Career Sample Clauses

Career. 6.1 Vocational training for construction site employees
Career. Career hereby guarantees to CenCor payment when due of all Debenture Liabilities and shall be deemed a Guarantor as defined in the Agreement. To secure this guaranty, Career hereby mortgages, pledges, conveys and assigns to CenCor, and grants CenCor a continuing security interest in all personal property of the following types which is now owned or hereafter shall be owned or acquired by Career, and all Proceeds of such property: All Equipment, Farm Products, Consumer Goods, Inventory, Fixtures, Accounts, Contract Rights, General Intangibles, Instruments, Documents, Chattel Paper and money (including money in bank accounts). If the Repayment does not occur by February 28, 1997, or by such other later date as may be mutually agreed to in writing by CenCor and Concorde, Career will execute any and all documents reasonably requested by CenCor to bind Career to all of the same obligations to CenCor as the Guarantors and all financing statements deemed necessary by CenCor to perfect CenCor's security interest in the above assets of Career.
Career. (a) Career Development is defined as: those activities designed to prepare an employee for another position within the University; or those activities which may increase the ability of an employee to meet potential requirements of the Employer. Career development is the responsibility of the employee. The Employer will endeavour to support the training and development needs of the employee to meet career goals within the University. An employee may apply for financial assistance for career development. Employees must make application and receive approval for funding of the course from the Personnel Department prior to registration. The Employer shall contribute to the Union Career Development Fund the amount of each year for employees who request financial assistance for career development. The Fund shall be administered by the University Personnel Department under the guidelines which are appended to this Agreement. The Employer will provide the Union with quarterly statements. These statements will include the names, classifications, departments and activities requested for all applicants. Amounts allocated for all selected applicants shall also be included. If the employee requests time away from normal work hours to attend the course, must obtain approval for absence from work of the department head in advance. The department head will take into account operational requirements. Approval will not be unreasonably withheld. This Article does not apply to job-related training, which is the responsibility of the Employer through the individual departments. ARTICLE
Career. Civil service in the Ministry of Industry ( 1973/1985 ) - French Standards Agency (AFNOR) : Deputy Director General (1985/1991). Mission : to set up and develop the Agency’s activity in the field of quality assurance certification, and to reform its mode of funding from public subsidy to industry contributions - European Standards Organisation (CEN, Brussels) : Chief executive (1991/1997). Mission : to develop the thousands of new European harmonised standards which were needed to operate a technical barrier free European Internal Market and implement the European legislation requirements on product safety, public health and environmental protection. - National Institute for Environmental Safety (INERIS, France) : Deputy Director General (1997/2003). Mission : to develop this newly created National Institute, originally the research branch of the French Coal Board, as a TSO for the French Ministry of Environment (Research and Expertise on environmental and public health risks from industry & mines, chemical pollutions ,…) - Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Institute (IRSN, France) : Director General, 2003/2016). Mission : To transform the two pre-existing institutes for nuclear safety of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA/IPSN), and for radiation protection (Health Ministry/OPRI) into a national research and expertise institution, in order to provide technical and scientific support for the competent governmental authorities in the following fields : Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), Nuclear Security Authority (Ministry of Energy), Civil Security Authority (Ministry of Interior), Defence Ministry Nuclear Safety Authority, National Authority for the prohibition of chemical weapons (Ministry of Industry) - Independant consultant (2017/…) : Mission : to provide managerial expertise on issues related to nuclear and radiation safety to public interest organisations such as the European Commission, EURATOM research projects, IAEA, NEA,… Some International achievements - Head of the French delegation to the GATT (predecessor of WTO) (1981/1985) - Development of the first European network for environmental monitoring (1999) - Development of ETSON and ENSTTI for European networking on issues of nucler safety, including training of professional experts (2008, 2010) - Development of MELODI (european association for research on low dose radiation effects), acting as a platform in support to EURATOM research (2009), and chair of MELODI (2009/2015) - First Ch...
Career. Constables may be assigned to the Detective Xxxxxx for investigative training and career on a rotation basis €or a period not to exceed six months. Such constable so assigned shall receive a pay increase of of the rate of pay of a First Class Constable. This provision is not intended to reduce the authorized complement of Sergeants. INCREAS E O F SALARY B Y ADVANCEMENT Increase in salary for the ranks of Fourth, Third and Second Class Constables by length of service shall be according to the Police Act and the regulations thereunder. In the event that a Police Officer is required to take over temporarily the duties of another, whose position is a higher paid position, the Officer filling in shall be paid at a higher rate of pay €or the days so employed, more than two weeks or one pay period. Salary adjustments shall not be postponed SERVIC E Police Officers of the Xxxxx Police Force receive service pay after five years service at the following rates:- for years service for years service for years service for years service for years service for years service Service pay will be paid in December of each year. In the event that an Officer resigns or retires during the year, such Officer will be paid on a pro rata basis for the portion of the year served. I Police Officers covered by the Agreement shall receive the following shift premium:- per hour for any shift which after and ends before and a shift of per hour for any Officer who a shift commencing after INCREASE I N The salaries set forth in the Schedule of Salaries attached hereto and forming part of this be increased by the Board from time to time and the increased salaries shall then become the Schedule of Salaries under this Agreement.
Career. Earlier reserve personnel were a vital part of the personnel augmentation to the standing forces. Along with the changing of the Danish Armed Forces from national (stationary) forces to reaction forces the need for reserve personnel in the traditionally role is de- creased. Instead a number of reserve personnel are used in the “Total Defence Service,” which integrates police, national (and private) rescue services, home guard, na- tional/regional administration and parts of the armed forces. In general, reserve personnel may carry out their function in: • The regular force (Army, Navy or Air Force). • The Total Defence Service. • Other reserve personnel functions. Reserve NCOs and officers may be promoted when changing function and after passing respective training programme: • SGT School (Sergeant). • SGT level 1 (Master sergeant). • SGT level 2 (Warrant officer / Chief master sergeant). • Officer’s academy (1st Lieutenant). • Officer level 1 (Captain). • Officer level 2 (Major).
Career. A level of provider in Oregon ACCESS who has no restrictions for whom they may serve.
Career. The parties to this Agreement share a desire to improve professional standards by giving employees the opportunity of participating in various on-the-job training and development courses and programs. Associated expenses are defrayed as per the Corporation's Employee Learning and Development Policy. Staff Reduction and Recall to Service When reducing forces, senior qualified employees will be retained in employment. When a permanent position is to be abolished, the incumbent of the position shall be given three (3) months' written notice prior to the abolishment, and a copy of this notice shall be furnished to the President of the Local concerned with the reasons for the abolition of the position. When a temporary position is to be abolished, the incumbent of the position shall be given ten days' written notice prior to the abolishment, and a copy of this notice shall be furnished to the President of the Local concerned. When positions other than temporary positions are abolished, employees with three (3) years' or more seniority shall be retained in the employment of the Corporation, provided: Employees may be assigned to any Corporation positions either in or outside their local area, without bulletining the positions. Employees may be returned to their former positions from training positions. Employees assigned to positions outside their local area will be entitled to removal expenses in with the Corporation's Relocation Expenses Policy. Employees assigned under (a) to lower classifications shall retain their salaries, but they will receive subsequent general increases in the form of a lump sum without affecting their salaries until these fall within the range of the positions to which they have been assigned. Employees who occupy lower classifications under the terms of (a) shall be deemed to bid on future bulletined positions. Employees with five (5) years' seniority may decline an assignment outside their local area, and they then may be assigned to any position of the Corporation in their local area, without bulletining the positions. Employees with less than five (5) years seniority may decline an assignment outside their local area, to displace a junior employee in accordance with Article wit out retaining their salaries, The employees must indicate their choice within two (2) months of the notice of abolition. Page provisions of this article shall apply to laced in accordance with provided they have the stipulate years o seniority, except that a...