Vacation Credits Sample Clauses

Vacation Credits. All employees shall participate in the County’s Terminal Pay Plan (Plan). However, only the terminal paychecks (including unused vacation) of those employees who have reached the age of fifty-five (55) shall be placed into the Plan. These terminal paychecks shall be placed into the Plan on a pre-tax basis in accordance with the Plan, all applicable laws and all rules and regulations applicable to the Plan.
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Vacation Credits. A deduction from an employee’s vacation credits will be made for each day of approved vacation leave of absence as follows: (Prorating determined by length of workday. For an employee on Schedule 4, off on a ten (10) hour day, deduct 10/8 x 1 credit = 1.25 credits. For an employee on Schedule 4, off on a twelve (12) hour day, deduct 12/8 x 1 credit = 1.5 credits.) A partial day’s absence will be prorated on the same formula.
Vacation Credits. 14.5 For purposes of computing vacation credit, an employee who works eleven (11) or more days in a monthly pay period is considered to have completed a month, a month of service, or continuous service. When an absence without pay of more than eleven (11) consecutive working days falls into two (2) consecutive qualifying monthly pay periods, one (1) of the pay periods is disqualified.
Vacation Credits. The words "vacation credits" when used in this Agreement shall mean earned vacation entitlement in hours based on service and accumulated on a bi-weekly basis.
Vacation Credits. Vacation credits shall be earned on the following basis:
Vacation Credits. Employees on approved leave of absence shall continue to accrue vacation credits with the following exceptions:
Vacation Credits. (99) Employees retired, deceased, or whose employment is otherwise terminated, will at the time of separation be paid all vacation credits owing to them.
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Vacation Credits. A full-time employee (including full-time temporary and contract employees) shall earn vacation credits at the following rates:
Vacation Credits. Upon Death‌ Earned but unused vacation entitlement shall be made payable, upon termination due to death, to the employee's dependant, or where there is no dependant, to the employee's estate.
Vacation Credits a. Pursuant to the Attendance Rules, employees entitled to earn and accumulate vacation credits presently earn and accumulate vacation at the rate of (a) 20 days annually or (b) one-half day per biweekly pay period plus additional vacation in accordance with the following schedule: Completed Years of Continuous Service Additional Vacation Credits
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