonic Hearings in conjunction with any other type of court overtime compensation, unless the time spent in the DMV Telephonic Hearing extends beyond the other compensated time. Employees participating in DMV Telephonic Hearings while on call or while actually in court shall only be entitled to the overtime compensation afforded by these activities. The exception to this rule is when the DMV Hearing extended past the time when the overtime compensation for the other court activity ceases. In such cases the employee shall be entitled to hour-for-hour overtime compensation for the actual time spent past the close of the other court activity. Employees who utilize a Department telephone to participate in a DMV Telephonic Hearing while off duty shall not be eligible for overtime compensation for travel spent reaching that telephone. Overtime shall be compensated in accordance with provisions of Article 6.4 of this MOU.
Off Duty. The parties understand and agree that state vehicles are operated both on assigned duty and at other times and further that all Officers shall be subject to all motor vehicle laws of the State of Connecticut and each Officer will strive to act as an example for citizens of Connecticut and shall not ingest any intoxicants which will impair operation of the said vehicle.
Off Duty. Whenever a driver is not in an “on-duty (driving)” status.
Off Duty. It must be understood that this policy has no bearing whatsoever on what an employee does on their own time, unless it adversely reflects on their job performance as per the code of conduct SOG. Poor performance is subject to all the steps of corrective action. Individuals involved in charges of D.W.I., public intoxication, and drug related violations may be placed on Administrative Leave pending the judicial outcome and subject to subsequent corrective action. That individual may choose treatment under this policy. Individuals with multiple convictions of public intoxication and/or D.W.I. establish cause for testing for two (2) years. This individual may choose treatment under the policy.
Off Duty. Each day off duty the employee shall not be required to be available or to report for duty except in cases of life threatening emergencies.