Bona fide definition

Bona fide means a licensed fishing boat marked with its licensed fishing boat number, with a fishing crew who hold commercial fishing licences;
Bona fide means authentic and genuine in nature and made in a sincere and honest fashion without any intention to deceive.
Bona fide means genuine.

Examples of Bona fide in a sentence

  • Bona fide occupational qualifications based on the above traits do not violate this Section.

  • Bona fide employees as established and enforced by the Group shall be eligible for enrollment.

  • Bona fide meal periods do not include coffee breaks or time for snacks.

  • Bona fide hedging transactions, identified as such to the Legal and Compliance Department prior to execution, on the following broad-based indices: S&P 500, NASDAQ, 7-10 Year Treasury Bond Index, 20+ Year Treasury Bond Index, Russell 2000 and Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  • Bona fide lease agreements must be for the length of time needed by the SBE on the Contract and signed by both the SBE and the firm(s), either certified SBE or non-SBE, from which the trucks will be leased.

More Definitions of Bona fide

Bona fide means authentic and true, presented in good faith without deception or fraud;
Bona fide means made in good faith or without purpose of circumventing license law.
Bona fide means some representation or act that is made, undertaken, or done in good faith without deception or fraud or without any intention or effort to deceive, evade, or defraud.
Bona fide means a trade, business, professional or fraternal organization that: is widely recognized by the industry; primarily benefits the organization’s membership or mission; conducts its activities in a manner that serves public or charitable purposes, rather than commercial purposes; receives funding and revenue and charges fees in a manner that does not incent it or its employees to act other than in the best interest of is membership; compensates its employees in a manner that does not incent its employers to act other than in the best interest of its membership; and has existed and operated as a bona-fide organization for two years or more. The Division has the discretion to determine whether the trade organization meets the definition of bona fide and whether its level of oversight is adequate. Those seeking an exemption from the provisions of Article 64, Title 23, C.R.S, for education pursuant to § 23-64-104(1)(h), C.R.S., must apply for the exemption in a manner approved by the Board.
Bona fide means made in good faith without fraud or deceit.
Bona fide means genuine. "Buyer" means one or more individuals or the entity that intends to purchase the