Education Sample Clauses

Education. 1. The aims of education cooperation will be: (a) to build on existing agreements or arrangements already in place for cooperation in education; and (b) to promote networking, mutual understanding and close working relationships in the area of education between the Parties. 2. In pursuit of the objectives in Article 149 (Objectives), the Parties shall encourage and
Education. Enrolled in PhD Program (minimally taking 2 courses per year) (25 points) • Enrolled in Masters Program (minimally taking 2 courses per year) (20 points) • Enrolled in Degree Program (minimally taking 2 courses per year) (15 points) • Instructor-Level Status for designated courses (e.g. BCLS, PIECES, ARDCC, etc) (10 points)
Education.  Throughout the Project lifecycle, the County provides a training room for Tyler staff to transfer knowledge to the County’s resources, for both onsite and remote sessions. The County will provide staff with a location to practice what they have learned without distraction. If Phases overlap, the County will provide multiple training facilities to allow for independent sessions scheduling without conflict.  The training room is set up in a classroom setting. The County determines the number of workstations in the room. Tyler recommends every person attending a scheduled session with a Tyler Consultant or Trainer have their own workstation. However, Tyler requires there be no more than two (2) people at a given workstation.  The County provides a workstation which connects to the Tyler system for the Tyler trainer conducting the session. The computer connects to a County provided projector, allowing all attendees the ability to actively engage in the training session.  Tyler is responsible for providing formal training on all functional areas of the software to the County’s designated Power Users. The County will designate up to fifteen (15) Power Users for any specific class. The Power Users will vary based on agenda topics and area of the assessment office that the class pertains to. Power Users will then be empowered with the knowledge to conduct training to County End Users. In addition, informal education will occur leading up to the formal training sessions. Every time Tyler resources work with County staff to demonstrate a specific function/feature/executable with the County is an opportunity to better understand and appreciate the Tyler solution  Tyler will conduct one (1) formal training session for each of the functional areas of the software. The functional areas covered will allow the County to utilize the software. The County is responsible for assigning the appropriate Power Users to attend these sessions  Tyler follows a train‐the‐trainer approach to allow County Power Users attending the sessions to disseminate the knowledge being learned during Tyler lead sessions to other County users  Users performing User Acceptance Testing (UAT) have attended all applicable training sessions prior to performing UAT.
Education. We offer education and training Services on either an Annual Subscription or Hourly basis, as described below. Education offerings may be purchased via an order or an online credit card purchase. In the case of education offerings purchased online via a credit card, references to an order will be deemed to refer to the online purchase, and references to theeffective date of an order” will be deemed to mean the date of online purchase.
Education. 26.1 The Employer agrees that courses made necessary in order to carry out a certain job by virtue of legislation passed by senior governments shall be given during normal working hours, or if this is impossible, any hours outside normal working hours, taken up in receiving instruction (including reasonable travel time to and from the course if the course is outside the geographic boundaries of the City of Xxxxxxxx), shall be paid for by the Employer at the Employee’s standard rate and shall not be construed as hours of work for the purposes of overtime or pension pay. The Employer will reimburse the Employee for mileage as per article 25.2.