Development of the Sample Clauses

Development of the. Asian Highway network The routes of the Asian Highway network should be brought into conformity with the classification and design standards described in annex II to this Agreement.
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Development of the. School LUA for any purpose other than a School, to modify the use limitations in Exhibit D and address the requirements of RCW 20.430.060.C.2.e.4;
Development of the. 16 Megabit Concurrent RDRAM. ----------------------------------------------
Development of the. Burdened Property shall be restricted to a single family residence, high density residential, commercial or office space;
Development of the. Land may proceed in phases, and the development of the phases may proceed in any sequence; but neither the entire development nor any phase thereof must be commenced or completed within a specific period of time.
Development of the. Play: Eden and Cedar Strat will determine the viability of the *** Play for hydrocarbons and the identification of prospective drilling targets. If Eden’s ability to assess the viability of the Play is delayed due to delays outside of its control, the election will be extended for such period of time as the parties may agree, acting reasonably. Eden will develop the play by the following:
Development of the. Adjacent Properties shall be governed by the Water Department Lease (and Landlord, as to its property).
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Development of the. “SANUPS PV Monitor Type C” The “Act on Special Measures Concerning Procurement of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources by Electricity Utilities” established by Japan’s Agency for Natural Resources and Energy calls for the introduction of PV inverters with an output control function. In order to perform output control, an output control unit is neccessary for obtaining output control schedules from power company servers to control the PV inverters. Therefore SANYO DENKI developed the “SANUPS PV Monitor E Model” with an output control function in August 2015. At the time, the method for obtaining output control schedules from power company servers had not yet been f i nal i z ed; therefore, among the functions required of an output control unit, we only developed those enabling control of PV inverters in accordance with a given output control schedule. Afterwards, in September 2016 , Kyushu Electric finalized the method for obtaining output control schedules. S p e c i f i c a l ly, ou t pu t c o n t r ol schedules would be obtained from power company servers using HTTPS ( Hy p e r t ex t Tr a n s f e r P r o to c o l Secure) by an output control unit communicating directly with the power company’s server via the Internet. In response to this method being finalized, XXXXX DENKI developed a product to support the output control planned for implementation within the region covered by Kyushu Electric from April 2017. This product allows the sale of PV inverters to continue in the region and even sales expansion in the future. I t a l s o s e r v e s to e s t a b l i s h a foundation for when other power companies require PV inverters with output control functions, as will be inevitable in the future. Details of this product are provided in the “New Products Introduction” section of this Technical Report. ■ Development of a Technology for “Li-ion Battery-Compatible Small-Capacity UPS Systems” Conventionally, SANYO DENKI had offered small-capacity UPS for indoor use as backup for servers and ICT equipment or in combination with industrial devices. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for the backup power for outdoor facilities such as communication base stations, traffic lights, planned power outages, coin-operated parking, and outdoor survei l xxxxx cameras. Assumi ng outdoor usage will involve exposure to harsh environments, requirements include a wide operating temperature range, securing installation space, and low maintenance. To date, UP...
Development of the. Project to be in Substantial Compliance with the Master Plan. Development shall occur on the Subject Property in substantial compliance with the Master Plan shown in Exhibit B and subject to compliance with all applicable zoning regulations, building codes and other City regulations and ordinances. “Substantial compliance” shall mean carrying out the project generally in the form shown on Exhibit B, but shall not preclude minor adjustments to the location of buildings, streets, parking areas, trails and amenities as may be reasonably necessary to carry out the project and/or meet City requirements.
Development of the. Web Site Front End System; Training; and Support.
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