Education Sample Clauses

Education. Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree, or technical institute degree/certificate in Computer Science, Information Systems or other related field. Or equivalent work experience.
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Education. 1. The aims of education cooperation will be: (a) to build on existing agreements or arrangements already in place for cooperation in education; and (b) to promote networking, mutual understanding and close working relationships in the area of education between the Parties. 2. In pursuit of the objectives in Article 149 (Objectives), the Parties shall encourage and
Education. (Effective September 1, 2019, the following repeals and replaces clause 3.3 above)
Education. Enrolled in PhD Program (minimally taking 2 courses per year) (25 points) • Enrolled in Masters Program (minimally taking 2 courses per year) (20 points) • Enrolled in Degree Program (minimally taking 2 courses per year) (15 points) • Instructor-Level Status for designated courses (e.g. BCLS, PIECES, ARDCC, etc) (10 points)
Education. 3.3.1. The evaluation of teacher education for salary grid purposes shall be determined by a statement of qualifications issued by the Alberta Teacher Qualifications Service in accordance with the policies and principles approved by the Teacher Salary Qualifications Board established under Memorandum of Agreement among the Department of Education, The Alberta Teachers' Association and the Alberta School Trustees' Association dated March 23, 1967.
Education. We offer education and training Services on either an Annual Subscription or Hourly basis, as described below. Education offerings may be purchased via an order or an online credit card purchase. In the case of education offerings purchased online via a credit card, references to an order will be deemed to refer to the online purchase, and references to the “effective date of an order” will be deemed to mean the date of online purchase.
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Education. The County and Union believe that education and training of all employees in the effects and treatment of substance abuse will contribute to a safer and more efficient workplace for everyone.
Education. If the Software is licensed at an education discount, then the Software may only be used by enrolled students, faculty, teachers and administrators at an accredited K-12 educational institution (or equivalent) or higher education institution organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of teaching its students.
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