By June Sample Clauses

By June. 1 - At the end of the year the employee documents progress on his/her Professional Growth Plan. A year-end conference will be held between the employee and the supervisor to review and sign-off annual progress on the plan.
By June. 30, the University Librarian, or supervising Associate University Librarian where applicable, shall meet with the Member to review the accomplishments outlined in the annual report of activities and to discuss objectives for the following year.
By June. 1st of the current school year a tentative workload of special education student projections will be available for department and staff review. The tentative workloads provided will include all special education staff and itinerate staff.
By June. 30, 2015, (for the 2014-2015 school year) and by June 30, 2016, (for the 2015- 2016 school year), the District will submit to OCR the updated roster of all ELL students and the following information:
By June. 30. 2015, the District wi ll provide a copy of its revised policy on discipline of students with disabilities, including a copy of the revised Student Code of Conduct.
By June. 30, 2017, the District shall conduct a total compensation survey of the following school districts: Bellevue, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Federal Way, Issaquah, Kent, Lake Washington, Seattle and Shoreline. Total compensation shall include 2016-17 annual base salary plus longevity pay, spray stipend, and clothing allowance. If the total annual compensation for Grounds III with Spray Certificate is below the average annual compensation for similar positions in the comparison districts, the 2017-18 rates of pay contained in Appendix A-1 shall be adjusted upward to reflect that figure effective September 1, 2017. In addition, the 2017- 18 rates contained in Appendix A-1 shall be increased effective September 1, 2017 by the percentage, if any, enacted by the Washington State Legislature for a K-12 Cost of Living Adjustment for classified staff for 2017-18.
By June. 30 the University will provide the Association with the number of Members assessed together with a distribution of performance evaluation outcomes.
By June. 1st of each year, each occasional teacher shall be issued a request for confirmation to be maintained on the List for the following school year. Teachers who wish to have their names maintained on the List shall so confirm in writing by June 30th. Teachers who so confirm are deemed to be available and willing to work and their names shall be maintained on the List.
By June. 1st of the contract year, the contractor shall submit to the Department, in writing, their current performance improvement projects (PIPs) using the standardized PIP reporting templates. Since PIPs are usually spread over three years, information should be updated to reflect all steps up to time of submittal. New PIPs should be completed through at least Step 4, with projections made for Steps 5 and 6. Details regarding Steps 4-6 may be viewed at In the event that the contractor elects to modify a portion of the PIP proposal subsequent to initial Department approval, a written request may be submitted to the Department. The External Quality Review PIP Validation Report Form may be obtained from the following website: