Termination Sample Clauses

Termination. This Agreement shall terminate as follows:
Termination. In the event that either Party seeks to terminate this DPA, they may do so by mutual written consent so long as the Service Agreement has lapsed or has been terminated. Either party may terminate this DPA and any service agreement or contract if the other party breaches any terms of this DPA.
Termination. 10.1. This Agreement shall continue in full force and effect until the first to occur of:
Termination. This Agreement may be terminated by any Purchaser, as to such Purchaser’s obligations hereunder only and without any effect whatsoever on the obligations between the Company and the other Purchasers, by written notice to the other parties, if the Closing has not been consummated on or before the fifth (5th) Trading Day following the date hereof; provided, however, that no such termination will affect the right of any party to xxx for any breach by any other party (or parties).
Termination. This Agreement may be terminated at any time, and without payment of any penalty, by the Board, on behalf of the Fund, upon sixty (60) days’ written notice to the Advisor. This Agreement may not be terminated by the Advisor without the consent of the Board. This Agreement and the Control Agreement will automatically terminate, with respect to the Fund listed in Appendix A if the Advisory Agreement for the Fund is terminated and the Fund continues to operate under the management of a new investment adviser, with such termination effective upon the effective date of the Advisory Agreement’s termination for the Fund. 10.
Termination. The Representative shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time prior to any Closing Date, (i) if any domestic or international event or act or occurrence has materially disrupted, or in your opinion will in the immediate future materially disrupt, general securities markets in the United States; or (ii) if trading on the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC shall have been suspended or materially limited, or minimum or maximum prices for trading shall have been fixed, or maximum ranges for prices for securities shall have been required by FINRA or by order of the Commission or any other government authority having jurisdiction; or (iii) if the United States shall have become involved in a new war or an increase in major hostilities; or (iv) if a banking moratorium has been declared by a New York State or federal authority; or (v) if a moratorium on foreign exchange trading has been declared which materially adversely impacts the United States securities markets; or (vi) if the Company shall have sustained a material loss by fire, flood, accident, hurricane, earthquake, theft, sabotage or other calamity or malicious act which, whether or not such loss shall have been insured, will, in your opinion, make it inadvisable to proceed with the delivery of the Firm Shares or Option Shares; or (vii) if the Company is in material breach of any of its representations, warranties or covenants hereunder; or (viii) if the Representative shall have become aware after the date hereof of such a material adverse change in the conditions or prospects of the Company, or such adverse material change in general market conditions as in the Representative’s judgment would make it impracticable to proceed with the offering, sale and/or delivery of the Public Securities or to enforce contracts made by the Underwriters for the sale of the Public Securities.