Current year definition

Current year means the financial year, which has already commenced, but not yet ended;
Current year means the fiscal year in which a school district is
Current year means the 12-month period for which a SMART Factor will be in effect.

Examples of Current year in a sentence

  • In the event any of the foregoing conditions and assumptions are not met during the Current Year, the FSMC’s obligation shall be reduced by the amount of any documented increase in the SFA’s total food service costs or reduction in gross receipts which is attributable to the changes in such conditions and assumptions.

  • The deemedActual Traffic Volume For The YearActual Traffic Volume For The Year Plus Projected Traffic Volume To CompletionOpening Net CarryingX Amount Of EDE Plus Current Year Additionsdisposal gives rise to only a partial disposal, such that the Group continues to equity account the Group’s interest in the associated companies and consequently gives rise to dilution gain.

  • The FSMC's obligation to reimburse the SFA shall remain in effect only during the Current Year and is contingent upon the following conditions and assumptions remaining in effect for the current year.

  • IPx = Estimated Incentive Payments issued in the Current Year.ABCx = Estimated Alternative On-Bill Credits issued in the Current Year.

  • The number of full-service days on which breakfast and lunch are served for the Current Year will remain materially consistent with the Estimated Minimum Number of Serving Days listed in section (h) below.

More Definitions of Current year

Current year means the fiscal year in which a budget is prepared and adopted, which is the fiscal year next preceding the budget year.
Current year means the financial year preceding the ensuing year;
Current year means the Operating Year in which a demand is made upon Tenant for payment of a Tentative Monthly Escalation Charge.
Current year means the fiscal year in progress.
Current year means financial year, which has already commenced, but not yet ended; “Delegations” in relation to a duty, includes an instruction or request to perform or to assist in performing the duty;
Current year means the year in which the Aggregate Revenue Requirement petition or petition for determination of tariff is to be filed;
Current year means the year for which the millage limitation is being calculated.