Acceptance of the Sample Clauses

Acceptance of the final payment shall constitute a full and final waiver of all claims of Contractor against MPTN for performance of the Work.
Acceptance of the. Public Offer — full and unconditional acceptance of this Public Offer by the Trade Partner in the manner provided for by Cl. 2.4. of this Public Offer.
Acceptance of the. Goods (hereinafter referred to as “Acceptance”) relating to each procurement shall occur after the relevant Goods successfully pass the quality check conduced by SLT after delivery to the SLT designated place or store unless otherwise specified in the notice referred to in paragraph 1.4 above.
Acceptance of the converted data is not a part of UAT; it is addressed during the conversion process and tested with each delivery. If data is uncovered during UAT and deemed by the PMC as critical, then that error will be tracked and corrected as part of the UAT process.
Acceptance of the. Merchandise by AUTHORITY shall not constitute nor be deemed a release of the responsibility and liability of the VENDOR, its employees, agents, assigns or sub-contractors for the provision of the Merchandise contemplated by this Contract.
Acceptance of the. WORK shall be in accordance with the applicable requirements of this Agreement. Upon each delivery to the Licensee of the MoSys deliverables, Licensee shall conduct acceptance procedures and shall, within one (1) week of said delivery either accept the same or notify MoSys of those particulars in which the deliverables do not meet the requirements of this Agreement. If no notification of rejection is received by MoSys within two (2) weeks of delivery of the deliverables, such deliverables shall be deemed accepted by Licensee on the expiration date of said two (2) week period. Upon remedy of particulars in which the deliverables do not meet the requirements of this Agreement, the MoSys deliverables shall be accepted by Licensee.
Acceptance of the. Offer is a confirmation that the User accepts all and any conditions of the Offer in full and without any reservations and restrictions. At the same time, the Acceptance of the Offer confirms that the User understands all the terms of the Offer and that the User has exercised the right to receive from the Administration everything and any clarifications regarding the terms of the Offer. The Acceptance of the Offer also confirms that the terms of the Offer fully comply with the will, needs, and requirements of the User.
Acceptance of the. Work by the Owner shall not relieve Contractor of its warranty, indemnification, or other obligations hereunder.