Vacation Entitlement Sample Clauses

Vacation Entitlement. All employees shall be credited for and granted vacations earned up to July 1st each year, on the following basis:
Vacation Entitlement. The member's annual vacation entitlement shall be prorated according to the number of weekly hours the member is scheduled to work in comparison to the full-time hours of the position being shared. It is understood that the Employer shall not adjust the start date of the member for the period of time spent in the job sharing arrangement and as such any future vacation entitlement shall not be delayed as a result of time spent in a job sharing arrangement.
Vacation Entitlement. Definition: The Employment Standards Act states that every employer shall give to each employee a vacation with pay of at least two weeks upon the completion of each 12 months of employment. The amount of pay for such vacation shall not be less than an amount equal to four percent (4%) of the wages of the employee in the 12 months of employment for which the vacation is given. Wages are defined as any monetary remuneration payable by an employer to an employee under the terms of a contract of employment as well as any payment under the Employment Standards Act except vacation pay. Included in wages are termination pay, overtime pay, holiday pay, sick pay, equal pay adjustments, shift differentials, premiums for weekend or holidays, on-call and standby. Wages do not include vacation pay previously paid in the 12-month period, supplementary unemployment benefits, tips or other gratuities, gifts and bonuses that are dependent on the discretion of the employer and are not related to hours, production or efficiency. Also excluded are travelling allowances or expenses, contributions made by an employer to pension funds, unemployment insurance, death grants, disability plans, accident plans, sickness plans, medical plans, nursing plans or dental plans. Where an employee receives a greater benefit for vacation or vacation pay, that benefit will prevail over the conditions set out in the Employment Standards Act. The amount of pay for a vacation shall be not less than an amount equal to four percent (4%) of the accumulated wages of the employee in the 12 months of employment for which the vacation is given and in calculating wages no account shall be taken of any vacation pay previously paid. Regular Employees A regular employee shall be eligible for a vacation of: Less than One Year's Service by June 30: One working day for each full month of service completed between June 30 of the previous year and July 1 of the current year up to a maximum of two weeks (10 working days). The employee shall be paid four percent (4%) of the accumulated wages in the year for which the vacation is given. For One Year and Less Than Three Years' Service: 10 working days (two weeks) annually. Vacation pay shall equal 10 days' base earnings or four percent (4%) of accumulated wages, whichever is greater. For Three to Seven Years of Service: 15 working days (three weeks) annually when an employee has completed from three to seven years of service by the end of any calendar year. Vacatio...
Vacation Entitlement. During each year of continuous service in the employ of the Employer, an Employee shall earn entitlement to a vacation with pay to be taken in the next following year and the rate at which such entitlement is earned shall be governed by the position held by the Employee and the total length of such service as follows:
Vacation Entitlement. All regular Part Time employees who are included in this bargaining unit shall accrue vacation credit on a proportionate basis based on the number of hours he/she was hired. Per Diem employees are not entitled to vacation benefits. Vacation credit shall not accrue while an employee is on an unpaid leave except that an employee will receive credit for the month the leave commenced provided the leave commenced on or after the 16th and will receive credit for the month he/she returns from leave provided the employee returns on or prior to the 15th of the month. An employee who has resigned with appropriate notice, or who has been discharged, except for cause, shall be entitled to vacation allowance of unused vacation time accrued within the time limit described previously, less any overdrawn sick time allotment except that an employee separated during the initial hire or rehire probationary period will not be entitled to such allowance. If an employee dies having vacation credits accrued within the limits described previously, a sum of money equal to the compensation computed on said employee's regular salary rate at the time of death shall be calculated and paid to the employee's estate less any overdrawn sick time allotment.
Vacation Entitlement. In any year that an employee becomes entitled to an additional vacation upon reaching his anniversary date of employment, he will be entitled to one (1) week's vacation with pay at that time.