Sick Leave Credits Sample Clauses

Sick Leave Credits. Regular employees who have completed their probationary period will accrue sick leave credits at the rate of one day per month to a maximum of 156 days. Upon completion of their probationary period, an employee will be credited with sick leave back to the employee's starting date. Upon request, an employee will be advised in writing of the balance of their sick leave credits.
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Sick Leave Credits. Illness arising due to pregnancy during employment and prior to leave of absence may be charged to normal sick leave credits.
Sick Leave Credits. If an employee is not scheduled to work on a statutory holiday and falls sick, his/her pay for that day will not be charged against his/her sick leave credits and he/she will receive payment at 100 percent (100%) of his/her normal daily base earnings. If an employee is scheduled to work on a statutory holiday and falls sick, that day is treated as a normal sick day and the employee would receive a lieu day at a later date.
Sick Leave Credits. (a) Sick leave credits presently accrued to existing permanent Employees shall be frozen as of the end of the month prior to the implementation of the I.P.P. and no further credits will be granted. The term "frozen" shall mean the number of days standing to the Employee's credit as of the date of the commencement of the Plan. The value will be that in effect on the date utilized.
Sick Leave Credits. (1) A regular employee other than an employee on retiring leave pursuant to Article 25.04(1) shall earn sick leave credits at the rate of one and one-quarter (1 1/4) days for each calendar month for which he/she received at least ten (10) days pay.
Sick Leave Credits. Prior to the commencement of maternity leave, illness arising due to pregnancy may be covered by normal sick leave. Sick leave may be used by any pregnant employee, authorized by the receipt of a qualified medical practitioner's statement to the Employer, where there is a confirmed case of German measles or any other disease or condition in the place of employment which could be harmful to pregnancy as determined by the qualified medical practitioner's statement or report. They may use this leave until all danger from such disease or condition no longer exists.
Sick Leave Credits. Effective July 1, 2002, the accumulated sick leave credits of employees covered by a Column C agreement shall be continued. The application and subsequent accumulation of sick leave credits shall be in accordance with the Column A agreement.
Sick Leave Credits. 1. Each member of the bargaining unit shall receive a gross credit of one and one-half (1 ½) days sick leave for each unbroken month of service with the York Regional Police, such credit to be cumulative during the service of the member. For the purpose of this section, service shall not be broken by a member’s absence from duty caused by authorized compassionate leave or illness not in excess of three days in any one month or days off on vacation or leave of absence while on military service. Service shall also not be broken when a member is on leave as a result of an injury or illness approved as compensable pursuant to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act for a maximum period of eighteen (18) months.
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