An Employer Sample Clauses

An Employer must not fail to re-engage a casual Employee because the Employee accessed the entitlements provided for in this clause. The rights of an employer to engage or not to engage a casual Employee are otherwise not affected.
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An Employer. Contributions Account shall be established for each Participant to which the Administrator shall credit or cause to be credited Employer contributions pursuant to Section 3.1, and forfeitures attributable to such contributions, if any, plus earnings or losses thereon.
An Employer. Grievance shall be filed directly at STEP 2 within five (5) working days after the Employer became aware of or reasonably ought to have been aware, of the occurrence of the circumstances giving rise thereto. It will be noted as STEP 2, dated, signed by an Employee Relations Representative designated by the AVP, Human Resources and Employee Relations and submitted to the Union President. The Union and the Employee Relations Representative or designate and the appropriate management representatives shall meet within thirty (30) working days of the STEP 2 grievance to discuss the grievance. The Union’s reply shall be given to the Employee Relations Representative within five (5) working days following the conclusion of the meeting.
An Employer reemploying a person who enjoys veterans’ rights under USERRA shall provide written notification to the Electrical Insurance Trustees within 30 days after the date of such reemployment. An Employer who fails to provide timely notification pursuant to this section shall be liable for all damages caused by such failure.
An Employer may alternate the work weeks from a Tuesday to Friday schedule one week followed by a Monday to Thursday schedule the next in order to provide a four day weekend every second week.. If this schedule is utilized, the straight time days will be Tuesday through Friday in one week followed by Monday through Thursday in the subsequent week. Should an Employee work on the scheduled days off, the Friday and Monday will be paid at time and one half (1½x) and the Saturday and Sunday will be paid at double time (2x).
An Employer grievance will be submitted to the Union's Kingston Regional Office and will commence at Step 2. A decision by the Union will be delivered in writing within 10 business days of the meeting provided for in Step 2.
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An Employer. (a) must give reasonable consideration to an Employee’s request to work on a modified basis, particularly where the request relates to an Employee’s caring responsibilities or phasing into retirement;
An Employer must provide all casual Employees with a copy of the provisions of this subclause within the first 9 months of the Employee’s first engagement to perform work.
An Employer. For the purposes of this Agreement, "an Employer" shall mean: (i) in the event the Executive is an officer of the Company and not of any of its Subsidiaries at the time of a Change in Control, the Company; (ii) in the event the Executive is an officer of one or more Subsidiaries of the Company, but not of the Company, at the time of a Change in Control, any such Subsidiary; and (iii) in the event the Executive is an officer of the Company and one or more Subsidiaries at the time of a Change in Control, any such entity of which the Executive is an officer at the time of the Change in Control.
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