Sick Leave for Sample Clauses

Sick Leave for. Adult School hourly unit members shall be earned at the rate of one hour for every 18 hours of paid service.
Sick Leave for. A temporary employee shall not receive sick leave if the temporary employee refuses recall from layoff due to illness, but the temporary employee shall earn service for seniority purposes only for the time that did not report for work because of illness. Xxxx leave may only be awarded to a temporary employee who commences work and subsequently qualifies for sick leave under this Article. The temporary employee who refused recall due to illness shall report to work in accordance with Article after illness providing work is still available and providing the temporary employee gives the Employer reasonable notice. Temporary employees shall be eligible for sick leave benefits for shifts would have been recalled to during periods of hospitalization upon proof of admission and discharge.
Sick Leave for. Quarterly Faculty” Teaching on a Semester Basis. For those CHSPH “Quarterly Faculty” with a semester appointment, the sick leave entitlement described in Section 11.1.2 of the Agreement will be up to three (3) weeks per semester. All other terms and conditions applicable to sick leave in the Agreement will apply to such faculty members.
Sick Leave for. Job-Connected Injuries Employees shall discuss the timing of pre-planned absences with their supervisor. Whenever possible, employees shall schedule partial day absences to minimize disruption in the workplace. This includes, but is not limited to scheduling appointments after hours, during lunch, or as close to the beginning or end of the workday as possible.

Related to Sick Leave for

  • Sick Leave Pay A Nurse granted sick leave shall be paid for the period of such leave at her or his regular hourly rate of pay and the number of hours thus paid shall be deducted from the accumulated sick leave credits of the Nurse.

  • Sick Leave Days Subject to paragraphs d) i-vi below, permanent full-time Teachers will be allocated eleven (11) sick days at one hundred percent (100%) salary in each school year. Teachers who are less than full-time shall have their sick leave allocation pro-rated.

  • Sick Leave The employee is eligible for long term disability benefits if provided for in the Collective Agreement. An employee will not receive pay for the first two (2) weeks of any period of absence due to a legitimate illness. The employee may utilize the paid holiday bank as income replacement for absences due to illness, as described in Article (c) above. An employee who is eligible may apply for Employment Insurance for weeks three (3) through seventeen (17) for any absence due to a legitimate illness. The Home will provide the employee with Disability Income Protection as per Article 14.01 (c) for weeks eighteen (18) through thirty (30) for any absence due to a legitimate illness. Employees may be required to provide medical proof of illness for any absence of a scheduled shift, which is neither vacation nor an approved leave of absence.

  • Sick Leave Payout No cash payment for unused sick leave will be paid to any employee leaving the service of the Employer.

  • Sick Leave Payoff Employee with accrued, unused sick leave may, at the time of separation, select one of the following options for reimbursement:

  • Sick Leave Abuse When the Employer suspects sick leave abuse and notifies the employee, they will be given reasons for that suspicion and may be required to provide a written medical certificate for any sick leave absence. The Employer will not require continuous medical verification for longer than seven (7) months as a result of the Employer suspecting abuse. The Employer will not adopt or enforce any policy that counts the use of sick leave for an authorized purpose as an absence that may lead to or result in discipline. An authorized purpose is sick leave used in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and Agency Policy. The Employer will not discriminate or retaliate against an employee for the use of paid sick leave.

  • Sick Leave Pool The purpose of the emergency sick leave pool is to furnish additional sick days for certified staff under the negotiated agreement. This leave can only be used during the school year after the teacher has exhausted all regular accumulated sick leave and discretionary leave. Leave will be granted for catastrophic illness or injury of the employee only, on a first-come, first-ask basis. The emergency sick leave pool will be funded by the days certified staff has over the 80-day maximum sick leave this is given to each employee on July 1 of each year. All days over the 80-day accumulated sick leave the employees receive will be put into an emergency sick leave pool with an accumulation not to exceed 80 days for the pool. The maximum number of emergency sick leave pool days that may be accumulated during the school year is 20 days. A written application along with a physician’s statement documenting the nature of the catastrophic illness or injury must be sent to the building principal. The Emergency Sick Leave Pool Committee will meet within 10 calendar days after receiving the application to consider the request. The application may be sent to the building principal before the employee’s regular sick leave ends. The Emergency Sick Leave Pool Committee will consist of six members. One member from each of the four schools (“Primary, Intermediate, Middle, and High School”) the Superintendent and the building principal from the building of the applicant. All members will meet to determine ach request; however, the committee member representing the same building as the applicant will not vote. The building principal and superintendent will vote in all cases. The committee members will serve for a period of two years. The Primary and Middle School members will be elected on even calendar years and the Intermediate and the High School members will be elected on odd calendar years. If a member of the committee leaves the employment of the USD 210 before the end of his/her term, the committee will appoint a new committee member form the affected building. The committee members will be in place by September 1 of each year. The emergency sick leave bank may not be used to cover employees who are receiving pay, salary protection payments, and disability insurance payments or are eligible to receive compensation from workers’ compensation or KPERS disability.

  • Sick Leave Allowance Faculty with a full-time assignment shall accrue sick leave at the rate of eight

  • Sick Leave Donation In accord with state law and Medical Center policy, RN’s may donate sick leave to any employee entitled to receive such donations.

  • Sick Leave Use Sick leave will be charged in one-tenth (1/10th) of an hour increments and may be used for the following reasons: