The Development Sample Clauses

The Development. 10.1 It is recorded that :
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The Development. The Development consists of, inter alia:
The Development. The owners shall construct, install and provide the facilities and works required in and for the development at its own expense and in accordance with the Site Plan and other provisions of the Agreement.
The Development. 1.3.1 NAME: ZULULAMI ESTATE
The Development. The township development to be conducted on the Development Land by the Developer.
The Development. 3.1 The Developer has submitted a planning application for residential development at the Site (“the Development”).
The Development. The land within the Improvement Area is currently expected to be developed with 294 dwelling units within Tracts 37428 and 31469-6 and a portion of Tracts 31469-3 and 31469-1 as part of a master-planned community commonly known as “Sundance.”
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The Development. 2.1 The Seller has prepared a development known as GREENCREEK under the Sectional Titles Act, 1986 and Sectional Title Schemes Management Act, 2011 (the “Acts”) to be established on XXX 0000 XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX 00 XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX XX XXXXXXX (the “Land”). The extent of the Apartment will not differ by more than 10% of the area indicated on the Apartment plan. The Purchaser will have no claim against the Seller arising from reasonable amendments to the specifications and/or finishes and/or Apartment plans.
The Development. The regeneration of Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx X00 in accordance with a planning permission granted pursuant to planning application reference number PA/16/01612/A1 or such other subsequent planning permissions as may be granted by the Council for the purposes of redeveloping the Land SCHEDULE 3 THE LAND The Land forms the Chrisp Street district centre which is situated within the Xxxxxxxx xxxx, E14 and is shown on the plan annexed to this Deed. This is summarised as follows: The CPO area and proposed development site covers an area bordering Xxxxxxxx Street to the north, Chrisp Street to the east, East India Dock Road to the south and Kerbey street to the west. The development site encompassing the land interests affected by the proposal includes a 100 pitch Street Market (including the Grade II listed Clock Tower and Festival Inn pub); 31 lock up premises (and associated WC and service blocks); 212 homes; 68 small to medium sized commercial units providing a range of retail, food and other services; and four major business units, principally the bank, post office, and two major supermarkets, one of which with associated car park at street level to the east of Chrisp Street. Also included are the Council’s Idea Store; One Stop Shop; and a Sure Start Children’s Centre (split over two sites). The Land comprises an area of approximately 3.7ha. It currently consists of a series of buildings in various uses, including approximately 18,000 sq m of non-residential space including, retail shop spaces, offices, community spaces and leisure space. There is also a market, public amenities, seven blocks of residential accommodation, a community hall and play space and various statutory interests. In detail the premises to be acquired are as follows: Commercial premises included within the Land are listed below: 159 – 185 East India Dock Road 3 – 20 Xxxxx Path 8 - 00 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx 1 – 00 Xxxxxx Xxx 1 – 00X Xxxxxx Xxxxxx – lock up units Those residential properties included within the Land (comprising 169 dwellings) are listed below: Xxxxxxxxxx House 2 – 30 (Even only) Kerbey Street Aurora House Xxxxxxxx House 35 – 59 (Odd only) Market Square Xxxxx House Kilmore House Other land interests to be acquired / extinguished pursuant to the CPO are: Sub lease of Community Hall, used by Poplar Boys and Girls Club Electricity Sub stations at base of Xxxxxxxxxx House Rights of way Rights of Light Wayleaves New Rights that will need to be acquired though the CPO will include: Xxxxx ove...
The Development. It is the parties’ intent to cooperate in the creation of a high- end mixed-use development comprised of first class office space and desirable restaurants, retail, and commercial to enhance and compliment the Wilshire Corridor substantially in conformance with the Concept Plan set forth in Exhibit B. Developer will be responsible for constructing the Development, and in furtherance thereof the parties acknowledge and agree that Developer may accomplish this by hiring a general contractor to perform such construction on its behalf, or by leasing a portion of the Property to a tenant pursuant to a ground lease, and such tenant shall then perform, or cause to be performed, such construction on that portion of the Property. The BEDC will provide the Incentives set forth in this Agreement provided Developer is in compliance with its duties and obligations set forth herein.
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