Payment when Due Sample Clauses

Payment when Due. The Borrowers will duly and punctually pay or cause to be paid all amounts required to be paid by them to the Lenders pursuant to this Agreement or any of the other Credit Facility Documents or any Treasury Contract, including principal, interest, stamping fees, fees for Contingent Payment Letters, Commitment Fees, other fees and expenses and any other amounts, at the times, in the currencies and in the manner set forth herein or therein.
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Payment when Due. (1) In case of late payment of the instalment or other amounts due according to the agreement, fees with the addition of a default interest of 1.15 % per month or part thereof will accrue until payment takes place.
Payment when Due. The Corporation will duly and punctually pay or cause to be paid to the holder of every Debenture the principal thereof and interest accrued thereon (including, in the case of default, interest on the amount in default) on the dates and at the places, in the currency and in the manner specified herein and in such Debenture and shall duly and punctually pay or cause to be paid all other amounts required to be paid by it to the Trustee and the Debentureholders pursuant to this Indenture or any of the other Debenture Documents at the times, in the currencies and in the manner set forth herein or therein.
Payment when Due. The Borrowers shall pay all sums of money when due by them to the Lenders under the Notes and under this Agreement.
Payment when Due. The Customer is liable for all Hire and other charges incurred by or at the request of the Agent on its behalf. The Customer agrees that the existence of an Agent does not affect the obligation of the Customer under the Corporate Account Terms and Conditions (the Terms and Conditions), and in particular does not affect or limit the obligation of the Customer to ensure that amounts payable in each invoice rendered by Ezi Car Rental are paid by the 20th day of the month following the month covered by the applicable invoice, as set out in clause 16 of the Terms and Conditions.
Payment when Due. The Franchisee shall pay when due all taxes levied or assessed by reason of the Franchisee's possession, ownership or operation of the Franchised Restaurant or items loaned to the Franchisee by BKC including any value added tax. In the event of any bona fide dispute as to the liability for a tax assessed against it, the Franchisee may contest the validity or the amount of the tax in accordance with the procedures of the taxing authority, however, the Franchisee shall not permit a tax sale or seizure against the premises or equipment.
Payment when Due. Duly and punctually pay or cause to be paid all amounts required to be paid by it to the Administrative Agent, the Collateral Agent and/or the Investors pursuant to the Loan Documents, including principal, interest, fees, premiums, breakage costs, other fees and expenses and any other amounts, at the times, in the currencies and in the manner set forth herein or therein.
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Related to Payment when Due

  • Delinquent Payments 8F.01 Timely payment of wages and contributions to all trust funds provided for in this Agreement is essential for the protection of the beneficiaries. Delinquency and continued failure to pay wages and/or remit contributions to the trust funds shall be dealt with as follows:

  • Failure to Make Payments When Due Failure by the Borrower to pay (i) any installment of principal of any Loan when due, whether at stated maturity, by acceleration, by notice of voluntary prepayment, by mandatory prepayment or otherwise; or (ii) any interest on any Loan or any fee or any other amount due hereunder within five Business Days after the date due; or

  • Payment Due Payment for services provided will be due on or before the next xxxx date (i.e., same date in the following month as the xxxx date) and is payable in immediately available funds. Payment is considered to have been made when received by BellSouth.

  • Installment Payments Notwithstanding Section 3.01, the Executive may elect by written notice to receive any payments due to him hereunder by way of periodic or installment payments.

  • Payment of Tax Obligations The Borrower will, and will cause each of its Subsidiaries to, pay its Tax liabilities, assessments and governmental charges that, if not paid, could reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect before the same shall become delinquent or in default, except where (a) the validity or amount thereof is being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings, (b) the Borrower or such Subsidiary has set aside on its books adequate reserves with respect thereto in accordance with GAAP and (c) the failure to make payment pending such contest could not reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Delinquent Payment; Handling Charges All past due payments required of Tenant hereunder shall bear interest from the date due until paid at the lesser of twelve percent (f2%) per armum or the maximum laWful rate of interest (such lesser amount is referred to herein as the "Default Rate"); additionally, Landlord, in addition to all other rights and remedies available to it, may charge Tenant a fee equal to three and one-half percent (3.5%) of the delinquent payment to reimburse Landlord for its cost and inconvenience incurred as a consequence of Tenant's delinquency. In no event, however, shall the charges permitted under this Section 5 or elsewhere in this Lease, to the extent they are considered to be interest under applicable Law, exceed the maximum lawful-rate of interest. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the late fee referenced above shall not be charged with respect to the first occurrence (but not any subsequent occurrence) during any 12-month period that Tenant fails to make payment when due, unless such failure continues following the expiration of five (5) days after Landlord delivers written notice of such delinquency to Tenant.

  • Payment Subject to the provisions of the Warrant and this Agreement, a Warrant may be exercised by the Registered Holder thereof by delivering to the Warrant Agent at its corporate trust department (i) the Definitive Warrant Certificate evidencing the Warrants to be exercised, or, in the case of a Warrant represented by a book-entry, the Warrants to be exercised (the “Book-Entry Warrants”) on the records of the Depositary to an account of the Warrant Agent at the Depositary designated for such purposes in writing by the Warrant Agent to the Depositary from time to time, (ii) an election to purchase (“Election to Purchase”) any Ordinary Shares pursuant to the exercise of a Warrant, properly completed and executed by the Registered Holder on the reverse of the Definitive Warrant Certificate or, in the case of a Book-Entry Warrant, properly delivered by the Participant in accordance with the Depositary’s procedures, and (iii) the payment in full of the Warrant Price for each Ordinary Share as to which the Warrant is exercised and any and all applicable taxes due in connection with the exercise of the Warrant, the exchange of the Warrant for the Ordinary Shares and the issuance of such Ordinary Shares, as follows:

  • Timely Payment Except as provided otherwise herein, payment for an invoice will be issued and mailed to the Consultant within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the invoice.

  • Timely Payments LIFE COMPANY will wire payment for net purchases to a custodial account designated by AVIF by 1:00 p.m. Central Time on the same day as the order for Shares is placed, to the extent practicable. AVIF will wire payment for net redemptions to an account designated by LIFE COMPANY by 1:00 p.m. Central Time on the same day as the Order is placed, to the extent practicable, but in any event within five (5) calendar days after the date the order is placed in order to enable LIFE COMPANY to pay redemption proceeds within the time specified in Section 22(e) of the 1940 Act or such shorter period of time as may be required by law.

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