Financing Statements Sample Clauses

Financing Statements. Subject to the Standard Qualifications, each Mortgage Loan or related security agreement establishes a valid security interest in, and a UCC-1 financing statement has been filed and/or recorded (or, in the case of fixtures, the Mortgage constitutes a fixture filing) in all places necessary at the time of the origination of the Mortgage Loan (or, if not filed and/or recorded, has submitted or caused to be submitted in proper form for filing and/or recording) to perfect a valid security interest in, the personal property (creation and perfection of which is governed by the UCC) owned by the Mortgagor and necessary to operate such Mortgaged Property in its current use other than (1) non-material personal property, (2) personal property subject to purchase money security interests and (3) personal property that is leased equipment. Each UCC-1 financing statement, if any, filed with respect to personal property constituting a part of the related Mortgaged Property and each UCC-3 assignment, if any, filed with respect to such financing statement was in suitable form for filing in the filing office in which such financing statement was filed. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, no representation is made as to the perfection of any security interest in rents or other personal property to the extent that possession or control of such items or actions other than the filing of Uniform Commercial Code financing statements is required to effect such perfection.
Financing Statements. All financing statements filed or to be filed against the Depositor in favor of the Indenture Trustee (as assignee of the Trust) contain a statement substantially to the following effect: “A purchase of or security interest in any collateral described in this financing statement will violate the rights of the Indenture Trustee.”
Financing Statements. Each Assignor agrees to execute and deliver to the Collateral Agent such financing statements, in form reasonably acceptable to the Collateral Agent, as the Collateral Agent may from time to time reasonably request or as are necessary or desirable in the opinion of the Collateral Agent to establish and maintain a valid, enforceable, first priority perfected security interest in the Collateral as provided herein and the other rights and security contemplated hereby all in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code as enacted in any and all relevant jurisdictions or any other relevant law. Each Assignor will pay any applicable filing fees, recordation taxes and related expenses relating to its Collateral. Each Assignor hereby authorizes the Collateral Agent to file any such financing statements without the signature of such Assignor where permitted by law.
Financing Statements. Grantor authorizes Lender to file a UCC financing statement, or alternatively, a copy of this Agreement to perfect Lender’s security interest. At Lender’s request, Grantor additionally agrees to sign all other documents that are necessary to perfect, protect, and continue Lender’s security interest in the Property. Grantor will pay all filing fees, title transfer fees, and other fees and costs involved unless prohibited by law or unless Lender is required by law to pay such fees and costs. Grantor irrevocably appoints Lender to execute documents necessary to transfer title if there is a default. Lender may file a copy of this Agreement as a financing statement. If Grantor changes Grantor’s name or address, or the name or address of any person granting a security interest under this Agreement changes, Grantor will promptly notify the Lender of such change.
Financing Statements. Except as respects the financing statements filed by Agent and the financing statements described on Schedule 1.2, no financing statement covering any of the Collateral or any proceeds thereof is on file in any public office.
Financing Statements. The Borrower has provided to the Lender signed financing statements sufficient when filed to perfect the Security Interest and the other security interests created by the Security Documents. When such financing statements are filed in the offices noted therein, the Lender will have a valid and perfected security interest in all Collateral and all other collateral described in the Security Documents which is capable of being perfected by filing financing statements. None of the Collateral or other collateral covered by the Security Documents is or will become a fixture on real estate, unless a sufficient fixture filing is in effect with respect thereto.
Financing Statements. The Trust hereby authorizes the filing of financing statements in connection with the grant of a security interest to the Indenture Trustee pursuant to the granting clause of the Indenture. In addition, the Trust hereby ratifies any such financing statements filed prior to the date hereof.
Financing Statements. Grantor authorizes Secured Party to prepare and file such financing statements, amendments and other documents and do such acts as Secured Party deems necessary in order to establish and maintain valid, attached and perfected, first priority security interests in the Collateral in favor of Secured Party, free and clear of all Liens and claims and rights of third parties whatsoever, except Permitted Liens. Grantor hereby irrevocably authorizes Secured Party at any time, and from time to time, to file in any jurisdiction any initial financing statements and amendments thereto that (a) indicate the Collateral is comprised of all assets of Grantor (or words of similar effect), regardless of whether any particular asset comprising a part of the Collateral falls within the scope of Article 9 of the UCC of the jurisdiction wherein such financing statement or amendment is filed, and (b) contain any other information required by Section 5 of Article 9 of the UCC of the jurisdiction wherein such financing statement or amendment is filed regarding the sufficiency or filing office acceptance of any financing statement or amendment, including (i) whether Grantor is an organization, the type of organization, and (ii) in the case of a financing statement filed as a fixture filing or indicating Collateral as as-extracted collateral or timber to be cut, a sufficient description of the real property to which the Collateral relates. Grantor agrees to furnish any such information to Secured Party promptly upon request. In addition, Grantor shall make appropriate entries on its books and records disclosing the security interests of Secured Party in the Collateral. Grantor hereby agrees that a photogenic or other reproduction of this Security Agreement is sufficient for filing as a financing statement and Grantor authorizes Secured Party to file this Security Agreement as a financing statement in any jurisdiction.
Financing Statements. Pursuant to any applicable law, each Granting Party authorizes the Collateral Agent to file or record financing statements and other filing or recording documents or instruments with respect to such Granting Party’s Security Collateral without the signature of such Granting Party in such form and in such filing offices as the Collateral Agent reasonably determines appropriate to perfect the security interests of the Collateral Agent under this Agreement. Each Granting Party authorizes the Collateral Agent to use any collateral description reasonably determined by the Collateral Agent, including, without limitation, the collateral description “all personal property” or “all assets” or words of similar meaning in any such financing statements. The Collateral Agent agrees to use its commercially reasonable efforts to notify the relevant Granting Party of any financing or continuation statement filed by it, provided that any failure to give such notice shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of any such filing.
Financing Statements. Each Pledgor shall execute and deliver to the Agent such UCC or other applicable financing statements as may be reasonably requested by the Agent in order to perfect and protect the security interest created hereby in the Pledged Collateral of such Pledgor.