Human Resources definition

Human Resources means the District Office of Human Resources located in the District Office Building on the Foothill Campus.
Human Resources means, in context, the CHRO or the College’s Office of Human Resources.
Human Resources means an agency department responsible for personnel administration.

Examples of Human Resources in a sentence

  • If this contract requires that Vendor personnel access Tarrant County Data (either on-site or remotely) or access secure areas of Tarrant County Facilities, then Vendor personnel may be required to undergo a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Background Check, a Human Resources Criminal Background Check, or a Sheriff’s Criminal Background Check.

  • The Superintendent recommends approval of the following personnel items for the 2022-2023 school year as presented by the Director of Human Resources.

  • These records include underlying data and information such as Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and payroll data, job applications and personnel records, and any other records or data used to generate the required reports.

  • The privacy of employee records will be protected in accordance with Human Resources policies.320 U.S.C. 1232g434 C.F.R. § 995This includes the School’s employees’ work environment.1) Any action that constitutes a criminal offense as defined by law.

  • Human Resources has verified that the applicant meets the required minimum qualifications.

More Definitions of Human Resources

Human Resources. – means the person or persons responsible for human resources initiatives at ALCA.
Human Resources means any and all functions relating to human resource management, including civil service, employee benefits administration, collective bargaining, labor relations, risk management, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, and any human resource management function required by state or federal law, but "human resources" does not authorize a board of county commissioners to adopt a resolution establishing a centralized human resource service that requires any county office to conform to any classification and compensation plan, position descriptions, or organizational structure; to determine the rate of compensation of any employee appointed by the appointing authority of a county office or the salary ranges for positions of a county office within the aggregate limits set in the appropriation resolution of the board of county commissioners; to determine the number of or the terms of employment of any employee appointed by the appointing authority of a county office within the aggregate limits set in the board's appropriation resolution; or to exercise powers relating to the hiring, qualifications, evaluation, suspension, demotion, disciplinary action, layoff, furloughing, establishment of a modified work-week schedule, or the termination of any employee appointed by the appointing authority of any county office.
Human Resources means the establishment and administration of policies and assuring compliance with legal requirements in the areas of employment, compensation, benefits and employee health, safety, and wellness. It also involves providing payroll and employee benefit and workers’ compensation administration, employee training and development, recruiting and staffing services, employee communications and labor relations management. It further includes “Compliance,” which means, to the extent not covered by other Services, establishment and administration of policies to support compliance with laws, ethics, and corporate code of conduct and other corporate policies.
Human Resources means skills or labour utilized by persons in any profession, designated trade or occupation;
Human Resources means the department of human resources of the Libstar Group or any representaĠve of human resources, as applicable;
Human Resources means the office that is responsible for administering and managing the company’s human resources, personnel and industrial relations;