The Research Sample Clauses

The Research. 2.1. In addition to the Initial Research Program, the Company may finance performance of a Subsequent Research Program in accordance with a Subsequent Research Budget during a Subsequent Research Period or any amendments thereof as may be agreed upon by the Company and Yissum following completion of the Initial Research Program.
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The Research. There is a significant body of research that supports the use of personal, digital learning devices in the classroom. The Horizon Report (xxxx:// investigates three areas of the adoption of technology in education. They include: Key Trends, Significant challenges, and Important Developments. One of the key trends that is identified in the report is a shift towards deeper learning approaches that involves “the delivery of rich core content to students in innovative ways that allow them to learn and then apply what they have learned… As technologies such as tablets and smartphones are more readily accepted in schools, educators are leveraging these tools, which students already use, to connect the curriculum with real life applications. These active learning approaches are decidedly more student-centered, allowing learners to take control of how they engage with a subject…” (p.8) These innovative practices generally place a greater emphasis on those skills commonly referred to as “21st Century skills” such as problem solving. Xxxxxxxx, in Computers and Education (2000) (xxxxx:// suggested that the following are important characteristics in tools designed to enable and encourage lifelong learning in students: • Highly portable • Individual • Unobtrusive • Available anywhere • Adaptable • Persistent • Useful • Intuitive Further, Xxxxxxxx concludes that: “New technology offers the opportunity for children and adults to communicate with teachers and fellow learners around the world, to interact with rich learning resources and simulated environments, to call on information and knowledge when needed to solve problems and satisfy curiosity, and to create `personal learning narratives' through an extended process of capturing and organising situated activity.” P192 ICT Capability is one of the ‘General Capabilities’ mandated by the new Australian Curriculum (alongside Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding, and Intercultural understanding). These capabilities should be integrated into existing curriculum, with emphasis given to providing an authentic context for learning. Whilst the current level of access to technology in Years 7-12 is adequate, this model does not provide sustainable access to technology for students into the future. Much of the hardware is nearing the end of its us...
The Research. 2.1 In consideration of the first Work Order the parties agree that if, at any time during the Term, it is agreed that Quotient Clinical will perform any particular trial, study and/or services for the Customer, a document in substantially the form set out in schedule 1 will be completed and issued by Quotient Clinical in relation to such trial, study and/or services, and will be signed by both parties. Each such Work Order will constitute a separate contract between the parties for the performance by Quotient Clinical of the relevant Research, and the payment by the Customer of the amounts set out in the relevant Proposal (and the performance by the Customer of its other obligations), in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the relevant Work Order (to the exclusion of any other terms and/or conditions which the Customer may attempt or purport to impose).
The Research. The Company may request from time to time that certain research services be performed via Yissum in accordance with one or more statement of work orders (the “Research Project” and the “SOW”, respectively). The objectives and specifications of each Research Project shall be detailed in the applicable SOW, which shall constitute an integral part of this Agreement. For the purpose of this Agreement, “SOW” shall mean a statement of work, to which the Parties may enter form time to time, which is duly executed by the Parties, and which shall define: (i) the program under which the Research Project shall be funded by the Company and conducted by the Researcher/s, (ii) the Company Molecules, if any, (iii) the Company Patents, if any, associated with the Research Program, (iv) the applicable Research Period, (v) the Milestones (as defined blow), if any, and (vi) the corresponding Research Fee (all capitalized terms – as defined herein).
The Research. 2.1 The Parties shall undertake the Allocated Work as specified in the Call Specifications and the Work Plan. The Contractor shall be bound mutatis mutandis by the terms and conditions of the Head Contract, which form part of this Subaward; except that provisions of the Head Contract that are particular to Lancaster or the Principal Investigator shall apply only to Lancaster.
The Research. 3.1 It is agreed between the Parties that the Research will be conducted by Xx. Xxxx Angel, of the Institute of Biologické centrum AV CR, v. v. i. ("the Researcher") who has the knowledge, the skills and the experience required to perform the Research under the conditions as set forth herein.
The Research. As more fully described in the Research Plan, the Research will be conducted by the CombinatoRx Project Team as follows: CombinatoRx shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to (i) develop assays for two targets (Myostatin and NFkB) and validate two assays (Utrophin and alpha-7-integrin) contributed or sourced by Sponsor and (ii) perform in vitro screening activities for three of the four targets deemed suitable for screening by the JRC as described in the Research Plan. CombinatoRx shall disclose the results of such screening to the Sponsor in accordance with Section 2.6, and the parties shall consult with each other to select one or more single agents or combination drug candidates meeting the criteria set forth in the Research Plan (or otherwise mutually agreed upon by the parties) for further evaluation in animal models (each such single agent or combination drug candidate being hereinafter referred to as a "Drug Candidate").
The Research. 2.1 The Company undertakes to fund and pursue the Initial Research in accordance with the terms contained herein, and to make its reasonable commercial efforts to actively pursue the performance of the Research, and to secure funding for the Research. The parties hereto acknowledge that the administration of the Company’s research and development activities in Israel shall be performed by Biogal Israel, as a sublicensee of the Company, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Sublicense Agreement executed concurrently with this Agreement by and between the Company and Biogal Israel, attached hereto as Attachment E. The Parties hereto acknowledge that the financing of the Company’s research and development activities in Israel shall be performed by the Company and that the Company and Biogal Israel shall be jointly and severally liable for such financing. The Initial Research shall be performed at the Institute and certain hospitals and medical institutes as set forth in the Initial Research Program, and within the framework of the Initial Research Budget. The Initial Research Budget with regard to the Research at the Institute shall consist of one thirteen (13) month period and payments for the performance of the Research at the Institute shall be made in four installments, as follows (i) for the first nine-month period of the Initial Research, payment shall be made for each three month period in advance; and (ii) for the last four month period of the Initial Research, payment shall be made in one installment in advance. The Initial Research Budget with regard to the Initial Clinical Research shall consist of one eighteen (18) month period, and payments for the performance of the Initial Research Budget shall be made for each three (3) month period in advance.
The Research. Programme Results shall vest in and be owned by Gemini and CuraGen shall at the request of Gemini execute all documents and do all other acts and things as may be reasonably required in order to vest fully and effectively all Research Programme Results in Gemini.
The Research. The Research is the programme of work attached as Schedule 1 to this Agreement and will be undertaken by <<QM PI>>. QMUL and <<QM PI>> will use all reasonable endeavours to provide <<Contractor>> with such written reports as may reasonably be required by <<Contractor>> from time to time during the Research. QMUL and <<QM PI>> hereby confirm that no existing contractual commitments of any of them conflict with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.