All Equipment Sample Clauses

All Equipment. With respect to all Equipment, the CBOT agrees, and shall require each Market Participant to agree:
All Equipment. All equipment of every nature and description whatsoever now owned or hereafter acquired by Debtor including all appurtenances and additions thereto and substitutions therefor, wheresoever located, including all tools, parts and accessories used in connection therewith. As used herein, the term "equipment" shall not include inventory as herein defined. All Fixtures. All of Debtor's fixtures and appurtenances thereto, and such other goods, chattels, fixtures, equipment and personal property affixed or in any manner attached to the real estate and/or building(s) or structure(s), including all additions and accessions thereto and replacements thereof and articles in substitution therefor, howsoever attached or affixed, wherever located, including without limitation the locations described on Exhibit D.
All Equipment. (h) The Collateral Account and the Lockbox, all cash deposited therein from time to time, and all Liquid Investments referred to in Section 4.1(e).
All Equipment. We will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that all Equipment when delivered is in full working order; and perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s description and specification. Each Equipment is guaranteed according to the manufacturers’ warranty. This guarantee does not extend to fair wear and tear. If You report a fault during any guarantee period, We will advise You how and where to send the device for repair provided always that:  The Equipment, and any software associated with it, has been used always in strict accordance with Our or the manufacturer’s/supplier’s instructions and advice; and  The fault is not due to damage (including lightning, electrical and accidental damage) or the actions or inaction of any party other than The Phone Co-op. Our obligation to supply and support Equipment will cease as and from the date of any Termination Notice. Acceptance of the Equipment by You will take place when You take delivery or possession. Risk in the Equipment will pass to You upon delivery and You will be liable for any loss or damage of the same as and from the time when it is delivered to the delivery location specified in the application unless the damage is caused by Our negligence. Where Equipment is provided to You on a chargeable basis then, notwithstanding delivery and acceptance, title in the Equipment will not pass to You until the date upon which all invoices relating to it have been paid to Us in full. We reserve the right to withhold delivery until invoices relating to the Equipment have been paid in full. Unless and until title in the Equipment has passed from Us to You, You undertake not to sell, transfer, lease, charge, assign by way of security or otherwise deal in or encumber the Equipment in any way. We reserve the right to add to, substitute, or to discontinue any Equipment at any time. We do not guarantee the continuing availability of any particular device and (as You acknowledge) may be dependent upon third parties in this respect. If You disconnect or terminate the Service within the Minimum Period, where Equipment is provided to You on a free of charge or subsidised basis, then We may levy a charge as set out in Our Price List. If we have provided You Equipment on a free of charge basis and We send a replacement (e.g. as part of an upgrade to your Broadband to Fibre Optic Broadband) then we will send you instructions and a bag to return the old Equipment to Us. If You do not return the Equipment according to the in...
All Equipment. (e) All Goods. (f) All Fixtures. (g) All Chattel Paper.
All Equipment. (g) All books and records (including customer lists, marketing information, credit files, price lists, operating records, vendor and supplier price lists, sales literature, computer software, computer hardware, computer disks and tapes and other storage media, printouts and other materials and records) of Debtor pertaining to any of the Collateral.
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All Equipment. (f) All Goods.
All Equipment. All of the now owned and hereafter acquired ------------- machinery, Equipment, furniture, fixtures (whether or not attached to real property), vehicles, supplies and other tangible personal property of the Borrower, including any leasehold interests therein and all substitutions, replacement parts and annexations thereto, and including all improvements and accessions thereto and all spare parts, tools, accessories and attachments now owned or hereafter acquired in connection therewith, and any maintenance agreements applicable thereto, and all proceeds and products thereof, including sales proceeds, and all rights thereto.
All Equipment. 6. All inventory except for inventory of GD Handelssysteme GmbH and 4 Fleet Group GmbH to the extent that such inventory remains immaterial and where the costs and burdens to the German Guarantors of a security transfer in respect thereof outweigh the incremental benefits thereof to the lenders;
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