Employee Assistance Program Sample Clauses

Employee Assistance Program. A. The State recognizes that alcohol, nicotine, drug abuse, and stress may adversely affect job performance and are treatable conditions. As a means of correcting job performance problems, the State may offer referral to treatment for alcohol, nicotine, drug, and stress related problems such as marital, family, emotional, financial, medical, legal, or other personal problems. The intent of this section is to assist an employee's voluntary efforts to treat alcoholism, nicotine use, or a drug-related or a stress-related problem.
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Employee Assistance Program. Neither the fact of an employee's participation in an employee assistance program, nor information generated by participation in the program, shall be used as a reason for discipline under this Article, except for information relating to an employee's failure to participate in an employee assistance program consistent with the terms to which the employee and the University have agreed.
Employee Assistance Program a. The County will make an employee assistance program (EAP) available to each eligible employee. The EAP will provide personal counseling for employees and/or their dependents. The counseling is intended to assist employees and eligible dependents who are experiencing personal problems such as family/marital problems, personal/emotional problems, substance abuse problems, and work-related problems.
Employee Assistance Program. 32.1 The Employer agrees to provide all bargaining unit employees and family members access to a confidential employee assistance program selected and paid for by the Employer.
Employee Assistance Program. The Employer will continue to offer an Employer supported Employee Assistance Program for all employees covered by this Agreement. Employees can request, and Employer will consider, adjustments in schedule to allow access to the services of the Employee Assistance Program. The Employee Assistance Program will protect the confidentiality of those employees using their services.
Employee Assistance Program. (EAP) The Employer and the Union recognize the value of counseling and assistance programs to those employees whose personal problems affect performance of their job duties and responsibilities. Therefore, the Employer agrees to continue the existing Employee Assistance Program.
Employee Assistance Program. There shall be a broad-brush comprehensive Employee Assistance Program ("EAP") to provide confidential assessment and referral services for State employees. The EAP is intended to aid State employees and their families, and retirees, in cases where personal problems of any nature are having a detrimental effect on the employee's job performance. Services provided directly by the EAP shall be at no cost.
Employee Assistance Program. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free, confidential counseling and referral service available to all employees and their family members. The EAP is staffed by trained mental health professionals, and all EAP services are provided free of charge to employees. This program is separate from the health plans provided by UMMC.
Employee Assistance Program. Management will expend for active employees who are members of LACERS, and their eligible dependents, the sum necessary to cover the cost of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The benefits and services of the EAP and the EAP provider shall be determined by the City's Joint Labor-Management Benefits Committee.
Employee Assistance Program. The State will develop and maintain an Employee Assistance Program and will meet and confer with VSEA prior to implementing in the Departments and Agencies. VSEA recognizes the value of employee assistance and will assist in developing the program and encourage troubled employees to participate in an effort to avoid the necessity for discipline or corrective action because of impaired work performance. Employees participating in the Employee Assistance Program will be assured of strict confidentiality.