Medical examination definition

Medical examination means the preliminary assessment of a person by an authorized health worker or by a person under the direct supervision of the competent authority, to determine the person’s health status and potential public health risk to others, and may include the scrutiny of health documents, and a physical examination when justified by the circumstances of the individual case;
Medical examination means any examination, procedure, inquiry or test designed to obtain information about medical history or a physical or mental condition which might disqualify an applicant if it would prevent the applicant from performing, with or without a reasonable accommodation, all of the essential functions of the position.

Examples of Medical examination in a sentence

  • Medical examination to certify ability to undertake tasks required for this position.Position description approved CEO’S SIGNATURE DATE This position description describes the duties and responsibilities of my position.

  • Additional protection challenges Issue 4: Medical examination to assess eventual needs of treatment and support due to ill-treatment, torture or trauma suffered During the medical examinations that form a part of the asylum procedure, asylum-seekers are interviewed without regard to their eventual specific needs resulting from ill-treatment, torture or trauma.

More Definitions of Medical examination

Medical examination means a physical examination necessary to document
Medical examination means any examination, procedure,
Medical examination means a physical or psychological examination, as appropriate, or an examination of the entire disability application and medical reports.
Medical examination or (“IISA Medicals”) - means a medical check following IISA Medical Assessment Form.
Medical examination means in relation to Part 3A of the Act: The physical examination or testing of a person for the purpose of determining whether the person has or is likely to have an infectious disease, and includes
Medical examination means a physical inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultation or other means of investigation, especially for determining medical fitness or diagnosing disease.
Medical examination means an activity aimed at the assessment of the health condition of the insured person, the preservation of their health, the detection of illnesses, injuries, health deterioration, consequences of accidents, and their risks, the determination of concrete illness(es), the establishment of their prognoses or changes therein, the establishment of the effectiveness of the medical treatment.