Training Sample Clauses

Training. Business Associate understands its obligation to comply with the law and shall provide appropriate training and education to ensure compliance with this Agreement. If requested by Covered Entity, Business Associate shall participate in Covered Entity’s training regarding the Use, Confidentiality, and Security of PHI; however, participation in such training shall not supplant nor relieve Business Associate of its obligations under this Agreement to independently assure compliance with the law and this Agreement.
Training. A. DOES and the EMPLOYER may agree to develop skills training and on-the-job training programs as approved by DOES; the training specifications and cost for such training will be mutually agreed upon by the EMPLOYER and DOES and will be set forth in a separate Training Agreement.
Training. C18.1 Where indicated in the Specification, the Contract Price shall include the cost of instruction of the Authority’s personnel in the use and maintenance of the Goods and such instruction shall be in accordance with the requirements detailed in the Specification.
Training. Where technological change may require additional knowledge and skill on the part of regular employees, such employees shall be given the opportunity to study, practice and train to acquire the knowledge and skill necessary to retain their employment, provided the regular employee can qualify for the new position within a training period determined by the Employer. The Employer agrees to pay the cost of such training.
Training. The Hospital agrees to provide training and education, developed in consultation with the Joint Health and Safety Committee, on the violence prevention and harassment policies and programs and on prevention of violence to all employees. This training will be done during a new employee's orientation and updated on an annual basis for all employees.