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Guidelines For. Inclement Weather Hot Weather Guidelines For the purposes of site-based discussions regarding the need to plan and perform work during expected periods of hot and/or inclement weather, the following issues will be considered in conjunction with proper consideration of occupational health and safety issues.
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Guidelines For. Medical Experiments in Non-patient Human Volunteers, ABPI March 1988, as amended May 1990.
Guidelines For. Drug Use—If MCHCP sus- pects drug misuse, abuse, or fraud, MCHCP reserves the right to pay only for those medi- cations prescribed by an assigned physician approved by MCHCP.
Guidelines For. Note: Remember that when investigating accidents the primary reason to find facts not faults that have led to the event. OF THE ACCIDENT SCENE Accident scenes shall be so that the causes of an can be and similar accidents can be avoided.
Guidelines For. IMPLEMENTATION The following Guidelines provide specific information, strategies, and model language for patent and license professionals and sponsored research administrators at Recipient institutions to assist in implementing the Principles on Obtaining and Disseminating Biomedical Resources. Recipients are encouraged to use the strategies below, other strategies developed at their own institutions, or any other appropriate means of achieving the Principles. Guidelines for Disseminating Research Resources Arising Out of NIH-Funded Research Definition of Research ToolsThe definition of research tools is necessarily broad, and it is acknowledged that the same material can have different uses, being a research tool in some contexts and a product in others. In determining how an NIH-funded resource that falls within the definition should be handled, Recipients should determine whether: 1) the primary usefulness of the resource is as a tool for discovery rather than an FDA-approved product or integral component of such a product; 2) the resource is a broad, enabling invention that will be useful to many scientists (or multiple companies in developing multiple products), rather than a project or product-specific resource; and 3) the resource is readily useable or distributable as a tool rather than the situation where private sector involvement is necessary or the most expedient means for developing or distributing the resource. Recipients should ensure that their intellectual property strategy for resources fitting one or more of the above criteria enhances rather than restricts the ultimate availability of the resource. If Recipient believes private sector involvement is desirable to achieve this goal, Recipient should strategically license the invention under terms commensurate with the goal. Use of Simple Letter Agreement • Recipients are expected to ensure that unique research resources arising from NIH-funded research are made available to the scientific research community. The majority of transfers to not-for-profit entities should be implemented under terms no more restrictive than the UBMTA. In particular, Recipients are expected to use the Simple Letter Agreement provided below, or another document with no more restrictive terms, to readily transfer unpatented tools developed with NIH funds to other Recipients for use in NIH-funded projects. If the materials are patented or licensed to an exclusive provider, other arrangements may be used, but com...
Guidelines For. IMPLEMENTATION In exercising this authority, the Program Director, committee of four (if convened) and the Medical Director or Xxxx shall take into consideration all of the following guidelines:
Guidelines For. IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SALARY SCHEDULE All Professional Employees shall be assigned to the Salary Schedule by the President, subject to the approval of the Board. The following guidelines shall be used in the implementation of the Salary Schedule.
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Guidelines For. Two different times will be designated for the actual voting to allow as many staff as possible a suitable time. There be a closed ballot box. The list of nurses as per

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  • Guidelines Explanation The Board President will accept applications. The Board will discuss, at an open meeting, its process to review the applications and who will contact applicants for an interview. Who accepts vacancy applications is at the Board's sole discretion. According to 2:110, Qualifications, Term, and Duties of Board Officers, the Board President is a logical officer to accept the applications, but this task may be delegated to the Secretary or Superintendent's secretary if the Board determines that it is more convenient. Who accepts the applications must be decided prior to posting the vacancy announcement. Create the Board member vacancy announcement.

  • Guidelines The Office of State Procurement adheres to all guidelines set forth by the State and Federal Government concerning The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as all mandated fire codes.

  • GUIDELINES FOR REVIEWS We may provide you areas on the Site to leave reviews or ratings. When posting a review, you must comply with the following criteria:

  • Hot Weather Guidelines For the purposes of site based discussions regarding the need to plan and perform work during expected periods of hot weather, the following issues shall be considered in conjunction with proper consideration of Occupational Health and Safety issues.

  • Applicable Guidelines The Sentencing Guidelines to be considered in this case are those in effect at the time of sentencing. The following statements regarding the calculation of the Sentencing Guidelines are based on the Guidelines Manual currently in effect, namely the November 2011 Guidelines Manual.

  • Ordering Guidelines and Processes 1.14.1 For information regarding Ordering Guidelines and Processes for various Network Elements, Combinations and Other Services, TWTC should refer to the “Guides” section of the AT&T Interconnection Web site. TWTC will be notified of any material changes to such “Guides”.

  • PROCUREMENT ETHICS Contractor understands that a person who is interested in any way in the sale of any supplies, services, construction, or insurance to the State of Utah is violating the law if the person gives or offers to give any compensation, gratuity, contribution, loan, reward, or any promise thereof to any person acting as a procurement officer on behalf of the State of Utah, or who in any official capacity participates in the procurement of such supplies, services, construction, or insurance, whether it is given for their own use or for the use or benefit of any other person or organization.

  • Policies, Guidelines, Directives and Standards Either the LHIN or the MOHLTC will give the HSP Notice of any amendments to the manuals, guidelines or policies identified in Schedule C. An amendment will be effective in accordance with the terms of the amendment. By signing a copy of this Agreement the HSP acknowledges that it has a copy of the documents identified in Schedule C.

  • Sentencing Guidelines Calculations 8. Defendant understands that in imposing sentence the Court will be guided by the United States Sentencing Guidelines. Defendant understands that the Sentencing Guidelines are advisory, not mandatory, but that the Court must consider the Guidelines in determining a reasonable sentence.

  • Codes The Developer agrees to abide by all ordinances, regulations, and codes of Teton County and those of the special purpose districts providing service to the Development.

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