Guidelines for Sample Clauses

Guidelines for. Medical Experiments in Non-patient Human Volunteers, ABPI March 1988, as amended May 1990.
Guidelines for. Two different times will be designated for the actual voting to allow as many staff as possible a suitable time. There be a closed ballot box. The list of nurses as per
Guidelines for. IMPLEMENTATION The following Guidelines provide specific information, strategies, and model language for patent and license professionals and sponsored research administrators at Recipient institutions to assist in implementing the Principles on Obtaining and Disseminating Biomedical Resources. Recipients are encouraged to use the strategies below, other strategies developed at their own institutions, or any other appropriate means of achieving the Principles. Guidelines for Disseminating Research Resources Arising Out of NIH-Funded Research Definition of Research ToolsThe definition of research tools is necessarily broad, and it is acknowledged that the same material can have different uses, being a research tool in some contexts and a product in others. In determining how an NIH-funded resource that falls within the definition should be handled, Recipients should determine whether: 1) the primary usefulness of the resource is as a tool for discovery rather than an FDA-approved product or integral component of such a product; 2) the resource is a broad, enabling invention that will be useful to many scientists (or multiple companies in developing multiple products), rather than a project or product-specific resource; and 3) the resource is readily useable or distributable as a tool rather than the situation where private sector involvement is necessary or the most expedient means for developing or distributing the resource. Recipients should ensure that their intellectual property strategy for resources fitting one or more of the above criteria enhances rather than restricts the ultimate availability of the resource. If Recipient believes private sector involvement is desirable to achieve this goal, Recipient should strategically license the invention under terms commensurate with the goal. Use of Simple Letter Agreement • Recipients are expected to ensure that unique research resources arising from NIH-funded research are made available to the scientific research community. The majority of transfers to not-for-profit entities should be implemented under terms no more restrictive than the UBMTA. In particular, Recipients are expected to use the Simple Letter Agreement provided below, or another document with no more restrictive terms, to readily transfer unpatented tools developed with NIH funds to other Recipients for use in NIH-funded projects. If the materials are patented or licensed to an exclusive provider, other arrangements may be used, but com...
Guidelines for. Note: Remember that when investigating accidents the primary reason to find facts not faults that have led to the event. OF THE ACCIDENT SCENE Accident scenes shall be so that the causes of an can be and similar accidents can be avoided.

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  • Guidelines The Union will be notified in writing of the targeted classifications/positions involved in the layoff. Seniority as defined in Article 36 shall be used to determine the order of layoff or recall. The use of retention points is hereby abolished. Performance evaluations will not be a factor in layoff.

  • GUIDELINES FOR REVIEWS Company may accept, reject or remove reviews in its sole discretion. Company has absolutely no obligation to screen reviews or to delete reviews, even if anyone considers reviews objectionable or inaccurate. Those persons posting reviews should comply with the following criteria: (1) reviewers should have firsthand experience with the person/entity being reviewed; (2) reviews should not contain: offensive language, profanity, or abusive, racist, or hate language; discriminatory references based on religion, race, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability; or references to illegal activity; (3) reviewers should not be affiliated with competitors if posting negative reviews; (4) reviewers should not make any conclusions as to the legality of conduct; and (5) reviewers may not post any false statements or organize a campaign encouraging others to post reviews, whether positive or negative. Reviews are not endorsed by Company, and do not represent the views of Company or of any affiliate or partner of Company. Company does not assume liability for any review or for any claims, liabilities or losses resulting from any review. By posting a review, the reviewer hereby grants to Company a perpetual, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, fully-paid, assignable and sublicensable license to Company to reproduce, modify, translate, transmit by any means, display, perform and/or distribute all content relating to reviews.

  • Ordering Guidelines and Processes For information regarding Ordering Guidelines and Processes for various UNEs, Starlink should refer to the “Guides” section of the BellSouth Interconnection website, which is incorporated herein by reference, as amended from time to time. The website address is: xxxx://

  • System Requirements Apple Software is supported only on Apple-branded hardware that meets specified system requirements as indicated by Apple.

  • System Upgrades The Connecting Transmission Owner shall procure, construct, install, and own the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades described in Attachment 6 of this Agreement. To the extent that design work is necessary in addition to that already accomplished in the Class Year Interconnection Facilities Study for the Interconnection Customer, the Connecting Transmission Owner shall perform or cause to be performed such work. If all the Parties agree, the Interconnection Customer may construct System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades.

  • Monitoring Requirements This Schedule sets out the contract management requirements which are applicable to the delivery of the Services.

  • Health Requirements A. Provider shall remain in compliance with all applicable federal, state, county, and municipal, statutes, laws, ordinances, regulations, and guidelines, as well as any Board guidelines, policies, and rules in effect now or later, and as amended from time to time related to COVID-19.

  • Support Requirements If there is a dispute between the awarded vendor and TIPS Member, TIPS or its representatives may assist, at TIPS sole discretion, in conflict resolution or third party (mandatory mediation), if requested by either party. TIPS, or its representatives, reserves the right to inspect any project and audit the awarded vendors TIPS project files, documentation and correspondence. Status of TIPS Members as Related to This Agreement TIPS Members stand in the place of TIPS as related to this agreement and have the same access to the proposal information and all related documents. TIPS Members have all the same rights under the awarded Agreement as TIPS.