Length of Sample Clauses

Length of. TERM The term of this Lease shall be for ten (10) years, plus the period, if any, between the Commencement Date set forth below, if it falls on a day other than the first day of a month, and the first day of the next month ("Initial Term"). Upon Landlord's request, Tenant shall execute and deliver to Landlord an agreement confirming the commencement and expiration dates of the term of this Lease, the Fixed Minimum Rent, and the initial monthly payments on account of Tenant's Pro Rata Share of Operating Costs and Tenant's Tax Rent. COMMENCEMENT The Initial Term of this Lease shall commence DATE ("Commencement Date") on the later to occur of (a) sixty (60) days after the date hereof, or (b) Landlord completing the Landlord's Work (as defined in Exhibit D), provided that the Commencement Date shall automatically occur sixty (60) days after the date hereof if Tenant does not, within fifteen (15) days after the date hereof, provide to Landlord all design information required by Landlord to permit Landlord to complete Landlord's Work.
Length of a School Day 1
Length of apprenticeship shall be five thousand (5,000) hours of work and training.
Length of. Program:
Length of. UNDERTAKING LICENSOR's undertaking under Article 8.1 shall continue for so long as the Confidential Information in question has not:
Length of. Service Less than years years years years years years years years years and over Coverage O working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at working days at TO WORK Employees returning to work and completing one full calendar month without absence due to illness will have the short term protection plan credited with the amount of time missed due to illness. Periods of vacation taken during that month will extend the time necessary to replenish the short term protection plan, by an amount equivalent to the vacation period. In the event an individual succumbs to illness during the one month replenishment period and it can be shown that the illness is entirely unrelated to the previous illness, the short term protection plan will be replenished in full for the period of the second illness. Dental Insurance Benefits for Eligible Employees of Ottawa General Hospital DENTAL BENEFITS Benefits based on the current General PractitionersFee Guide in effect at the time the dental service performed, for the procedures listed below are provided for eligible covered employees and their eligible dependents. Eligible Expenses payment. Code Number Examinations O1 O1 Radiographic Examination and (Inclusive) (Inclusive) (inclusive) (Inclusive) (Inclusive)

Related to Length of

  • Length of Contract 1. The length of the annual teacher base contract shall be defined by the state legislature by means of the LEAP state salary schedule (Exhibit A), in that the length of the teacher base contract will equal the number of days per year on which the state salary schedule is based by the legislature. (Historical Note: Since 2001-02, this arrangement has reflected a base contract year of 180 days plus the number of Learning Improvement Days funded and required by the state legislature, the number of which has ranged from three to zero since that time. Learning Improvement Days, which must be utilized for school improvement issues as required by the state, will be placed on the school year calendar upon mutual agreement between certificated staff and administration. The dates of these days in the school year calendar may change from year to year.)

  • Length of Agreement This Agreement shall begin on [INSERT DATE], and shall end [INSERT DATE], unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of Section 33 of this Agreement. Contract extensions will not be granted unless Grantee is able to provide substantial written justification and the Division approves such extension. The Grantee’s written request for such extension must be submitted to the Division no later than thirty (30) days prior to the termination date of this Agreement and no amendment will be valid until a written amendment is signed by both parties as required in Section 7 and Section 15 of this Agreement.

  • Length of Leave Paid parental leaves of absence of up to six (6) consecutive weeks shall be granted to eligible state employees who request such leave following the birth or adoption of a child.

  • Length of Service For purposes of this Agreement and the method of computing sick leave, annual leave, seniority, and other conditions of employment, except as otherwise provided for herein, a “month” shall be defined as 173.3 hours of work, and a year shall be defined as 2080 hours of work. For purposes of computing longevity (wage) increments and annual leave progression steps, a “year” shall be defined as 1664 hours of work or twelve (12) months, whichever comes last. Time paid for but not worked (excluding standby pay) shall be regarded as time worked for purposes of computing wages and benefits. Time worked which is paid on an overtime basis shall count as time worked for purposes of computing wages and benefits not to exceed 2080 hours within any twelve (12) month period.

  • Arm’s length basis (a) Except as permitted by paragraph (b) below, no Obligor shall (and the Company shall ensure that no other member of the Group will) enter into any transaction with any person except on arm's length terms and for full market value.

  • Length of Probationary Period A. For all classifications in the Patrol Unit, the probationary period is 1,040 compensable hours exclusive of overtime. If federal, state or local law requires a longer probationary period, such law shall prevail. The probationary period for a less than full time employee shall equal the same number of hours (1,040) that have to be served by a full-time employee.

  • Arm’s Length Agreement Each of the parties to this Agreement agrees and acknowledges that this Agreement has been negotiated in good faith, at arm’s length, and not by any means prohibited by law.

  • Number of Interest Periods There may be no more than 6 different Interest Periods for LIBOR Loans outstanding at the same time.

  • Arms’ Length Negotiations The price of the Offered Securities set forth in this Agreement was established by the Company following discussions and arms-length negotiations with the Representatives and the Company is capable of evaluating and understanding and understands and accepts the terms, risks and conditions of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement;

  • Arm’s-Length Terms The Company acknowledges and agrees that (i) the purchase and sale of the Shares pursuant to this Agreement is an arm’s-length commercial transaction between the Company, on the one hand, and the Underwriters, on the other, (ii) in connection therewith and with the process leading to such transaction the Underwriters are acting solely as a principal and not the agent or fiduciary of the Company, (iii) the Underwriters have not assumed an advisory or fiduciary responsibility in favor of the Company with respect to the offering contemplated hereby or the process leading thereto (irrespective of whether the Underwriters have advised or are currently advising the Company on other matters) or any other obligation to the Company except the obligations expressly set forth in this Agreement and (iv) the Company has consulted its own legal and financial advisors to the extent it deemed appropriate. The Company agrees that it will not claim that the Underwriters have rendered advisory services of any nature or respect, or owe a fiduciary or similar duty to the Company, in connection with such transaction or the process leading thereto.